Aquarian Service

Jan 28, 1999

Aquarian Service

The question under consideration: “How is service going to have a different focus of attention in Aquarius than Pisces?”

The comments we have had on this have been good, but have also been few which tell me this has been a difficult one for you. I’ll give a brief comment here and we’ll move ahead.

In the Piscean Age sacrificial service was stressed with little or no reward on this earth. You pretty much had to have faith that God would make it right with you in the next world. There was a degree of ignorance involved, for the Piscean age people were motivated by emotion rather than mind. As you astrologers know Pisces is a water sign which is a symbol of emotion and Aquarius is an air sign which symbolizes the mind.

Another important point is that Pisces is mutable and Aquarius is fixed. The mutable force causes Pisces to be flexible and malleable which is the reason we have had so many belief systems in Pisces, over a thousand in the Christian faith alone.

Also the fact that there are so many belief systems among the New Agers is a sign that Pisces is still working strongly there.

The mutability of Pisces along with the water sign makes Pisces a very stormy period – the storm before the peace rather than the peace before the storm.

Aquarius is a fixed sign and air indicating that mind, reasoning and judgment will prevail over blind emotion to bring the many into unity.

If you are trying to guess how many beans are in a jar you will get a thousand opinions (Pisces), but when the intelligent man counts the beans and proves the number of beans in the jar the conflict has ended. No disagreement is possible except for the mentally unstable.

The interesting thing is that we are switching from the most emotional of signs to the most mental.

It is also interesting that many New Agers as well as Born Againers are telling us to “lose the mind,” “become mindless,” or “follow your feelings and ignore the mind.” Such teachings are 100% Piscean and will soon pass away.

Because Pisces is such an emotional energy, and Aquarius so mental; the resistance to the New Age by the accepted teachers of the world will be very strong.

Service in the Aquarian Age will become much more logical. Instead of serving blindly, people will learn to think and give of their service when it is logical to do so. The failure of the welfare systems of the world, for instance, demonstrates the need for the Aquarian mind to tackle the problem. Aquarian energies will not be against helping the downtrodden, but will support helping them in a way that works and truly makes sense.

The residual Piscean people are enablers whereas the Aquarian people will empower.

If there is a key sentence for the Age of Aquarius it is this: “service with a reward for all parties involved.”

Those clinging to Pisces serve under the lose-win idea whereas in Aquarius the idea is win-win.

“Win-Win… Aren’t we starting to hear that more and more in business these days? If we were to define Aquarius in a nutshell that would be the phrase: Win-Win.

Democracy will also be a major keynote of the new age and will filter more and more into business. How much participation do you see employees having in the business of the future?

If you were in charge of the company where you work, what changes would you make?

How would you remove the “beast” out of the business world if you had the power to do so?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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