Looking for Principles

Looking for Principles

It’s always a good test to ask someone who considers himself a super being to present us with a new principle or even an expansion of a revealed one. So far not a single person I have met who has claimed to be a great one has been able to reveal even one. There’s always lots of imaginative data and often fanciful new words which any creative mind can produce, but never a principle.

Buddha taught the principle of the Middle Way, Christ taught and demonstrated the principle of Love and sacrifice as it had never been revealed before, Joseph Smith revived the principle of revelation which the masses thought no longer in existence, Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey taught many principles prominent among them is his expansion of the Law of Correspondences.

Any claim I may have for your attention is not based on any proclamation that I am a great being past or present. If you or I speak the truth it matters not who or what we are for truth is true irrespective of status in the minds of men.

If the lowest of humanity teaches that 2+2=4 it is just as true as if the Christ Himself were to proclaim it. This is why we have stressed the principle of soul contact so much because if one has such contact then the 2+2=4 as a truth is what has meaning and strikes a chord, not the fact that it was uttered by a greater or a lessor teacher.

It doesn’t matter to me if a man claims to be Peter, God, or a turkey who has become Joe-Blow. Even if I believed his claim I would still look at his words and sense whether or not the Holy Spirit lives in those words.

The actual words of Jesus, as recorded in the Bible, for instance, has withstood the test of time because they do indeed stir the soul and strike the chords of the Spirit within.

If you ever want to give me a meaningful compliment do not seek to equate me with a great one in the past, or even see me as any more than you are in the present. That which warms my heart are comments that my words have stirred your souls and have caused a chord of recognition to ring within yourself. Tell me that my words have set love aflame within your breast and your spirit has soared as the eagle.

If you tell me this then we are equal for your words and love have done this for me.

Let me pick on one of our members who often underestimates himself – our friend Rob. He recently expressed doubts to me about his ability to reach soul contact, but I submit to you that he demonstrates more contact than any guru that you could name that is floating around the internet.

Take a look at his post giving a different scenario that he thinks may occur if a militant vegetarian took over the country. The only mistake he made is that he thinks he is disagreeing with me. No Rob, I do not disagree with you at all. You used the Law of Correspondences and correlated the known with the unknown – a known war on drugs to a unknown war on meat.

You correlated your analogy with the system as it is today, but I used an example of a dictator with absolute power and in presenting two points of view I think we both worked together to present the reality that the principle of freedom is not widely understood in the world today – and even if it is understood by some, it is not trusted.

The fact that Rob was able to wisely use a principle (the Law of Correspondences) to illustrate another principle (freedom) shows indeed a degree of soul contact. He needs to trust that inner sense (that comes from the soul) and pay attention to it. Then it will not be long before the still small voice becomes an inner flame that cannot be ignored.

The greatest fire is created by the tiniest most imperceptible spark.

Even so soul contact begins as such a “small voice” that you think it is your imagination. But each time you trust in it the flame is fanned and grows until the light therefrom is bright and the heat is sure and your faith is replaced by knowledge.

I will speak more about the principle of freedom later, but until then I will leave you with more questions to consider.

Answer yes or no and explain…

Is the principle of freedom in play if

(1) The majority benefit and have more freedom?

(2) The minorities benefit and have more freedom?

(3) If you or your family benefit and have more freedom?

(4) If every man woman and child gets a thousand dollar check in the mail from the government?

(5) If there were no government?

A reader states:

“Sometimes during the normal course of my day it’s as though a thought is injected into my stream of thinking. I’d describe it more as an impression rather than a voice.”

The still small voice is more of an impression than a voice as we normally understand it.

The question that may now arise is:

Everyone gets impressions and various thoughts coming into their mind. Obviously they cannot all be from soul contact. How do we tell the difference then between an impression from our lower selves and the voice of the soul?

There is a distinct difference. At first that difference is difficult to sense, but when the realization comes that this inner voice is different from your own thoughts and feelings and you begin to pay attention to it you gain a sense of its origin. As you pay attention the communications become more frequent and your inner hearing becomes more acute and reliable. Then comes the realization that you are receiving higher impressions from God, the Spirit, the Higher Self – definitely a higher intelligence than you are on your own.

How long, you ask, before you are sure of the voice? That is up to you.

Here is what you can do to speed he process.

(1) Ask and ye shall receive.

Keep asking and then paying attention to impressions coming within throughout the day. In a quiet moment when you are not expecting anything the answer may come.

(2) Give thanks and glory to God for all that you do receive.

(3) Seek higher knowledge and sensitivity so you can have greater power to assist others upon the path. Share that which you do receive.

(4) Stay humble. Resist the temptation to feed the ego and realize that without the voice of the soul you have no real spiritual knowledge.

I see that we have been discussing greed, especially in relation to capitalism.

What is greed? He who has abundance is not necessarily greedy. A poor starving person can be greedy. He who is greedy is one who wants more than he has earned or that is rightfully his. Thus a poor person who wants that which he is not willing to earn is as greedy as the millionaire who deceives his customers into paying more than a just price for goods. The communist who expects a full day’s pay for a half days work is as greedy as the capitalist who uses substandard materials in his building or manufacturing.

On the other hand, many poor and rich people only want that which they rightly earn and are thus not greedy.

To call a rich person or a capitalist greedy because he does not give away all his wealth is a travesty of the word.

It may be a wonderful thing for a rich person to give away his wealth, but if he doesn’t does not mean he is greedy. The real truth could be the reverse. If a poor person expects a rich person to give to him that which he is not willing to earn then he deserves the label of greed, not he who is rich.

Unfortunately, there are many lazy people out there who watch others who are motivated to earn money or to improve their lives and call them greedy. But a desire to achieve abundance is not inherently evil and often has nothing to do with greed. In fact Jesus said:

“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

Our divine heritage is to have not only spiritual abundance, but material also – though the spiritual will be seen as having more value.

As the new age does come in more solidly those who do have abundance will not only share, but lend a helping hand to others less fortunate until all shall have their needs taken care of.

May 28, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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