Higher Telepathy

Texas Gathering, Part Nine
Higher Telepathy

When we speak of our soul we speak of a being which is called the Solar Angel. Now, the Solar Angel is a great entity which has evolved and gone through the human stage and has become a Master and has moved on to the higher spheres. Then the Solar Angels have come back here to help us go through the same cycle of evolution. So, each of us has a Solar Angel that can commune with us and is a Master upon its own sphere of existence.

When we develop soul contact we open the door to contacting our Solar Angels as well as the Masters and Christ and beyond; the doors open to all these communications. The communication between the different vibrations have a subtle difference. First of all there is a communication with your own emotional nature which many people think or are deceived into thinking is the spirit of God or the Solar Angel, whereas, it may not be. Everybody thinks their highest feeling is it. They tend to think it is the ultimate God talking to them. If you talk to anyone in a standard born again religion who has gone through a born again experience, that basically is the soul energy flowing down until the solar plexus is pretty full of energy and the heart energy is touched and begins to open. This is called the birth of the Christ in the heart. When the solar plexus is full and operating and the heart begins to open, then we have this birth of the Christ in the heart. It feels so wonderful to these people that they think it is the ultimate. They don’t realize there are many more energies yet to unfold. This is the beginning of their spiritual journey. They really have a long way to go yet.

So the first step is to commune with your own soul. What can happen when you commune with your soul? What do you get out of it? How can you tell the difference between communing with your soul and communing with your emotional body? One thing I noted when I used to go to church in the old days was that a lot of people would get up and speak in church about how God was speaking to them. Yet what I felt in many of these people was just emotional energy. I didn’t feel any of the higher spiritual feelings coming through them. Yet this was the highest they felt so this was God speaking to them. In a way it is true even though it’s not the highest, for God works out on different levels as our consciousness unfolds. The energy from God is within all of us no matter where we are on our path of evolution. Our centers unfold like little flowers of energy. Did you ever watch a flower unfold as the sunlight hits it? One petal at a time; this is the way the various centers unfold. They unfold one petal at a time and each petal is a different type of energy that begins to unfold, even in the solar plexus where there is much deception because of the way we interpret these energies. It is still the spirit of God working through us according to our ability to perceive. So in this way we can say that God works through every single human being according to their ability, but we each receive a different portion according to what we can handle.

In the beginning, then, as our emotional nature unfolds we believe that we are receiving the fullness of the spirit of God when we haven’t even achieved soul contact yet. Then when soul contact comes it comes in what the scriptures call the still small voice. When it first comes in a way that is true it comes so subtly and so small and speaks in such a small voice that you will think it’s your imagination. If you do not pay attention to it you may not hear it again for a long period of time. But if you do pay attention to it and follow that inner voice then it’s not that the voice gets louder but you’ll be able to tune into it a little better. Each time that you follow it the voice gets a little more amplified and a little easier to hear and understand. This is the beginning of true telepathy; the beginning of true communion with the higher worlds is, first of all, listening to the still small voice. It’s a key to everything we want to do with our spiritual progression.

If we listen to this we will eventually begin to develop a sensitivity so we can tell the difference between the desire nature and the soul. We’ll begin to realize, “My desires may have been high, but it’s what I desired. I was receiving according to what I wanted.” But when you hear the still small voice it may be something entirely different than what you desired. For instance, I told you about the time I had to get up at 3 in the morning, that was a true communication through the soul. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I didn’t want to get up at 3 in the morning and make a fool of myself. So when you receive a true communication through the soul sometimes it will be something you wanted to hear, but often times it will be something you didn’t want to hear. But it will be something that you need to do or you need to know. So as you pay attention to this still small voice your sensitivity becomes greater and other things will materialize in your life. Eventually this will lead you into what is called the Science of Impression, through which The Masters communicate. Does anyone know what that is?

Audience: Inaudible.

JJ: Right. The Science of Impression is where one of the higher lives will prepare information and send it to you as a whole package. They download information into your mind like a computer package. The interesting thing about this is that there are all kinds of different communications. Let me go through a number of them. One is between you and your soul. Between you and your soul you have the still small voice and eventually you will have what is called the Baptism of Fire. The Baptism of Fire is a fullness of communion between you and your soul where you are given assurance of your direction. You know that your direction is true. This is not a still small voice but a very powerful message that is sent.

Larry: When you say the small still voice, you’re not really saying a voice speaking to you and saying words like a sentence or something? That’s not what you’re meaning, is it?

JJ: Not a voice like we normally hear.

Larry: Like, “Go do this or go do that,” and word but just the impression or…”

JJ: It is a bit more of an impression. The times it’s happened to me it hasn’t been like, “Joe, go do ABC.” It’s almost like you do hear something but then you wonder if you really heard it until you test it. You get the idea it’s presenting. You may not know the actual words. Then sometimes actual words may form in your mind. You don’t actually hear them physically but the words form in your mind. Has anyone had this happen to them?

Audience: My explanation for this, especially when I was learning how to do it originally, is I know the flavor of my own thoughts and I know the flavor of others. So it’s still a voice in my head but it’s the same as my own thoughts.

Audience: That’s part of why I was asking that because I think I’ve experienced both. I’ve had impressions of ideas or concepts with no words then sometimes I’ve had impression that I’m pretty sure were just my own desires. At least one time I heard a voice that wasn’t my voice. And it was a sentence. I could actually hear it and they’re different things.

JJ: Usually you won’t hear an actual voice but you’ll get some type of impression that will communicate to you the needed knowledge in a way that you can understand it. But, especially in the beginning, it will be so subtle that I’m sure many people just dismiss it completely and don’t have it again for a lifetime maybe. Robin?

Robin: I’m just curious as to why it is so subtle when you first hear it. Why isn’t whoever is in charge making sure that you hear it? Why is it so hard to hear the first time or first few times?

JJ: It’s because it’s part of our growing process. In the beginning of our evolution we’re protected from the spiritual fires which can do more harm than good if prematurely experienced. In our various centers, for instance, there is a webbing of protection from higher energies-because if they were to all come down and be revealed to us or us be exposed to the higher energies too quickly it would overwhelm us and could actually kill or harm us.

Robin:. . .Create a point of tension then you miss it and your chance is gone for who knows how long

Audience: . . .Some of those people who have that experience wind up in insane asylums. They go crazy. Or the people can’t handle it.

Audience: What about spontaneous combustion…is that related?

JJ: That very well could be caused by some of the centers opening too rapidly or something. I’ve often wondered. It would be interesting to study what the person was doing the couple of months before something like that happened. Fortunately it’s very rare. But what will happen sometimes when people force communication and they concentrate on centers that are not open and they force them to open prematurely, they will often have physical problems or sometimes even go insane. They’re just not ready for the new energy. The best way to release it is through normal living. This is what the Buddha taught. This is what a lot of the Eastern Wisdom today teaches. Normal good living opens the centers gradually. I haven’t done anything to force any of mine open. I just let everything happen naturally and that’s the safest way to do it. There are ways to use the centers through meditation if you are working with energies that are already pretty much in play. Then you can be fairly safe. But if you’re trying to get new supernatural powers through forced meditation it can be fairly dangerous. If we just live good lives and live by the highest that we know and seek to serve mankind, this is the best way to safely open up all the energies that the powers that be have in store for us.

Lorraine said something about flavor. This is an interesting thing about people. Everyone has a little bit different flavor about them. Once you learn to tune into another person’s emotional nature you’ll find that everybody has a flavor or a signature, for want of a better word. If you have three people you’re close to, you’ll find that when you pick up person A’s vibration it will have a certain feel about it. Person B’s vibration will have another feel about it. Person C’s vibration will have a little bit different feeling still. Then when you pick up on your soul, you’ll find your soul will have a certain vibration. It will be a very still and pure but potent vibration. If you happen to pick up on the vibration of a Master or on up clear to the Christ, they will have a vibration very similar to the soul but it will be a bit more active because they’re in the activity mode whereas the soul is in a watching mode. Your soul is kind of like your personal watcher in a manner of speaking. Eventually the disciple will learn to pick up the difference between the vibration of the soul, the vibration of a Master and the vibration of the Christ. Then there are other beings besides the Christ. DK tells us about an avatar that has come here, an extra-planetary avatar called the Avatar of Synthesis. He is of similar evolution as the Christ Himself. He is on the Earth right now assisting the Christ in the bringing in of the new age. The Avatar of Synthesis will be working with groups. He will be working closely with the molecules that will develop in the near future. He’s more on the first ray energy than the Christ is. His vibration will bring a tremendous sense of power with it.

Before I go further I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the Spiritual Hierarchy but I’ll cover that just briefly in the fact that Christ does not work alone. He has with him a molecule of Masters. They are the hierarchy of beings who work on the various rays. We have seven rays and each one of the Masters is on one of them. He has His associates and there are a number of them that have published names then there are quite a few Masters that we don’t know about. There is nothing published or revealed about them. Some of the Masters work with animal and vegetable and mineral kingdoms. They work in areas that don’t have a lot to do with what we humans are about at the current time. Christ is not working alone but He has other beings that have overcome death and are working with him. If one of them were to commune with you or give you an impression you would probably think it was the Christ because the vibration would be so similar to that of the Christ because of the Oneness Principle.

The Oneness Principle is like a spiritual internet. Using extra-sensory communication through the spiritual internet, when the door to the soul is open, you can tune in to this spiritual internet and attain any knowledge that’s in any of the minds of the Masters and also any of the knowledge that’s available to humanity. But because the soul speaks in a little different language than humanity, the soul speaks in the language on principles. So by tuning into the spiritual internet you aren’t so likely to get data or facts given to you but will receive principles instead. When you get a principle given to you then you can figure out the details.. For example, one of the books I’ve written is around the principle of the molecular relationship.

Let me explain to you this principle. When you understand the principle you can understand the whole book almost instantly. The principle is this: for one thing, as above so below. We look at the little atoms in the sub-human kingdoms and we find that they are individual little entities. We take two atoms of hydrogen and put them with one atom of oxygen and we get something totally different than hydrogen or oxygen. We get water. It’s totally different yet the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen when they merge together don’t lose their identity. They can be pulled apart at any time and continue to be hydrogen and oxygen.

The principle also applies to the human kingdom. Humans can merge together and join through a strong relationship and create something that is beyond the single human, something greater than themselves. This is what Jesus did when He created the twelve apostles. He took twelve units, twelve male/female units and put them together in a molecule, a human molecule. When He put them together and linked them through His connection with the spiritual hierarchy they were no longer regular human beings. They were super human beings. They had additional properties just like water has properties that hydrogen doesn’t. The twelve apostles had properties that they did not have as individual units. They were able to heal the sick and apparently even teleport themselves from one position to another and had many interesting things occur. Peter was put in jail. He was chained by his arms and feet and guarded by 16 guards. All the guards fell asleep, the chains fell from his hands and he walked through the wall and he appeared to the people he was teaching. He was no longer just a regular human being. He was now something different than a regular human being because he was connected by the power and the principle of what we call the molecular relationship.

That’s a principle. By understanding a principle you can understand the details related to the principle once the principle is clear in your mind. So by the power of this spiritual internet we can tune in, by the oneness principle, to any of the lives here upon the earth, the principles that are going through those minds.

How do we tune in to it? One of the ways is through seed thoughts. You put a thought in your mind and you contemplate it. Contemplation is the highest form of meditation. When most people think of meditation they think of making their mind blank. This is a negative form of meditation and it has its place. It’s good to relax you but it’s not really a good way to discover knowledge. The way to discover knowledge and develop ability to commune through the oneness principle is through the meditative state called contemplation. Rick says he’s not a very good meditator but Rick is a good contemplator which is actually a higher form of meditation. When he contemplates he comes up with all kinds of strange things. (laughter) He’s always contemplating so that is the type of meditation that we should pursue more than any other. One of the ways to contemplate is by putting an idea or a thought in your mind and expanding on that thought. So perhaps we ought to introduce a thought to our minds today. I’m going to ask different members of the group here what type of impressions come to their minds. I’m going to plant this seed thought into your mind. We are approaching a new age. The new age is Aquarius. What’s the symbol of Aquarius, anybody know?

Audience: The water bearer

JJ: And what does the symbol of the water-bearer mean? What’s the meaning behind that?

Audience: Inaudible.

JJ: And where is the water on the person? The water-bearer? And what is he doing with the water?

Audience: Pouring it.

JJ: He’s pouring, right. The water bearer is pouring forth the waters of life to the thirsty souls. Let that be your seed thought. The water bearer is pouring forth the waters of life to the thirsty souls of men. What does that tell you about the coming new age? Think about this until I ask you about it. What does that mean? What does that tell us about the coming new age, pouring forth the waters of life to the thirsty souls of men?

Audience: Inaudible.

It is interesting. The water plays a part in both the Piscean Age, which was a sign of the fish; and in the Aquarian Age where the waters are being poured forth. Okay we are going to take a break.

Delivered May 25, 2002 at the Gathering in Wimberly Texas.

Copyright By J J Dewey

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