Following the Soul

Following the Soul

I received a letter from a reader who asks several questions that may be of value to share with the group.

The first question is centered around soul contact.

“You’ve stated that your primary focus in this life is to teach others how to achieve soul contact. This must take place so we can have working vessels to create molecules which will precipitate the opening of the window into the God Kingdom…

“This line of thought is delicious to my mind and creates great excitement in my heart. What a fantastic concept this is. My problem is that I have not found practical application to soul contact. I have not experienced soul contact, in fact based upon contemplation of the questions asked by your list members, I do not see any evidence that they are either. I’m not saying this to be negative . I’m stating a concern. I am in this for the long haul. I am going to leap through that damn window and am becoming gravely concerned that I am not producing the elementary function of soul contact.

“Am I not evolved enough? Your soul contact is as easy as breathing. How? If it is as easy and basic as you paint it out to be in your writings – then why can’t I do it? Am I not smart enough?

Before I answer this let us go on to his next question:

“I was jogging around the track feeling guilty or bummed out that I hadn’t meditated or prayed in 2 or 3 days – when all of a sudden I was in my New Jerusalem room. (New members will want to reference the New Jerusalem Meditation) The amazing thing is that my eyes were open and I was still running. All the objects and people in my room stayed in their perimeter orbit around me. Maybe this doesn’t explain it. They held their position in the room and the room moved with me wherever I went. Anyway from this experience I learned that I can meditate or be in the New Jerusalem in different places. This is a good discovery for me. The only problem is that the more I focus on activities in the New Jerusalem, the slower I run.

“So I’m running the other day and blip into the New Jerusalem room and I turn to where John is standing and then his face came very close to mine and his aura forms into a fiery crown on his head and his entire eye sockets turned to a smooth sky blue. What was John telling me? Why doesn’t he just use words instead of riddles in pictures?”

JJ: This is an interesting question coming from a man who is concerned about having soul contact. Many would like to have enough contact to have an experience as you just did.

Let me answer your second question first.

Our Solar Angels operate on several planes to communicate with human entities according to the highest they can perceive. Unfortunately the soul does not speak in English or any other human language. It does, however, speak in the language of principles which are often translated by our minds and other parts of our nature into forms and symbols. Then at times our subconscious will sometimes even translate them into words. These words and symbols will not be infallible because of our own lack of understanding, but they can be very helpful if we contemplate on the transmission.

Your soul brought you to an awareness of the New Jerusalem during your exercise period which is a very unexpected time to have a spiritual experience. The reason for this is to teach you that the kingdom of God is with you always in every situation, whether you are in prison, working, exercising etc. All we have to do is to pay attention. But this is easier said than done.

John’s face comes very close to you. Your soul is telling you that your Solar Angel, or soul contact is closer to you than you realize. You have been worrying about soul contact, but your soul is closer to you than you know.

Next his aura forms into a fiery crown on his head. The aura here is a symbol of the light you have been seeking. The aura gathering into a crown on the head is telling you that you have reached a milestone of achievement in your life. Keep in mind though that there are many more levels to reach, but you are being commended for moving to your next level. The fact that John is the symbol used here shows that you know that many of the teachings I have given out have assisted you.

Next “his entire eye sockets turned to a smooth sky blue.”

Blue is a sign of thought and mind and the eyes, of course, of seeing. This is telling you that your next step is to develop your mind and use the mind to obtain full power over the emotions. You will so this by developing the ability to see things as they are and centering your mind and attention on the light of this knowing.

Now briefly to the first question. There are many degrees of soul contact. All of us, no matter where we are on the path, receive a flow of energy from the soul. However contact is made when the entity and the soul become mutually aware of each other. This is very subtle at first, often called the still small voice. Since the soul does not speak English the voice is not a voice like the spoken word. Even so, our subconscious interplaying with consciousness can translate the impression into words.

After we begin to notice the soul, the contact increases according to how much attention we pay and how diligently we are to following that which we have received.

I believe you have a degree of soul contact, as well as many in the Keys group. You speak, however, of the ideal soul contact, or that which is necessary to produce the group oneness necessary to create a working molecule.

The creation of a molecule is not difficult because of the degree of soul contact necessary. There are many who have such contact. What is the difficult part is the willingness to use the contact they have in group oneness.

And why would many not use the contact they have?

What happens in the course of group activity is subjects or actions come before it that challenges their preconceived notions. When this happens the individual is so sure his notion is correct that he is unwilling to run the notion by his soul. Or worse yet he will pretend to run it by his soul and then receive a distorted answer from his emotional body which agrees with the preconceived notion.

This is a huge setback to his evolution for his attention is then shifted from his soul to the emotional body and soul contact is then lost for a time. The individual will then see himself as an enemy to those who do maintain soul contact.

Thus the attempt to create a human molecule does come with danger for both the individual and the group, but it is a danger that must be faced to achieve the goal.

You will remember that even Jesus had his Judas. He was fortunate that more did not fall. What is not recorded is that most of the apostles shifted in and out of the soul during his ministry, but Judas is the only one to sink completely.

All of us must take the final step of learning to trust our true higher contacts more than we trust our own thoughtforms, traditions, programming and preconceived notions. Very few have achieved this, but when 24 individuals can be discovered and trained to do this a great step forward will be achieved.

Copyright by J J Dewey

May 1, 2003

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