Discerning Truth

Discerning Truth

A reader gives an interesting challenge. That is if he picked some teachings from Elizabeth Clare Prophet and placed them side by side with DK’s writings, could we tell the difference?

I would be willing to bet that I could tell almost instantly for the writing style, thought process and depth would be significantly different in almost all cases.

A very marked difference is in the mantras given out. If you place a mantra by Ms Prophet next to one by DK the difference in depth will be obvious.

In fact one of the greatest evidences that Alice A. Bailey received revelation from a higher source is to compare the depth and style of writing in her books as compared to books dictated by DK. You only have to read a paragraph or two of her own writings to see that her own books (such as Consciousness of the Atom or From Bethlehem to Calgary) are written by a different mind than Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Esoteric Healing and the others.

On the other hand, the depth of Ms. Prophet’s own words are indistinguishable from the masters who are supposed to be speaking through her.

Applying this power of discernment by using all the powers of mind and spirit is more important than we know. DK stressed that the development of the power to discern between truth and error, good and evil is a must in our development before the status of Master is achieved.

There is a reason, however, that none of the revelations from the Higher Lives give us a list of true and untrue, or accepted and non accepted writings. One of the main reasons for this is that a large part of the growth of a seeker is derived from sifting through and discerning the material for himself. In the beginning of the real search for truth the seeker will be taken in by many errors, but if his heart is sincere it will only be merely a matter of time before he drops the lower and moves to the higher.

Another reason we do not receive an endorsement list from the Masters is that even with the best teachings and writings the seeker will still have to use discernment, and there are two reasons behind this.

(1) Human error enters into all communications on the physical plane.

(2) Even if the wording of the teaching is as accurate as word can be the reader absorbs the knowledge through his own filters which can distort the original intent. Note, for instance, the many interpretations of the words of Christ himself in the Bible.

Rather than looking at the various claimed revelations as being 100% right or to discount them entirely one should examine them from the aspect of quality and ascertain the quality of light that emanates from the pages.

I can identify with Rick when he talks about the feel of a book he receives even before he reads it. I also get this and it often comes from just seeing or hearing of a title before I even touch the book.

For instance, Glenys talks about the writings of Helena Roerich. Even though I have never read a word of her writings, I pick up a high vibration with her and plan on getting some of her books in the near future.

If 10 is the highest then Djwhal Khul gets a 9.5, H. P. Blavatsky gets an 8 and I sense a 7.5 for Helena Roerich.

Other ratings would be>

Bible – Old Testament 5-9 Depending on section.

New Testament – 8.5 average. Writings of John 9.5

A Course in Miracles – 7.5

Scriptures and writings through Joseph Smith – 8.5

Aquarian Gospel – 8.5

Keys of Enoch – 6

Seth Speaks – 6

Numerous non channeled spiritual books – 1-7

Numerous other channeled works – 1-5

I receive all kinds of recommendations for inspired books that people want me to read, but only a small percentage register as important to my soul.

It was different, however, when I came across my first Alice A. Bailey book. I was about 21-22 years of age visiting a used book store, browsing in the religious section. The bookstore owner came over to me and pulled “Letters on Occult Meditation” off the upper shelf, handed it to me and told me that I may find it of interest.

Even though my religion at the time told me I should run from the word “occult” I knew I had to buy the book. As soon as I touched it I knew the book was mine and there was something important there for me.

DK tells us the Masters go a leap beyond this. He states that to absorb a book he meditates on it and a symbol appears before his eyes. When he then meditates on the symbol he not only gains an understanding of the content, but an insight into the mind and intent of the writer.

June 26, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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