Handwriting For Change

Handwriting For Change

Question: Does changing your handwriting change your personality?

I was 16 years old when I first studied handwriting and like many kids that age I wasn’t satisfied with who I was. Even though there were no studies at the time I suspected that if I changed my handwriting, I could change myself. I therefore decided what it was I wanted to be and attempted to change my handwriting in that direction. I made a discovery. Changing your handwriting was about the same difficulty as changing yourself through normal means. Some things are fairly easy once a definite decision was made and then other things are extremely difficult.

Then as time moved on, I discovered I really did not want to be what I decided to be at that young age and decided to let my handwriting and personality evolve naturally. If I saw through the handwriting that I was moving an undesirable direction I did seek to make corrections through handwriting and personality change.

What is interesting was that studies were later done as far as using handwriting to change personality and it was proven to have an effect. The studies proved the same things that I concluded. Some things are fairly easy to change and others very difficult. If a person picks an easy change and attempts to write with that change several times a day the personality will begin to change within about six weeks.

One of the easiest beneficial changes is done through the ‘T’ crossings. If a ‘T’ is crossed with a powerful stroke — long and with heavy pressure, slightly ascending and near the top of the stem a number of beneficial things will occur. The traits associated with this is a strong sense of purpose, determination and a desire to improve.

Here is a great statement to write for ‘T’ crosses:

“Take the time to think today.”

Write this about a dozen times a day making strong ‘T’ crossings and in about six weeks you will feel more positive and confident in yourself.

Learning Handwriting Analysis

A reader asked if I have any book recommendations for those who wish to learn handwriting analysis.

First let me say that there are two schools of approach on the subject. The first and most popular is graphology. This concentrates on analyzing the letter formations and various embellishments as to their meaning.

Books on this method are readily available for a reasonable cost.

The second is called Graphoanalysis. This I believe to be the superior method, but one must take an expensive course to learn it — currently it costs $1495.00. I took this way back in the 60’s and it was pricey back then also.

The International Graphoanalysis Society which gives the course is quite exclusive and views their method as the one true method with almost a religious outlook and gives little credibility to graphology.

Both methods have a lot of truth and I have incorporated the best of them both into my approach.

I don’t even see the graphology books on Amazon that I studied 40 years ago but did check to see what was available recently and purchased what seemed to be the best one. It’s called “Handwriting Analysis” by Karen Amend and Mary S. Ruiz. I haven’t studied it but looked through it looks like it covers the basics pretty good.

You have to be a member of The International Graphoanalysis Society to buy any of their books and they are quite expensive. Sometimes one can pick them up used over on Ebay or Amazon.

The most useful books of the Society are “Basic Traits of Graphoanalysis,” a two volume set. I checked Amazon and the cheapest set there is $100.

Or just type in Graphoanalysis in the Amazon search feature and a number of used books on the subject will come up. The book by the founder M N Bunker is a good read but it doesn’t teach you how to analyze. There are some other economical books that may be useful, however.

I also noticed that Amazon had several books on changing your personality through changing your handwriting.

To understand why changing your handwriting can change your personality consider this. Handwriting is basically frozen action. In the outward life if we change our actions on the outside it also changes us on the inside. For instance, if one is an introvert or shy and he forces himself to be more outgoing then it will not be long before he is truly more outgoing. When one changes his handwriting, he is doing the same thing. He is changing his actions frozen in handwriting which has a very similar effect to changing actions in real time.

Question: “So can you tell via handwriting also if a person has multiple personalities such as schizophrenia, where some other astral entities occupy that person’s head space as well?”

JJ: Yes, these problems would show up in the handwriting, but more importantly the basic handwriting would show some problems that would open the door to the greater problems, unless there is a purely physical cause.

A man can hide all things, excepting twain – that he is drunk, and that he in love. – Antiphanes

Jan 21, 2008

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