Different Vibrations

Different Vibrations

The Questions: What does the law of vibration have to do with creation, or form building?

What does the Law of Vibration have to do with healing and health?

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of your answers to these two fairly deep questions.

A reader says: “If you take two tuning forks and you set one in vibration, and then place it next to the other tuning fork, the second fork will also begin to vibrate at the same frequency, or at some harmonic of the original frequency. Tuning forks and made to vibrate at a certain frequency. Vibrations on the higher planes also have their corresponding harmonics on the lower planes, and this is how activating a vibration in mental matter on a higher plane can affect physical matter on a lower plane. Our bodies have a set of optimal vibrations, and when part of our body is not vibrating at the optimal frequency, the energy doesn’t flow as it should, and we get sick. If we can somehow get the vibration back in synch to where it should be, the body can heal itself. We can do this be applying a vibration from a higher plane to something on a physical plane.”

Another says: “When we work in mental matter we are working at a high vibration. The higher the vibration, the more control there is over the lower vibration. Unconsciously we attune to the vibration of others. That is why family and close friends are comfortable to be around. We are already familiar with their vibrations. Strangers require an adjustment in vibration which requires energy, sort of like an energy dance.”

Here is a third comment: “Some music is very therapeutic because of its vibration and can calm you down or excite you, etc. So hopefully if we can master our own vibration, we can also calm down others who are highly strung.

“(Is time vibrational also, or does it come to an end somewhere down the line, and that is why we must learn what we need to learn quicker than thinking we have an eternity?)”

JJ: Time is created by motion and when the universe goes into pralaya both motion and time will cease until a new creation appears.

Another reader responds to this question: What does the law of vibration have to do with creation, or form building?

“The simple answer. Everything. If I know the vibratory signature of every plane within the three physical worlds, then I can resonate my own vibration through an act of will. Thereby enabling the principle of attraction, which will pull me towards said vibration or plane. (i.e The tuning fork principle at work.) This knowledge will obviously increase my ‘ring-pass-not’. Knowing this signature will also enable me to consciously manipulate matter within this plane. If this is done with enough will power, the resulting impression will appear on all physical planes below – in one form or another. Every plane has its corresponding permanent atom. This atom exists within us all. If we move progressively inwards using this principle we uncover another layer of the onion. This atom or onion has a corresponding vibratory sheath on each physical plane within the three worlds. Knowledge of the vibratory rate of each layer of this onion (permanent atom) gives us power to wield the law of vibration and attraction at will.”

Question: What does the Law of Vibration have to do with healing and health?

Reader: “Understanding the Law of Vibration will enable us to have permanent health. When all our physical sheaths vibrate in harmony and move life energy properly then we have perfect health. Good health can be achieved by simply tuning the instrument (our physical bodies). We have to become like the piano technician who can tune a piano. We take out the appropriate tuning fork, strike the fork and wield the power.”

JJ: What does the law of vibration have to do with creation, or form building? I’ll make a few additional comments on this. A scripture states: “Like attracts like.”

This is actually a principle and also a key to creation.

For instance after Rick invited me to teach here a certain vibration was emitted. This was picked up by a number of people who had a similar vibration within themselves. This gathering of people with a similar vibration has caused the creation and growth of the Keys.

The same goes for other things. If you want money you must put out the money vibration and money will be attracted to you.

If you want loving friends you must put out a loving vibration and you will gather friendly people around you.

If you want to attain a goal you must create vibration or feeling that you would feel when the goal is reached.

We hear a lot about creation through visualization and this is important, but this alone is not enough. The correct vibration must also be created on various levels and, like John’s tuning fork, will draw to us that which is desired or needed.

On the other hand, much sabotage is added to creation by disharmonious vibrations which are released by the unwise creator.

What does the Law of Vibration have to do with healing and health?

It is interesting that ill health is described by the word disease.. This is broken down as dis-ease, or one who is ill at ease. We become ill at ease because the vibrations of our various energy centers at differing levels are not vibrating in harmony. One who is ill has a body that is out of tune. Imagine playing or listening to a piano which is out of tune and you can sense how disharmonious vibration can bring ill health. Tuning the body can produce good health.

Here is an interesting quote from the Aquarian Gospel, chapter 23, on the tuning of the human body:

3 And Jesus sought to learn the Hindu art of healing, and became the pupil of Udraka, greatest of the Hindu healers. 4 Udraka taught the uses of the waters, plants and earths; of heat and cold; sunshine and shade; of light and dark. 5 He said, The laws of nature are the laws of health, and he who lives according to these laws is never sick.

6 Transgression of these laws is sin, and he who sins is sick. 7 He who obeys the laws, maintains an equilibrium in all his parts, and thus insures true harmony; and harmony is health, while discord is disease. 8 That which produces harmony in all the parts of man is medicine, insuring health.

9 The body is a harpsichord, and when its strings are too relaxed, or are too tense, the instrument is out of tune, the man is sick. 10 Now, everything in nature has been made to meet the wants of man; so everything is found in medical arcanes.

11 And when the harpsichord of man is out of tune the vast expanse of nature may be searched for remedy; there is a cure for every ailment of the flesh.

12 Of course the will of man is remedy supreme; and by the vigorous exercise of will, man way make tense a chord that is relaxed, or may relax one that is too tense, and thus may heal himself. 13 When man has reached the place where he has faith in God, in nature and himself, he knows the Word of power; his word is balm for every wound, is cure for all the ills of life.

14 The healer is the man who can inspire faith. The tongue may speak to human ears, but souls are reached by souls that speak to souls. 15 He is the forceful man whose soul is large, and who can enter into souls, inspiring hope in those who have no hope, and faith in those who have no faith in God, in nature, nor in man. 16 There is no universal balm for those who tread the common walks of life. 17 A thousand things produce inharmony and make men sick; a thousand things may tune the harpsichord, and make men well. 18 That which is medicine for one is poison for another one; so one is healed by what would kill another one.

19 An herb may heal the one; a drink of water may restore another one; a mountain breeze may bring to life one seeming past all help; 20 A coal of fire, or bit of earth, may cure another one; and one may wash in certain streams, or pools, and be made whole. 21 The virtue from the hand or breath may heal a thousand more; but love is queen. Thought, reinforced by love, is God’s great sovereign balm.

DK says a number of interesting things about the vibration which creates color.

“A number of people who know somewhat the rudiments of the law of vibration, and can definitely, by the power of thought, apply certain waves of colour to effect certain cures, and bring about, through scientific comprehension, the desired results.” Letters on Occult Meditation, Age 246

“Experiments can be made along the line of vitalisation and magnetisation, which involve direct action on the etheric, and this again will be found hid in the law of vibration and of colour. Later…….we can take up with greater detail the work of these healing groups when gathered for meditation. Here I would but add that certain colours have a definite effect, though I can only as yet enumerate three, and them but briefly:-

“(1) Orange stimulates the action of the etheric body; it removes congestion and increases the flow of prana.

“(2) Rose acts upon the nervous system and tends to vitalisation, and to the removal of depression, and symptoms of debilitation; it increases the will to live.

“(3) Green has a general healing effect, and can be safely used in cases of inflammation and of fever, but it is almost impossible as yet to provide the right conditions for the application of this colour, or to arrive at the adequate shade. It is one of the basic colours to be used eventually in the healing of the dense physical body, being the colour of the note of Nature.” Letters on Occult Meditation, Page 248

These are interesting statements on color, but there are other vibrations. Can the vibration of music be healing? How about certain sounds? What about movement and dance? Could they be considered vibration? If so, can they be used in healing? Are there other healing vibrations?

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Oct 30, 2003

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