Soul Energy

Soul Energy

Question: Is the intuitive plane, the home of the soul?

Soul contact allows us to open the door to the intuitive plane and above.

Remember that soul energy is the result of interplay between spirit and matter. When one tunes into this energy of interplay then he opens the door to the higher worlds.

Soul contact is represented by the two interlocking triangles in the Star of David. The lower Triangle represents the three worlds of matter, or form and the higher triangle represents the higher Triad of worlds of Spirit – Atma-Buddhi-Manas. These six originate from the seventh point, or higher correspondence to soul contact called the Divine Plane or Plane of Adi

Concerning the principle of election, in relation to business, it sounds like the general consensus is in harmony with what I have written in the Molecular Business.

I do not see much difference in applying the principle of election whether it be in spiritual matters, in politics or business.

Most of my life, save a few years, I have worked for myself. I have largely been motivated to work for myself, because in the small amount of time I have worked for others I have found employment to be more restrictive of my freedoms than perhaps any other thing in life. The larger the company you work for the more restrictive it normally is and the more dangerous it is to speak your mind, if critical, to an authority.

I believe that the principle of election maximized in a business, especially the larger businesses would force those in charge to be civil to those under their authority and to at least make an effort to listen to their suggestions.

The principle of election in business would enhance, not hinder free enterprise.

Larry made a good statement as far as election and business goes:

“Actually in a true free enterprise economy the greatest check and balance is election. That is the “election” that people make when they vote for one product over another by opening their wallet and buying it! ;)”

There has been considerable discussion about the use of soul contact in the spiritual Molecules.

First let me stress that what I’ve done in applying the principle of election to politics and business is to create a practical application to the lesser spiritual areas of life where soul contact may not be understood or applied.

As far as the Spiritual Molecule goes, no matter how selective we are various members will go in and out of contact. Some members will definitely wonder about the spirituality of other members as the molecules move forward.

It will be important that the leader of each molecule is capable of “keeping his mind steady in the light.” If this is the case then he can direct the consciousness of the group toward the soul. If all are capable of soul contact, but move in and out of the light in their daily activities, then they can be brought back to their center when they meet as a group.

It would be impossible to depend on soul contact alone to keep any organization in the light because sooner or later a leader will surface, not centered on the soul, but the personality, especially if selection is by appointment.

This is why the principle of election is so important. When one with soul contact challenges the leader and speaks to the souls of the group, he will generally be elected.

If the election process is set aside in favor of appointment then it will not be long before the majority of the group will not have soul contact and when this occurs an enlightened one will not be able to be elected even if he speaks from the soul, for he will not be heard .

For instance, if I were to speak from the soul to any orthodox group of Christians you may rest assured they would not vote me in as their leader.

The life of the spiritual molecules will depend on the group reaching oneness through the soul when they meet together.

When this is achieved in three or more molecules a firm link will be established between heaven and earth and the chance will be strong that the new Tree of Life will grow and mature on its own, never to be overthrown.

Question: how do we tell if a claim of being I contact with the Masters is true or delusion?

The line between good and evil is very subtle because the dark side does not represent their true philosophy to the public or to most of their earthly representatives.

Instead they attempt to make people believe they are on the side of light and love.

Actually Djwhal Khul tells us that more than 90% of communications claiming to be inspired or from the Masters is delusion. From my studies I may say the figure may be higher than that.

I did not realize Ms. Prophet used the term “guardians” for the masters. Interesting

I’ll give you a few of my thoughts with this caveat. The only infallible authority is your own soul, so realize I could be wrong and check with your inner self to the best of your ability.

The first thing to look for is the use of authority. Elizabeth Claire Prophet exerts strong authority over her group and has trained no one to replace her. Whenever I have talked to one of her followers they come across like Jehovah Witnesses unwilling to even listen to anything that may contradict Ms Prophet.

False prophesies: She has made numerous predictions which have not come true. She took her group to Montana to prepare for a disaster which did not occur, for instance.

The Masters are lining up to speak through her. A high disciple is fortunate to have one Master to work with them. They have better things to do than to stand in line to channel through any human teacher.

Contradictions. Djwhal Khul indicated he would not speak again to humanity until 2025, yet Elizabeth Claire Prophet claims he channels through her regularly.

Direct Voice. Elizabeth Claire Prophet channels through the process of direct voice which the masters do not use, with very rare exceptions. Instead the Masters use telepathy or the science of impression. A direct voice channel is evidence of the presence of an astral entity.

A true teacher will give out new principles. Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s teachings are a rewording of teachings already in circulation. I have found nothing new in them. The masters do not like to repeat themselves.

Is money a motive? Elizabeth Claire Prophet lives pretty high and wears a fortune in Jewelry at all times.

I do not think she is a dark magician or works consciously on the dark side, but because of self deception she has been used by them.

There are several books about her that can be found at Amazon.

June 13, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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