Hierarchies and Oneness

Texas Gathering, Part Ten
Hierarchies and Oneness

There are a number of hierarchies. We have Christ and his hierarchy and then above him is Shamballa. In Shamballa is the Ancient of Days and he has around him six Kumaras. So they have a molecule of seven in the hierarchy of Shambhala as the main governing hierarchy. The hierarchy above that is the Solar Logos. And around the Solar Logos will be the Logos of all the various planets. There is a Logos with the hierarchy for the planet Venus and there is a Logos with the hierarchy for the planet Saturn. And all these different Logoi of our Solar System are in communion with each other. The head of this planet, which is the Ancient of Days, is in communion with a number of other Logos of the various systems. Saturn has a very close link; and Jehovah was connected very strongly with the planet Saturn.

The hierarchies all work together. If we were to meet any of these great lives we would think they were Gods. And they are Gods in the fact that they are one with God; and those that are one with God speak the words of God. And so, when a person receives a revelation from one of these great beings; they do speak the words of God because they are one with God. And this should be our goal as individuals – to develop this sensitivity and perhaps the greatest key to developing it is to follow the highest that we know. And when we follow the highest that we know we will receive more. If we don’t follow the highest that we know; if we disregard the last impression that we have had; we have to go back and relearn that impression and follow it before we receive more. So, it is important that when we receive an impression from the soul that we follow and then if we fulfill it then we will receive more.

Peter, Did you have some questions you want me to elaborate on?

Peter: My question was being able to decipher an astral feeling compared to an impression coming from the soul?

JJ: Impressions coming from the soul usually have more to do with others than just yourself. The higher beings, the soul, the masters are all concerned about the wholeness of this planet whereas we as individuals are often only concerned about our own little lives. Often we are seeking for guidance like what school should I go to, what job should I take, who should I marry. To the higher lives they do not care about all that unless, for some important reason, that would trigger something that would help a lot of people. But, if it just helps us they would pretty much leave that up to us. For things that are just for us, it is pretty much up to us to figure out for ourselves and to handle for our own growth. So, if you think you have received a communication from a higher source one of the tests is “is this for more than just me?” “Is it to help as large a number of people as possible?” And if it seems to be for that purpose it is not an ironclad sign but it an indication that you received communication from the soul.

Audience: If you picked up danger would that be an astral feeling?

Well that could have been from your own solar angel because it is important that you live because you are going to help a large number of people. So, if something is life threatening sometimes we do receive true higher messages to preserve our lives; especially if your life is going to be of service and help a large number of people. But, if it is just something like which school you are going to go to or something just for your personal benefit; that type of thing we are supposed to learn through our own experience as to how to make the best decisions. We do not usually get help from the higher lives on that type of thing. Unless maybe for some reason you have to go to school to learn to be an engineer because you are going to come up with something that is going to help humanity by being an engineer then there are exceptions. Maybe you will receive something like that. But if it just kind of general information for self its probably from your astral body.

Audience: If we were not going to do anything to help anyone else and our lives were in danger then our solar angel would not come and help?

Well, it depends. For something like as important as your life then that is a somewhat different category. You receive communication from a number of different sources. You also receive communication from your Higher Mind. Your Higher Mind is a great computer that has everything that you have ever accumulated in it. It comes up with a lot of information and calculations that it comes up with to help guide you. You can, for instance, ask yourself a question, go to sleep, wake up, and find yourself with the answer. That comes from your Higher Mind. Can you do that? And it is not infallible, but it can be very reliable because it is a good calculator.

But, as far as a life and death situation many people do receive true extra sensory communications that may help them because, if you have 20, 30 years to live you have opportunity to help a lot of people. Okay, anything else?

Audience: Do we each have our own Solar Angel? Is there a Solar Angel for a group of people?

The Solar Angels form one group life. But, in the past they were differentiated. The souls of man are one, as it’s written. So, in a way, all the Solar Angels are a composite of one great group life that is linked to humanity. But, in a past era they were differentiated into many human beings. And we are like a differentiation of the soul. We are an extension of it. So, we began as what is called a Monad. As a Monad, you are like a thought in the Mind of God. The Solar Angels nurture the various thoughts of God into living human energy; which is what you are. You are a thought in the Mind of God and as a thought in the Mind of God you are eternal, you have no beginning and no end. There is no way that you will ever be destroyed. That is because you never even had a beginning because you originated outside the realm of time.

As far as differentiation of the Solar Angels–there is differentiation–but they are like the cells in your body where you have billions of cells but one life in your body. The Solar Angels are billions of beings, but they are one great life. And that is why it is written that the souls of men are one because the souls of the Solar Angels are all inter-linked. If you contact one it is like contacting them all. That is why so much knowledge is available through them. All knowledge is available through them because once the soul is reached you have access to a great spiritual Internet and the oneness principle is opened to you.

Rick: The nature of a hologram is that-you take like the photographic negative or whatever, the slide that they use to project a 3D hologram-and you cut that in half, and each half instead of just producing one half of a 3D object (like half a cup or half an apple) that half a negative will still produce the entire picture. It will be a little bit less resolution. You can take it and cut it in half again. And you can get a piece that big and it will still produce the whole 3D apple. And it’s basically everything that I keep running across as far as when they’re talking about God or Soul or the Hierarchy, I keep wanting to pin it down and figure out who each guy is. It’s like you really can’t pin it down because they’re like the Russian dolls that are one within the other. They’re all the one big thing. It’s a hologram and you really can’t separate one from the other and say this is God and this is an archangel. There really is no linear breakdown. It’s like they’re all One and you’re just dealing with your little slice of the slide. I think as you develop your awareness becomes bigger you get more and more larger pieces of that hologram. It’s still the same hologram. You’ve still got the same thing but you’re getting better and better resolution. You never can say this is this. Father, Son, Holy Spirit-you can find this in the smallest. You can find it in quarks, like this part is the Father and this part is the Son. I’m always trying to pin JJ down and ask who is this dude in the Hierarchy, Christ, Jesus, the Son? Who are you talking about? Then I said, forget it. You’re not going to get it because it’s all one big hologram and you’re seeing part of it. As you get more and more aware you’re going see more and more.

Elly: A friend and myself, we were just praying or meditating, and Paul came to us. Paul the Apostle came to us. I was really talking to Jesus but I talked to Paul and asked, “What did you mean by this scripture?” He came and what he said to us while he was there was that it did not matter at all in the Godhead who we called who. It was not important. They’re all the same is what I understood by what he told me or told us. They’re just one. We did not see him but his presence and his communication was with us.

JJ: It’s quite possible that what happened to her is that she tuned into the Oneness Principle. In the Oneness Principle all things are available, past, present and future. She could’ve accessed the mind of Paul a couple of thousand years ago even. You just never know.

Delivered May 25, 2002 at the Gathering in Wimberly Texas.

Copyright By J J Dewey

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