Handwriting of Presidential Candidates

Handwriting of Presidential Candidates

Since there is interest in the character of the presidential candidates for 2008 I thought I would analyze some of their handwriting.

There is one small problem. That is the candidates handwriting is very difficult to run down. One would almost think they are avoiding having their handwriting examined.

Obama’s Handwriting Analysis

Since Barack Obama is the big winner In Iowa I thought I would start with him. After spending considerable time searching for his handwriting all I have been able to find is his signature.

This isn’t much to go on but it does reveal a couple things.

First it reveals a pleasant personality having a degree of charm. Obama likes to take on responsibility. He is creative and fairly intelligent has good integrity according to his belief system.

The most troubling thing about him (according to his handwriting) is if he were to become president is his inclination to gloss over details. He will go for the big picture but without a full plan–or maybe with no plan–and hope the correct foundation gets laid and things work out. If he is lucky others will step in and fill the gaps, but if his is not then disaster could result.

He is also quite secretive so don’t assume he gives us all this thoughts or plans.

He is sensitive about his name. Because it is different, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t kidded about it when he was young and has hurt feelings over it that he has not yet released.


More on Obama

I have found a small sample of Obama’s regular handwriting and a couple more signatures so I thought I would add a little more analysis.

The most striking additional detail is the size of the B and O in his name in relation to his regular writing as well as the page in which he places his signature. They are very large filling up about half a page. This shows a tremendous desire to be the center of attention. Usually, the only place you see a signature like this is in the acting profession where the desire to draw attention to themselves causes them to enter the profession. This desire for attention is also a glamour which all servants of the race must master.

On the positive side his handwriting shows good intelligence, good rhythm and charm. He has lots of confidence and exudes personal energy. He is very creative and probably could have been an artist or actor if he put his mind in that direction.

His thoughts are very fluid rarely is there a lack of words in his reserve. This makes him a resourceful public speaker and his creativity makes him an interesting one.

He has some a great sense of rhythm and timing and good sense of intuition (using the standard definition of the word).

His personality appeal is likely to be mistaken for spiritual energy by many. To find the real man one must carefully examine what he actually says rather than how he says it.

For instance on many issues Obama insists he has a plan but does not tell us what the plan is. This was the same approach Richard Nixon used and I remember it well. After he was elected I was curious to see what the plan was going to be, but it turned out he had no real plan but pretty much flew by the seat of his pants.

Huckabee’s Handwriting Analysis

Next, we’ll look at the handwriting of the other big winner in Ohio–Mike Huckabee.

It took some searching to find samples. I found several signatures, but nothing else.

He has a trait similar to Obama in that he is sometimes short on details of how he is to accomplish his goals and thus the end result of his projects will often turn out different than he imagined. It is not as pronounced as Obama, but it must be taken into consideration.

For instance he wants to replace the income tax with a 29 percent national sales tax. If he is elected president and doesn’t cover his bases we are likely to have a big sales tax with a loophole that will bring back the income tax in addition to this.

His handwriting shows a high degree of charm–that he is able to get people to do things his way through his personal appeal.

He is intelligent, curious and a self-learner. When interested he is capable of learning a subject quite well.

His intelligence is muddled somewhat by his strong emotions and passions that foment within him. When he feels emotionally attached to a belief then the strong emotions will override his normally high intelligence and he may make an illogical decision. Even though his emotional reactions are strong he does not suppress and is able to work through disappointments and hurt feelings.

He has a quick temper and a strong emotional memory but normally does not hold a grudge.

He is impulsive and gutsy and will move ahead where others fear to tread.

He is very idealistic as are many who are religious. He expects perfection out of himself and others and thus is often disappointed in the end.

He has a sense of humor, is generous and has empathy for the downtrodden.

Even though he is a good talker he has a secretive side that filters his words as he speaks so what you hear is not always what he is thinking.

Romney’s Handwriting Analysis

A reader said he was anxious to see an analysis of Romney’s handwriting. Since he is said to be the winner of Sunday’s debate, which may catapult him to victory in New Hampshire, we’ll do him next.

Again all I have is his signature. We can get some good details out of a signature, but we do not get the full picture. The reason is that the signature represents the image the person is attempting to present to the world and the other writing reveals more of what he is in his regular more real living moments.

The signature is often much different than the regular writing just as the image we try to project is different than how we are with friends from our youth.

Even though we are limited in examining the signature there are certain traits that will come through that will be in all of the subject’s handwriting.

The first thing that catches my attention about Romney’s handwritings is how many points are similar to Huckabee’s.

They are similar in having high emotional response, passion and strong, but charming personalities. Romney and Huckabee are the two most religious ones in the race, but Huckabee puts a lot more attention on the abstract side of religion whereas Romney tries to apply it on a more practical basis. His attention is more on making earth a heaven than dying and going there.

For being in such a restrictive religion Romney is quite a free spirit (as indicated in the letter formations of his first name). This is evidenced by the fact he was prochoice for some time even though this position is frowned upon by the Mormon church.

He had big shoes to fill in that his Father was President of American Motors, governor of Michigan and presidential candidate. His signature indicates he handled this well by attempting to make his own mark and be his own person rather than rely on his Father’s reputation. Being his own person is very important to him. It really bothers him when someone tries to stereotype him because he is LDS, rich, had a famous dad etc. He really wants to be known for what he has dome and what he is.

He pays respect to traditional Mormonism, conservatism, mom and apple pie, but he really tries to think outside the box and is willing to take quite bold action that will surprise his traditional associates. He is an interesting combination of liberal and conservative thinking, but is always looking for ways to make liberal change while upholding conservative values. He is not bullheaded about having his way but is willing to compromise and meet others halfway.

An outstanding feature of his handwriting is that he is a visionary. He sets goals that are impossible to reach unless a person has great determination, self control, passion and intelligence. Fortunately for him he is usually able to achieve these high goals. This feature reminds me of the handwriting of Thomas Edison. If Romney becomes president he will definitely not be a caretaker of the status quo. Also he is unlikely to mess around with interns as he has great self control.

He is very intuitive and independent, yet a team player when the situation calls for it.

Hillary Clinton’s Handwriting Analysis

Since Hillary Clinton just made a big comeback and won New Hampshire let us analyze her next.

Fortunately, in this case I have a reasonable sample to analyze.

The most outstanding feature of her writing is her intelligence. This must be respected whether one agrees with her or not. She has a very sharp mind, very perceptive and almost psychic in tapping into her gut feelings. Overall her basic intelligence is higher than her husband’s. This doesn’t mean she will be right more than him but that her capacity to use her brain to get what she wants is higher. If she had an affair she would be much less likely to get caught than Bill would be.

She’s very good at thinking on her feet and strategizing. Critics often have said that nothing happens by accident with her but everything is planned. There is probably some truth in this as she is much more capable than average of staging events to create an outcome.

Just before the New Hampshire Primary she was caught on camera almost coming to tears and critics think this was staged. It could have been as she has a lot of control over her emotions and could have staged such a thing to influence votes. There’s no way to know for sure, but her handwriting reveals the intelligence to plan such a thing.

She projects to those who know her a strong desire to compromise and get along. She doesn’t fully follow through on this projection. She makes people think she is more cooperative than she is but she is still more flexible and willing to listen more than her critics believe. She does legitimately change her mind from time to time.

Her writing reveals that one area where she does not hold back on compromise is with her husband. Some think she stays with him for political reasons only, but this is not fully the case. She sees him as a fun-loving guy to be with and goes out of her way to accommodate him. He brings out the free spirit within her and she likes that and this causes her to cover up and forgive his sins as much as political ambition.

She has been much more aware of his infidelities that she has let on and has calculatingly formed a defense time and time again.

She has a healthy emotional intelligence and does not suppress. If she gets angry she will release it and if she is hurt she will work through it.

Another surprise for some is that she is not in politics because she wants attention. She is in it because she is a true believer in her ideology. She actually has lower self-confidence and esteem than average and doesn’t have as much faith in herself as appears. Her lack of confidence is probably the real reason she did not run for president in 2004 instead of a calculated decision.

She overcomes this self-image problem with dogged determination, self-control and a calculating mind.

As far as revealing her thoughts goes she is all over the map. With some people she will be very open and candid and they will feel special because she is extremely open. With others she will hold back and reveal little. The with a third group (probably Republicans) she will be very secretive as well as deceptive.

She has a lot of male energy and if I did not know who had written the sample I see I could not tell if she were male or female.

She is careful about choosing her close friends.

She has many things she wants to accomplish but has difficulty in creating the steps to accomplishment the follow through even though her desire to accomplish is great.

She is sensitive to criticism.

She likes to make up her own mind and doesn’t like people making decisions for her. Once she makes a definite decision she holds to it strongly and proceeds with determination.

The bottom line is this. If she has a practical belief system she can accomplish much good, but if she has illusionary beliefs then she can take many people with her along an undesirable path.

John McCain’s Handwriting Analysis

Let us next look at the handwriting of John McCain. I have several lines of regular writing in addition to his signature.

Several traits stand out as I look at his writing and reflect on his record and personality.

First, he is a strong idealist. He seeks for perfection in the abstract sense beyond that which is to be expected with the resources available.

Secondly, he is a very accommodating person to those who approach him in a friendly way. To such people he will go out of his way to compromise and even yield up his own will.

Thirdly, he has a desire to obtain personal recognition, though not nearly as much as Barack Obama.

Like Obama he also tends to gloss over details of how a thing is to be accomplished and leaves too much up to others.

Putting this altogether it explains why McCain often worked with friendly Democrats to get legislation through that irks his own party.

It also explains why he was such a big believer in the McCain Fiengold Campaign Finance bill that did more harm than good.

He had the ideal that candidates should not be corrupted by money and helped draft a bill that on the surface would help further that end. Fiengold was a Democrat friendly toward him and McCain compromised where necessary to get a bill put forward. Many in his own party opposed this, but he received much praise from Democrats and the press.

Unfortunately, the devil is in the details and the bill was not only circumnavigated in a way that brought even more corruption but it limited the public’s free speech during the important 60 days before the election.

McCain would stand up fiercely against an obvious enemy, but a subtle one could get the best of him. All an opponent would have to do is appeal to his idealism and express interest in working together and he could then get John to sign agreements contrary to American interests.

In most cases John is very secretive. He is hesitant to spell out all his thoughts and motives on legislation or what he truly thinks on various subjects.

Even though he is very willing to compromise another part of him loves to buck the system and act contrary to expectations. He is not a team player, but may appear from time to time to be playing on the other team. He gets a certain amount of satisfaction for being a contrarian.

McCain is above average in intelligence but not as sharp as some of the other candidates. Hillary would probably beat him in a debate even if he had more truth on his side.

Unlike many politicians McCain does not like conflict and will tend to gravitate toward those who will tell him what he wants to hear. He has a difficult time dealing with failure and tries to play it safe politically. He is likely to skip over more qualified people for appointed positions in favor of those he likes personally.

If he gets the nomination he is likely to pick a vice president he likes above a candidate who has criticized him but that can get the votes.

He is sensitive emotionally and has empathy for others. He has sincere feelings that he wants to make a difference.

Rudy Giuliani’s Handwriting Analysis

Next let us pick on Rudy Giuliani. After a lot of research I have only been able to run down his signature, but on the positive side I have found four different copies. This will give me an idea of the variance of the writing on different occasions and times–so this helps with the analysis.

The most striking thing about his writing is how strong of a people person he is. The man could not stand being in a job where he had little interaction with other people. He loves and is stimulated by surrounding himself with people to communicate with and bounce ideas off of them.

He is very practical, yet creative and likes to center himself in the here and now rather than idealist ideas that may never materialize. This was one reason he was so good after 911. He centered himself in the now and made practical decisions to assist his city.

Even though he was raised Roman Catholic he is not likely to be religious or take religion that seriously. This is because he centers himself on the practical side of life and that which can be accomplished with visible results. Philosophies that cannot be proven have little attraction to him.

Unlike John McCain he is a good team player and expects the same of those under his authority.

He not only likes being around people but has a strong personality that draws others to him. He is very passionate about materializing his desires, yet not overly emotional. He has powerful material goals that he wants to see fulfilled. He has enough emotional response to be warm and friendly yet reserved enough to not shed tears unless he is in an extreme situation.

Like some of the other candidates he is charming and gets others to do his will through his effect on them. He is aggressive when necessary and will seize opportunities as they present themselves.

He appears to be a difficult man to influence. This is because he is decisive and good at follow-through. But contrary to what appears he will listen to other views and consider them as much as possible without violating his principles. If one wants to influence him he must be careful to be considerate and not be in the attack mode as his mind blows up negative comments beyond what they were intended. If a person is positive toward him Rudy will go out of his way to help them.

Rudy is very secretive until a person gains his trust. Then he will open up and reveal a surprising amount of confidential information. He will be deceptive with the public when it serves his interests. He may not be completely on the level when he promises conservatives that he will appoint conservative judges or other conservative acts. His inner intention is to do the practical thing, as he sees it, whenever possible more than strictly fulfilling promises.

He is very intelligent and a quick thinker. All the candidates I’ve analyzed so far are above average but Rudy is right up there with Hillary with brain intelligence and up there with Obama in emotional intelligence.

John Edwards Handwriting Analysis

Since the first time I laid eyes on him I have hoped that he never achieves any authority over my life and now that I see his writing I understand why.

The main reason this guy wants to be president is he sees it as a path to personal glory and adulation from the people. While it is true that most candidates like to bask in attention and have some glamour, most of them have some type of service to the country and people in mind. This guy has service to himself as the goal and manages to conjure up tremendous personal energy for such an uninteresting task.

Edwards decides what he wants and goes after it very aggressively. There is almost nothing he would not do to achieve his desired personality ends. Then when he makes some gains he holds on to them tooth and nail.

In politics as well as other facets of his life he has a hidden agenda. That which he reveals about himself or his thoughts will either be the opposite of the truth or a little truth with the rest covered up. He is very secretive. I would wonder if even his wife knows the real John Edwards.

If I didn’t know who this guy was and someone showed me his signature I would guess he was a cult leader. His ideals and visions border on fanaticism and if he were not a politician he could have easily been a preacher with a vision of the end of the world talking people of low intelligence into signing over their homes to him.

He is very passionate and emotionally responsive to the extent that many average people feel he has reached out to them in some way.

He is quite gutsy in going after what he wants. He goes where angels fear to tread.

Like many other politicians Edwards can certainly turn on the charm, but what he cannot do is create a plan that appeals to the intellect of anyone of vision.

Pray that this man never becomes president.

Ron Paul Handwriting Analysis

Let us move on to the controversial candidate – Ron Paul. Fortunately, I have a pretty good sample of his handwriting plus signatures so I should be able to be fairly accurate.

The most striking thing of his writing is how childlike it is. Many of the characteristics of has handwriting are like that of an obedient eighth grader who is doing his best to follow his teacher’s instructions. Also there is a significant interest in the past. He likes things that are old, often just because they are old and belong to a previous era. He sees the past as more desirable than the present or the future. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that he wishes he lived 200 years ago.

He is very thrifty in his own life and will painfully do without to make his personal finances work. It looks like this attitude carries over into his politics as he is very supportive of reduced spending.

He doesn’t like conflict and doesn’t like to argue and has difficulty in dealing with hurt feelings when a conflict arises. He has a hard time forgetting and forgiving people who offend him – but would probably not admit this publicly. Even though he does not like conflict he has a strong sense of duty to defend that which he has been taught that he deems to be true. This may lead him into conflict. When someone disagrees with him he likes to just give his views and let it go at that. It bothers him when someone directly challenges his logic – unfortunately, this does not happen often.

One surprising thing is what a team player and conformist he is when he is viewed as such a rebel. How can this be true?

It is true because he has picked his team. To the other teams he seems to be a contrarian and rebel but to his own team he walks in lockstep seeking to conform to his own group thoughtform and not offend any core values.

Of all the candidates he is the strongest conformist, but the conforming is to his own group.

He learns by study and absorbing that which is written or taught by his mentors and then conforming and promoting those teachings. He’s not a quick learner, but a methodical one who takes in things one step at a time. A lot of his answers in interviews and debates that seem spontaneous are not but prepared in his mind beforehand. He’s not big on thinking on his feet, but draws from a reservoir of information stored in his brain that makes him look more spontaneous than he is. This is evidenced when he is asked a question that he has not seen before. In this case he seems to stumble or merely says he has no answer.

He is the least creative of the candidates analyzed so far and this is one reason that some find him refreshing. Instead of giving a creative answer that can be seen as spin he just gives a fairly straight up answer that makes him look like a non politician.

Because he gives stark answers many assume he is very honest and open, but such is not there case. He is very secretive and unlike others we have analyzed he is consistently secretive and has thoughts he has never shared with anyone, even close associates. He will deceive when it is necessary to protect objectives he does not want made public. When he seems to be giving starkly open answer he is often holding back.

He is perhaps the most controversial politician in America now, but if he revealed all he really thought he’d probably be locked up or at the least shunned like a leper.

He has an average emotional response to situations and people, but strong passion for his beliefs. His emotional intelligence is lacking and needs to work on being more emotionally spontaneous. It would probably lengthen his life 5 or 10 years if he let loose and partied like a wild man for a few months. He is wound too tight and needs to loosen up a little. This statement has nothing to do with his political views.

He suppresses emotion but is a believer in exercise so this helps to neutralize some of the negative effects of the suppression.

If he were to become president he would probably become very frustrated as his simplistic approach to creating change would produce little change. After about two years in office rumors would start circulating that he is thinking of resigning and planning on moving to a faraway island to salvage his sanity.

Fred Thompson’s Handwriting Analysis

Again, with Thompson I am limited to two signatures I have found and am lucky to find them.

He has two characteristics that were found in several other candidates. First he likes to be the center of attention, a trait often found in actors. Wait – he is an actor, isn’t he?

Secondly, he has lots of ideas but short on a detailed plan to materialize them. He probably relies a lot on underlings to assist in filling in the details.

A problem with his campaign is he is accused of lacking energy and enthusiasm for the job. I’m not sure how old my samples are but they indicate he can be very motivated and enthused if he really wants to do something. The writing cannot reveal all a person wants to accomplish but I would guess that his total heart has not been in becoming president. If he ever embraces this quest 100 percent, I think we would see him get a second wind and be more animated. In fact, this seemed to happen to a degree in the last debate. I think that if his poll numbers shot up we would finally see a more energized Fred.

Fred is emotional and impulsive at times and will make gutsy, even courageous moves when the situation requires it.

He has a strong desire for success and quite determined. He takes a lot of pride in his past work and his pride was a factor in delaying entry into the race. If he entered he really wanted to do well and was not sure he could do this, and thus the hesitation.

He resists overt efforts to change him or his mind but tries his best to cooperate with friendly faces, even if he disagrees with them.

Fred vacillates between being very inclusive to being fairly exclusive depending on the situation and his mood. Overall he has a wide variety of relationships and loves to talk about his favorite sports.

Like most of the candidates he is very secretive and will not reveal all he plans in his campaign speeches. This seems to be a common trait with presidential candidates.

He is above average in intelligence, a quick thinker and worker and not easily fooled. He has pretty good self-control for a politician.

Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do. Voltaire (1694 – 1778)

Jan 4, 2008

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