Christ and the 9000

Christ and the 9000

A reader commented on a statement by Djwahl Khul that after the reappearance of the Christ he will be assisted by 9000 disciples. Where will these come from?

I also found this figure of 9000 assistants interesting. It is fewer than the 144,000 expected by some Christians, yet many more than those who were with Christ the first time.

Actually, Jesus had more assistants than the twelve apostles. We are also told that he sent out 70 other disciples to teach and heal. In addition, we are told that a company of women followed him. After the resurrection there were 120 faithful that met together.

But here’s the interesting thing. When he was here 2000 years ago, he and his assistants only ministered to only a few thousand people. Jerusalem had a population of about 80,000 and the whole land of his administering was less than a million.

When he comes again the world will have over 6 billion people and he will be able to reach most of them through the modern media. Because of the vast numbers that will have to be reached he will need much more assistance than he did before. I would suppose he will need at least 9000.

This does not mean he will have this number in the beginning of his ministering. It may take over a hundred years to prepare this many disciples to be of real service.

DK evidently was able to come with this number because the Masters keep track of all disciples on the planet and they probably assessed that there should be 9000 ready for teaching when he needs them.

I know that for many who earnestly seek and want to share light with others it may seem that even 9000 would be an impossible number to gather. I have been teaching on the internet in this forum since 1998 have we have only gathered 436 members to this group and most of them are not ready to do any teaching.

Part of the work for all disciples in and out of this group is to seek out and gather those who can assist Christ when he comes. It indeed looks like we have a long way to go, but the soil is more fertile than it appears. Think back to the story of Elijah in the days of Ahab and Jezebel. Elijah was discouraged because he thought all Israel was led astray by their wickedness. He complained to God that he was the only faithful person left. Obviously, he felt very alone. He was in for a surprise, however, when he heard the voice of God correcting him. The voice told him that he was not alone, but there were seven thousand others who were yet faithful.

I’m sure Elijah’s first thought was: “Where the hell are they?”

Correspondingly, we gather in this little group of 436 members with maybe a dozen posting regularly and some may also be like Elijah, look to the skies and ask: where are the others? Are we alone in seeking to pave the way for the Master?

There are many thousands my friends and they will eventually be reached. There are also other groups with other purposes, but the same ultimate goal of preparing the way for the Master. Hopefully something we do here will eventually go viral and gather in more seekers.

Predictions 2008 (Written Jan 2, 2008)

If anyone wants to make predictions again for 2008 feel free to do so. I think I made mine about the middle of the month last year and will wait a little while before I comment on last year’s predictions.

If you made predictions last year and think you were on the money let us know and we’ll see who was the most accurate.

I think we need some kind of point system for determining who made the best predictions.

For instance, let us suppose someone predicts that Dennis Kucinich will not be elected president or that we are going to have weird weather. This is of course about 99 percent certain that it will come true and is not impressive and therefore not worth many points, even though it may prove accurate.

On the other hand, if someone had predicted that Huckabee would surge in the polls that would have been a good one and worth lots of points.

Also if the fulfillment of your predictions are clear and not subject to interpretation more points are deserved. For instance, someone mentioned scandals associated with Republicans. Now Larry Craig was seen as a definite scandal by all, even though it was a small one in my opinion. Larry Craig tapping his foot in the bathroom creating a misdemeanor has little to do with job performance, but for most people in the nation it seemed to be a big deal.

On the other hand, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Rumsfeld actions were considered scandals by the Democrats but praiseworthy by the Republicans and were subject to interpretation. Clinton, for instance, fired over a dozen times more attorneys than Gonzales did and this was not considered a scandal on his part.

Again, let me remind the group that my teaching on seeing the future is this. Certain ends can be known that are decided by higher lives but all the details of the future are fluid and cannot be known completely. If a person can achieve 50 percent accuracy on specific points that are not obvious then he is probably tuning into some spiritual currents, but even the Master DK [Djwhal Khul] was no more accurate than this.

That said, I encourage members of the group to give their predictions for 2008. It will be fun to see how close they come.

Here are several questions you can answer.

Who will be the Republican and Democrat nominees?

Who will be the next president?

Will the dollar fare better or worse against the Euro?

What will be the main source of destruction this year? Will it be weather, fire, hurricanes etc?

What will happen in the housing market?

What famous celebrity will die?

What actors and movies will win academy awards?

Add anything you want to the list.

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Dec 24, 2007 & Jan 2, 2008

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