Greater Vision and Dark Mantras

Greater Vision and Dark Mantras

Here we are at the morning of May 6th, 2000. May 5th is now gone forever with no great disasters in sight. Neither have I seen anyone translated into a new dimension. We were hit with a computer virus which event was much more in alignment with true astrological prediction than the end of the world or an apocalypse.

(NOTE: A lot of people were expecting an Apocalypse of destruction on May 5, 2000 because of a planetary alignment.)

Since the beginning of this group we have had several doomsday dates that we have cheerfully passed through. The thing that amazes me is that when these prophesies fail the followers are often undeterred. When Y2K for instance, failed to be a problem many still thought they were correct to predict doomsday because their warnings were responsible for averting the disaster. Now, I suppose that some will say that their good vibes they sent out negated the great earth changes. Still others will be looking for some disaster in the news. It is likely that there will be a storm or earthquake somewhere on the earth and believers are likely to point to this normal event as prophecy fulfilled – that is if anything happens the next week or so.

I remember in the beginning of the year when I expressed a non concern for Y2K that a reader was upset at me and predicted that there were subtle Y2K problems that would multiply and by Spring chaos would be here. “I don’t think so…” I told him. Well Spring has come and just about gone and the Y2K is the least of our problems.

Another reader has predicted doom at least three times that I know of and each time nothing has happened. Nevertheless, he is still undaunted in his belief in finding the truth through numbers. In fact, if I remember correctly, his system originally indicated to him that I was a good guy, but then when he disagreed with me this same system indicated I was the Antichrist.

So what are we to do with the next prophecy of doom? Who knows, it may be possible that a true prophecy may come along some time. Maybe someone will get it right by accident for even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

The answer is the same that we have emphasized in this group many times. Look within and see what comes from your soul. If we depend on someone else’s word we will be mislead time and time again.

I feel very peaceful within right now and have no sense of immediate doom and gloom. World problems will always come and go but basically my inner sense tells me that this is a time of opportunity and expansion rather than a time to hide in caves.

What do you feel from within? If you sense something let us know what you pick up.

The Art of Seeing continued…

So once you have seen the energy that circles around you what is next?

In addition to our correspondence to an atom we also correspond to an egg. Our physical body is like a yoke. The auras correspond to the white. But beneath the shell covering the egg is a thin film. Even so do we have an outer film encompassing our physical, astral and mental bodies. This outer film is extremely difficult to see in comparison to the etheric or the aura.

This film is something like a movie screen where not only are your thoughts projected in geometric language, but through which all knowledge is available. He who is able to see this film becomes a seer as was written of the ancient sages.

Whereas the seeing of the physical body, the etheric, and the aura can be seen with the physical eyes the seeing of the outer film does take the aid of the soul and when it is seen, it can be viewed with the eyes open or shut. When the Seer becomes one with the film he becomes one with the outer vision and becomes himself an all-seeing eye and can direct his seeing to any part of the universe within his ring-pass-not.

For most of us this is like talking blue sky, but it is indeed true that the time will come for each of us to experience the numerous levels of vision for the soul and spirit.

Suppose we reach this higher level of seeing – can we then ask if there is more to see? What could be more than everything?

The answer is that there is more, much more. The soul is the doorway to the formless worlds and seeing in the formless worlds is an entirely different thing than seeing form.

The beginning of this formless seeing is the “still small voice” which in reality is not a voice, but an impression that is attempting to open the eyes of the soul. These eyes see with eyes of understanding and the language of communication is through the exchange of principles.

The good news is that this seeing is open to us all if we are willing to drop our preconceived notions and trust the voice within more than the voice without.

A reader asked if we could see the etheric and the aura in the dark.

The etheric body is much easier to see in the natural light because it does reflect some physical light as well as radiate some light of its own. If you become sensitive enough you can see the etheric field in the dark. You can also see the aura in the dark, but this is more difficult also. A reason this is difficult is a point of focus is difficult to establish in the dark. I have done it before, but it took a lot of practice and concentration.

A reader comments on sensing a dark inner voice saying, “What if I am wrong?” This seems to be a negative force trying to discourage her.

She has stumbled on one of the hypnotic mantras of the Dark Brotherhood.

There are two powerful ones that I know of. They are

“What if I am wrong?”


“Who do you think you are?”

Now there is an appropriate use of these phrases, but when projected into the mind of the seeker at the right time and place they can be a powerful deterrent to progress and soul contact.

The first dark mantra, “What if I am wrong?”

This phrase is often projected into the mind of the seeker when he is seeking to move away from fear-based teachings, especially those that concern hell, fire and brimstone.

If the seeker decides he wants to leave his church and move on to higher things, within his mind he will often hear: “What if I am wrong? If I am wrong I could burn in hell forever and forever is a long time. Maybe I’d better keep my big toe in the church just in case.”

This concerned me with in relationship with my church when I was young and it was only through a powerful confirmation through the soul was I able to shed all fear of eternal retribution for not conforming. I have seen many people come to an understanding of higher principles, yet still maintain a lingering fear of hell and thus are unable to fully shake off the tentacles of the church.

Now don’t get me wrong – at a certain stage upon the path the church may be a positive influence and some churches are much better than others, but the time comes in the life of a disciple where he must break completely free of the hold of outside authority and replace it with the inner voice of the soul.

It is always the outer voice substituting for the voice of God that makes the seeker afraid of hell and punishment for the innocent acts of questioning, or breaking free and moving to a higher aspiration. The seeker can often use reason and tell himself that he is 99.9% positive that God would not punish him for leaving the church or its doctrines, but no amount of reasoning completely silences that one tenth of one percent doubt that gnaws at him. Only a contact with the inner voice giving him assurance can give him the courage to completely break free.

Many people who are into metaphysics have never been caught up in the thoughtform of eternal punishment and thus never generated that fear and doubt that the religious based person experiences in this life. Some look upon these people as being backward spiritually, but such is not usually the case. Many seekers in the churches are just as advanced spiritually as the ones out of them. Those who have never been captured by church doctrines often have little understanding of what the seeker within a strong religion must do to break free. And he who does break free will have certain advantages over those who have never had to make the struggle for such a person will have made a great step in seeing out of illusion. He will also have to live very close to the soul to maintain his freedom.

Here’s the advantage the church has over the seeker who is exploring the knowledge of reincarnation and karma.

If reincarnation is true then I will not be eternally punished if I break free from the church or if I stay in the church. If staying in the church is a mistake then I can correct that mistake in a future life.


If the church doctrine of eternal punishment is true and I reject the church my mistake will be of overwhelming proportions. Being tormented by the devil and his angels forever is much worse than the delay of progression for a life or two.

The temptation: What if I am wrong? Maybe I should play it safe. Safe is good…

The trouble is many have faced this fear for a number of lives and have not broken free. They are like the two individuals who were afraid to move on the path in the parable in my book. It seemed safe for them to just stand still and go nowhere.

Once a person has learned the lessons a church has to offer and does not move on he is just standing still, immobilized by his fears and will remain so until he quiets those fears and listens to the inner voice and moves in the new direction that God has for him.

Punishment from God is the greatest hurtle to overcome from the “What if I’m wrong” mantra, but there are other lesser ones.

You may receive a new direction from the inner voice that will put you at odds with your spouse, friends, co-workers or family and if you are wrong you may look like a fool or be rejected by them.

It’s almost like the higher forces test you to see if you are worthy of communion with the soul. I have found in my life that I often seem to be tested to the core when I attempt to follow the inner voice. Sometimes the direction has seemed very illogical and almost impossible. What makes it worse is after a period of time has passed that it seemed more and more certain that the soul was wrong as everything seemed to be falling apart around me. It is during this period of dark and heavy clouds where any further communication with God seems remote that you must do one important thing. Think back to that communication and direction you had with your soul and trust in it. Several times in my life this was very difficult for me for it did not seem that the soul was correct and the “what if I am wrong” comes to the mind with great force,.

But, every time I have followed the soul at all costs in the end I have found the inner voice to be correct and the reward has been great.

He who seeks to follow the inner voice over the outer will have many points of tension in his life and much courage, inner fortitude and diligence will be required to tread the path that leads to knowing.

The second dark mantra is, “Who do you think you are?”

When the seeker studies the lives and teachings of the great ones in history and desires to follow their example and tread the path of service this mantra will echo strong within his mind as he begins his journey.

He reads of miracles performed by holy ones in ages past and he wants to perform miracles also.

“Who do you think you are?” comes the voice. “You are not holy – you’re not even a good person. Just look back upon your life and you’ll see that you are sinful and unworthy indeed.”

The seeker reads about acts of courage and valor that lead to new discoveries, new enterprises and new opportunity. He wants to be like these brave men and women and show others the way to higher ground.

“Who do you think you are?” comes again the voice. Look at all the cowardly things you have done in your life. Crawl back in your hole. You are no hero or pioneer.

The seeker reads of teachers and philosophers who have inspired many and made the world a better place. He wants to do the same.

“Who do you think you are?” comes the voice. How do you expect to teach when you’ve been such a poor student that you’re lucky to get anything right? People will see right through you – that you’re a poor excuse for a human being let alone a teacher.

The power to stop the seeker with the first mantra is through fear, but the power to stop him with the second is through guilt. The seeker must learn to trust in the goodness of God and accept himself where he is now and move ahead without guilt or fear. This is accomplished when trust in the outer voices are dropped and the inner voice is followed. Guilt can only exist when God within is substituted for a false god without. The spirit of God speaking to you from within will never bring guilt, but instead an increase of awareness so true progress can be made.

May 6, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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