Naming Names

Nov 26 1998

Naming Names

All the heads, horns and crowns of the beast have numerous names of blasphemy.

Belle named several: His/Her Royal MajestyHis/Her Excellency

Hint: The worst blasphemy is when the man without is substituted for the attributes of the God within.

Lelona and Alice defined Augustus as meaning exalted, the most high, Sacred. It also implied a Holiness. Remember that Rome was called the HOLY Roman Empire?

Forget the fact that Augustus is literally a title for so is Christ; yet the Bible also calls Christ a name. A title when applied uniquely becomes a name.

Augustus is a name that belongs to God therefore to give it to an illusion of God is blasphemy for one man (or woman) is no more sacred or holy than another.

Taking the name of Augusts was just the beginning, as we shall discuss later. If anyone on the list knows the real reason why Christians were put to death on a mass scale go ahead and post it. What name did they reject?

See if you can post any more names the Beast loves to accept.

Nov 27, 1998

Belle gave some good additions here and Diane came up with some great historical research. Be sure and read it if you haven’t.

Belle’s additional names:

His/her Royal Highness

Holy Father—Pope

His Holiness-Pope

His Eminence

His Grace

Imperial Majesty

Serene Majesty


Most Reverend

Most Worshipful

Why are these blasphemous names?

Rick’s King of Kings or even King is not far off. Notice in verse two that the beast is compared to a lion and the lion is called the king of beasts or the king of the jungle?”

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