Calculating 666

Calculating 666

A reader gives a thought provoking thought:

He asks how many know what “Joseph Smith” transliterated into

Hebrew characters equals?

Yod 10 J

Vav 6 O

Samech 60 Se

Pey 70 Ph

Samech 60 S

Mem 40 M

Yod 10 I

Tav 400 Th



I don’t know if anyone else noticed but the numbers presented here add up to 656 – not 666. It always pays to check out everything for your self – you never know what you might discover.

Actually the reader must have made a typo for the letter pey equals 80 and not 70 which does make the result 666.


Joseph in the Hebrew is spelled with the letters Yod, Vav, Samech and Fey instead of Pey. This changes the total to 586.

To find Joseph’s real number in the Hebrew we must take into account that he always signed his name as Joseph Smith Jr. Yod and Resh for JR in the Hebrew ads a value of 210 to the 586 totaling 796.

Now if we really want to find the Antichrist perhaps we should check out the big guy himself.

6+6+6=18 and 1+8=9. Thus 9 is the key multiplier of the beast.

If we take the values of the letters of the name of Jesus and multiply them by 9 here is what we get.

J = 90

E = 45

S = 171

U = 189

S = 171

——- Total


Jesus is called the Christ or the Messiah which has the same meaning in Hebrew. Here again we get:

M == 117

E == 45

S == 171

S == 171

I == 81

A == 9

H == 72

Total Again: 666!!

Thus Jesus the Messiah is double 666. Maybe we’d better burn our Bibles.

Moving ahead to present time let us see where the beast will manifest:

The real name of Bill Gates is William Henry Gates III. Nowadays he is known as Bill Gates (III), where “III” means the order of third (3rd). By converting the letters of his name to the ASCII-values (which are used in computers) you will get the following:

B I L L G A T E S 3

66 + 73 + 76 + 76 + 71 + 65 + 84 + 69 + 83 + 3 = 666

The Pope bears the title Vicarius Filii Dei. These words were not invented by the Reformers, or bigots, but were used several hundred years before the Protestant Reformation. In Roman Numerals, the letters of this title which have assigned value add to 666. For VICARIUS: V = 5, I = 1, C = 100, I + 1, U (or V) = 5; for FILII: I = 1, L = 50, I = 1, I = 1; for DEI: D = 500, I = 1; totaling 666.

Clinton also is suspected of being the beast. (written in May, 2000) Here is a web site dedicated to his exposure:

Then yet another web site seems to seriously think that David Hasselhoff is the beast. This is located at:

The World Wide Web is abbreviated as WWW and VAV for W in the Hebrew has the value of 6. Thus WWW= 666.

There used to be a site where you could put in most any name and it would use some system and convert it to 666. That doesn’t seem to exist any more, but here is one that will tell you your number based on standard numerology.

Many there are who look for signs outside of themselves rather than relying on the Spirit within. This principle cannot be emphasized enough so I will quote a few paragraphs from my book to remind us of the teaching.

“Well,” I stumbled again, clearing my throat, “if I am one with God, then I must be God with a big G.” It sounds weird to say that, but that’s my answer.”

“Are you confident in that answer?”

“Sort of.”

“What makes you sort of confident?”

“I’ve had several coincidences pointing me in that direction. I figured they must have happened for a reason.”

“So you had some signs leading you toward the answer?” John smiled.

“I guess you could say that,” I replied.

“Have you read what the Master said about signs?”

“I think he said several things, didn’t he?”

John got out his old Bible again and turned to Matthew chapter sixteen. “Read verse four,” he said, pushing the book toward me.

I carefully held the old book and read: “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign…”

I just about dropped the book. “I remember reading this scripture, but I never thought about it in the context that is now entering my head. I thought the answer may be that I am God because of signs, but Jesus said the wicked seek signs.”

“You were not actively seeking a sign,” John assured me, “but several appeared to you and you thought they meant something.”

“So are you telling me they didn’t mean anything?” I asked, somewhat disappointed.

“It is true that there is a reason or a cause behind each happening,” John replied, “but when people see coincidences they often read much more into them than should be. Suppose you roll dice hundreds of times. Sooner or later you will roll seven three times in a row. Does that have any deep meaning or did it happen just because you rolled the dice many times and the law of averages tells us you will eventually roll three sevens?”

“So, you’re saying that coincidences just happen now and then?”

“Generally, that is the case, but then every once in a while coincidences are contrived by a higher power. But what usually happens when a coincidence happens to a superstitious person, much more will be read into it than is based in reality.”

“So the fact that both Wayne, Lance and that Dark Brother mentioned man and gods was just coincidence and means nothing?”

“Not entirely,” John replied. “You, Wayne, and Lance have been friends for many years and as such tune into each other’s frequency and share many of the same thoughts. This greatly increases the chances that you will all come up with similar conclusions on various ideas. What happened with you three was not nearly as much of a coincidence as you thought. You were looking for an answer and you were happy that something finally seemed to jump out at you. It was no coincidence, however, that the Dark Brother jumped on this. It served his purpose.”

“So, what about the answer, then,” I asked. “Is it right or wrong?”

“Let’s regress just a moment,” John said, putting his fingers together. “Why do you suppose Jesus said a wicked and adulterous generation seeks for a sign? Now in reality wicked means mislead. So how is one misdirected who seeks for a sign?”

“I’ve never thought of looking for a sign in a negative light. Most people see signs as a positive thing.” John was silent, evidently waiting for a concise answer. I continued, “OK, let me see. If we use a sign to guide our lives then we are using something outside of ourselves. Perhaps we are supposed to look within.”

John smiled. “There is hope for you yet. I think your light is increasing. Now what is adulterous about seeking a sign for guidance?”

“That’s a tough one. I don’t see a lot of relation there.”

“There is a lot of correspondence here, said John. “Answer me this: What is adultery?”

“It’s where a person betrays his marriage partner and has a sexual relationship with someone else” I replied.

“And who is your spiritual marriage partner supposed to be?”

“You mean someone other than my physical wife?”


“Could it be God?”

“You are correct. This is taught throughout the scriptures. The Israelites are called the Bride of Jehovah throughout the Old Testament and the Church is called the Bride of Christ in the New. Both Israel and the Church are symbols of those who have the light of the Spirit of God within them. So how does a bride of Christ or God commit adultery?”

“Perhaps by leaving God and leaning on or uniting with someone else, or another God.”

“Very close,” said John. “The brother of light senses the Spirit of God within himself and has made a commitment to follow it and be one with it, similar to a marriage relationship. If he actively seeks a sign outside of himself for his main source of guidance, this causes a shift of attention away from the Spirit. So his God becomes a false God outside of himself and the inner God is ignored and betrayed. He has committed adultery against his only true source of guidance, which places a black wall between his personality self and the God within.”

“Fascinating,” I said, feeling like Spock again. “So the New Agers, who are always teaching about the God within – yet at the same time are always seeking coincidences and signs – are really teaching one thing and doing another?”

“They are not alone,” John smiled. “On the other side of the spectrum, the very religious also seek for signs rather than an answer from God through prayer as they claim to teach.”

(End of excerpt)

May 30, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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