Discerning the True Teacher

Discerning the True Teacher

A person may falsely claim to be in communion with the Masters (because of a desire motive) and yet teach many things that are true.

Teachers fall into five categories.

(1) Representatives of the Brotherhood of Light.
(2) Representatives of the Dark Brothers (some knowingly, others unknowingly).
(3) Those who have studied well and teach what they have learned with the concrete mind.
(4) Those who channel astral entities
(5) Those who channel their subconscious or a thoughtform.

Now the interesting thing here is that all of these teachers will make some statements which are true and some that are false.

Am I saying that a teacher of the Brotherhood of Light may give out false doctrine from time to time?

Yes, he may, because no person under the influence of the flesh is infallible. Even the true teacher may get over confident from time to time and give out teachings without checking with the soul first.

What then is the difference between the true teacher and the other four categories?

The Teacher of light may not be infallible, but his overall teachings will be very accurate.

A Brother of Light has purity of intent to teach the truth no matter where it takes him and will not consciously deceive. He (or she) will also give out many new teachings shedding a new light, expanding on new principles that can be verified by the soul of the student. He will speak words, eternal words that will not pass away. His words will stimulate the intuition in the student and from time to time bring a “flashing forth” of light within the mind making clear that which was previously obscure.

Teachers not in alignment with the Brotherhood may teach many things that are true, but will also have a mixture of many things that are not true.

Many of these teachers have no qualms about the use of deception to obtain their ends.

These teachers will use many fancy words and give out much data, but rarely will they expand on a principle by using words of simplicity.

They do not speak eternal words and their teachings will pass away in a generation or two.

Even with these drawbacks the sincere student can find gems of truth revealed by all teachers in a of the five categories above.

Let me give an example.

Rodney has a big ego and wants to make a name for himself as a great teacher. He realizes that Einstein was one of the greatest minds of all time so he studies him intently. After a thorough study he begins to wish he had thought up many of Einstein’s theories.

Then he does the next best thing and “borrows” Einstein’s teachings and changes the terms. Instead of calling his most famous discovery the “Theory of Relativity” he renames it “The Doctrine of Space/Time Relationships,” and writes much about it incorporating a rewording of the great scientist’s teachings.

Now let us suppose that Jim (who has never read Einstein) come across Rodney’s writings and studies them in the light of the soul. What will he find?

He will find as much truth in Rodney’s writings as he would have by studying Einstein in so far as Rodney reproduced them correctly.

Does this then make Rodney a true teacher? After all, Jim is learning some truth here.

No it does not.


Because the teaching begins with a deception – the deception that Rodney originated the principles he was teaching.

But Jim is learning something, so where is the harm?

Answer: The harm comes from several levels. Not only is Rodney operating from a plane of deception, but he is a thief, stealing a revelation that was not his own.

Now suppose that Jim is impressed with Rodney because of this theft and wants to be a student and learn more.

If the real Einstein were the teacher Jim would indeed learn much more that was true. But the real question here is where will Rodney take Jim now he has given out all he has taken from Einstein? Because he has no greater truth he now has to make them up and now he is relying purely on his imagination and the majority of what he teaches hereafter is false.

Unfortunately, there are many Jims out there who are impressed by a stolen truth and then trust the later imaginary teachings without running them by their souls.

This is a subtle manipulation used by the Brothers of Darkness and often their pawns have no idea of their participation therein.

I first took note of Elizabeth Claire Prophet when I discovered her book entitled “Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura.” This book caught my attention because it was supposed to be channeled by Djwhal Khul.

After reading a couple pages it became obvious to me that these were not the words of the Tibetan Master. It sounded nothing like his thought process and a number of items even disagree with what he gave through Alice A. Bailey.

I thought I had better give it a fair trial and forced myself to read the whole book. I found a couple passages I underlined but the material could not compare in intelligence to the real DK.

Then I checked out some of her other writings channeling several other masters. I was not surprised to find that all these masters sounded the same, use the same vocabulary, the same thought process with the same degree of light. I concluded that all the teachings of all these masters were the work and imagination of one person – Ms Prophet.

A reader points out that the book I gave reference to on Ms Prophet sounds like a hatchet job and this may be correct to a degree, but let me state this.

Any controversial teacher or leader will have both extremes written about him. There is no better example of this than Joseph Smith. I have heard that more words have been written about him than any other American including George Washington.

It is almost impossible to find an objective book about him for writers either seen to love him or hate him.

Those who accept him ignore any controversial material and whitewash his history. In fact the Mormon Church recently excommunicated a respected LDS historian who revealed documents indicating Joseph dabbled in magic, astrology and the occult.

On the other hand, the anti-Mormons go out of their way to dig up anything that puts him in a bad light and almost every sentence they write is drenched in hate and attack.

So what should the seeker of truth do here? Should he avoid reading what both sides have to say because of distortion?


He must read both sides and in doing so he will find many verifiable details on both sides which are true. He must then take these truths and put together a picture in his mind from an objective point of view.

The same is true of Elizabeth Claire Prophet. One must read both sides and then come to an objective conclusion.

In any study the greatest weight must be given to the actual words of the teacher. Are they borrowed from someone else or are they true revelation? If they are borrowed is proper credit noted?

When I first read Elizabeth Claire Prophet I noticed that much was borrowed from Alice A. Bailey yet no credit was noted. Then I checked the list of books the group offered for sale. Many books were listed, but the Bailey books were mysteriously absent. Could it be that Ms Prophet did not want students reading Bailey for fear of learning where much of her channeled material came from?

I haven’t checked their booklist for some time, but this was the situation at that time.

Even if Elizabeth Claire Prophet does not channel real Masters some good (as well as bad) comes from her teachings. Many have been stimulated her written words which are true or insightful and have been given encouragement to continue their search.

Question: The Bailey writings mention a handful of masters in the Hierarchy, but what about all the other entities I read about who are sending channeled messages? Are they masters also?

Just because someone claims to channel a great entity does not mean he really is doing so. As DK stated more than 90% of these communications are not from the Brotherhood of Light.

The only names one can be sure of are those verified through your own personal communion with Higher Lives or soul contact.

Many trance channels claim to be in contact with the Archangel Michael who is one of the Kumaras under the Ancient of Days (The Planetary Logos). The Kumaras under the logos do not teach mankind directly, but work with the Christ and his Hierarchy and in turn they teach us as DK has. DK is one of the members of Christ’s inner circle, or Molecule.

Djwhal Khul represented the Hierarchy in giving out foundation teachings for the new age. This was the major revelation of the 20th century. We are told that the next major revelation of esoteric teachings will be given out starting around 2025. These advanced esoteric teachings will be given out again by Djwhal Khul but through another agent besides Alice A. Bailey.

He calls the period we are in now as “revelatory.” This is a period in which higher principles are revealed, understood and promoted. It is also a period to obtain greater insights and understanding of that which has already been revealed.

DK envisioned teaching and expounding esoteric philosophy through the media after 1975 and hoped that by now the teachings would have received much larger circulation. Disciples are behind schedule and we must make up for lost time over the next twenty years.

Concerning our current time he wrote:

“In the next century and early in the century an initiate will appear and will carry on this teaching. It will be under the same “impression,” for my task is not yet completed and this series of bridging treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of the initiates has still another phase to run.” Rays and Initiations, Page 255

The need of the hierarchy right now is not to prepare for space aliens or to enter a fifth or fifteenth dimension, but to shed further light on what has already been revealed and add light on the understanding of principles. The Oneness Principle, for instance will be of extreme importance for seekers.

I was asked if I had an understanding of the Merkabah.

The Merkabah was an obscure concept presented in some Kabballa writings and made popular and expanded on by J J Hurtak in the Keys of Enoch.

His explanation of the Merkabah is very ambiguous but basically seems to be something like this.

The Merkaba is a vehicle of light created by the mind of God that connects the highest universe and lives with the lowest creation and lives.

Hurtak gives a lot of detailed information on the Merkabah using technical and obscure scientific terms and has given rise to much channeled information surfacing in recent times causing many to believe they are going to either ascend or go to some higher dimension in the Merkabah. So far 100% of the predictions concerning this type of thing has not transpired.

Even if the true Merkabah fits Hurtak’s description, it does little good to go into endless details beyond the ability to prove or verify. This technical approach was more the method of the first solar system where the third Ray was perfected.

In this present solar system the goal is to develop consciousness more than knowledge of technical details.


Because form was perfected in the previous system and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. All knowledge of form and vehicles is already programmed within us and as we raise up our consciousness the latent programs will begin to run. There is no need to rewrite the program – it is already there waiting for us to press the button with our consciousness.

I therefore, do not attempt to teach (or even learn) the technical details of the Merkabah, but seek to understand and teach the principles of linking lower lives to higher lives. When the principle is understood and applied the science will take care of itself.

I will say this. There is much illusion floating around on this subject as well as the idea of activating DNA.

June 23, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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