Effective Fasting

Effective Fasting

Question: Can one add other juices to the fast and veggy juice like in V8? What about tomato juice and grapefruit juice can they be added?

Answer: V8 juices have way too much salt to use during a fast and this type of juice is too heavy.

On my last fast I experimented by using an organic brand of bottled vegetable juice and it created problems so I will not try that again. If you drink any vegetable juice do it just before you break the fast. You can drink some fresh carrot or celery juice just as you are beginning or ending the fast. The best thing besides water is fresh squeezed lemons in purified water with honey and cayenne pepper added to taste. Fresh squeezed orange juice can also be beneficial.

Question: I am very thin as it is; will the fast make me lose too much weight on a 3 day fast?

Answer: You certainly will not gain weight during the fast, but if people are too thin they will often gain a desirable weight after fasting.

Question: I am on a lot of medication you said I should try to get off of. So I won’t be able to take my medications then on a fast?

Answer: Medications will have a more powerful effect during a fast and may be overpowering. You need to get off your medications before you go on a long fast. You will need the assistance of a local health practitioner – a chiropractor or Naturopath. Call several in your area to see if they can give guidance in fasting.

I wouldn’t fast more than one day out of a week until the medications are reduced. If you can get rid of medication then you can go a week without danger if you follow instructions in a fasting book.

Question: Can I take my mineral or vitamins on a fast?

Answer: The less intake you have (outside of water) the better

Question: Is miracle healing possible?

Answer: The spiritual flow that goes through us can heal any disease, but disease is caused by our resistance to the flow. A miracle can happen when we learn the lesson the disease is trying to teach us and the blockage to the life energy is removed.

Question: First of all, we both drink coffee daily. I know that if I just stop cold turkey, I will experience severe headaches from caffeine withdrawal. I’m just not sure how to handle it. When I mentioned it to my husband, he said he plans to continue to drink coffee in the mornings during the fast. I’m not sure, but will this negate the benefits of the fast, as far as cleansing the body?

Answer: I drink coffee and I always do without it during a fast without negative effects, but when my wife first started fasting she felt very weak when she did without it.

If you haven’t fasted for a while you will usually have a headache from residual poisons and drugs, but it will usually go away by the second day.

My suggestion is to try and do without coffee during the fast, but if it feels that you need it drink some, but a reduced amount.

After you have gone on several fasts you should be able to go without coffee during the fast.

Question: Also, we have been exercising and walking for about an hour each morning M-F since the first of the year. Should we continue to exercise through the fast?

Answer: Yes, continue to exercise during the fast unless you feel very weak. Exercise will help to release the poisons.

Question: I also suffer from hypoglycemia, but have done the Master Cleanser fast with the water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper in the past with good results. I was reading in the archives where you suggested adding bee pollen or Spirulina to the fast if you are hypoglycemic. Do you still recommend this?

Answer: Some hypoglycemics can fast and others have to go on a modified fast so the can keep their blood sugar up. You’ll just have to experiment to see what your body tells you as you try different fasting techniques.

Water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper are as good as you can get for fasting ingredients, so if this worked in the past it would be a good idea to keep using them.

Feb 26, 2003

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