The Trinity of Aquarius

Jan 23, 1999

The Trinity of Aquarius

A reader said, “I have had enough of sacrifice. I am ready for a new way.”

Yes, my brother, there is another way and now is the time for the disciples of the planet to discover it. It is not our destiny to become food for the lions (or the leaches) in this age.

You have come very close to the second key word for Aquarius which is “Business.”

Now don’t be alarmed I know that many see business as a great evil that is destroying the earth, but consider how it has evolved in a little over 100 years.

During the industrial age there were few if any entrepreneurs. Industry was controlled by a few rich and the workers had no benefits and many worked 16 hours a week seven days a week. This included many children as young as eight or ten who often died of exhaustion by the age of 21.

At that time business seemed so evil that Karl Marx in rebellion wrote the Communist Manifesto advocating the forcible take over of the industrial world. What he did not realize is that you cannot do evil so good may come. Instead you create an even worse evil.

Now look where the business world is today. Most employed people work 40 or less hours per week (I am self employed and sometimes wish I had it so good).

Many workers have profit sharing, paid vacations, health benefits, retirement, sick leave, bonuses, etc. In some of the computer and software companies employees often work in street clothes, set their own hours and some even work at home with little supervision from the Beast.

Now consider this. Business has evolved from A to B in a very short time. What will C be like in another hundred years?

Writers are already talking about “spiritual business” and “the soul in Business.” Contemplate where we are going here. There is a quantum leap ahead and disciples of the Master will be involved.

So, here is our final list of key words for the two ages

Pisces: Sacrifice – Love – Idealism

Aquarius: Service – Law – Business

Question to contemplate:

How will Service, Law and Business work together to bring about a new age of harmony, peace and abundance?

Hint on understanding Aquarian law. The new use of law will be in harmony with the will of the people.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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