Just a Little Bit Crazy, Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Twilight comes early in High Valley. The sun goes down behind the high mountain long before it sets on the distant horizon. The shadows disappear and soon it will be bed time for the inhabitants of the forest.

Jim and Elly May were curled up on the love seat by the waterfall. There was a faint smile on Jim’s face as he recalled the events of this day. It had been a long one – very eventful, one that he would never forget.

When he had ushered the doctor to the car Aunt Nelly was seated behind the wheel. She opened the door on the passenger side and motioned for him to get in.

There was a smile on her face as she turned the big car around and headed back down the dusty road. Her actions reminded him of her sister Martha when she had dumped the soap in the cookie frosting. She had the doctor under control now and was going to keep a watchful eye on him from now on.

As the car disappeared down the winding road Jim knew that these people were going out of their lives forever. He was glad about that.

He looked down at the girl seated beside him. Never before had she appeared to be so beautiful. They had been here several minutes, neither of them breaking the silence. He wondered if she was asleep.

Her eyes were closed, the red lips slightly parted showing the pearly white teeth. There was a look of contentment on her face. A slight breeze whispered in the treetops. The honey colored hair parted on the side. He could see the faint scar.

Seth and the doctor had been mighty careless with their big rifles. They should of known better. It was a wonder she wasn’t killed instantly.

He wondered if she would have been different if the bullet had not struck her. He didn’t think so. She was the same girl he had always loved. She was all his now, and that was all that mattered.

Overhead a big bushy tailed pine squirrel with a yellow belly was chatting to his mate, evidently telling her to get busy and gather more nuts for the coming winter. Back on the mountain a coyote howled. The wind whispered above…

Jim looked down at the beautiful girl on his arm. Her blue eyes opened wide. Was he seeing things? They were full of stars. Sparkling stars!

He smiled. Who ever heard of stars in the blue? Probably no one… But who ever heard of a girl like Elly May?

The end


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