Annalee and Infallibility


Annalee and Infallibility

Apparently I offended some readers by posting some negative details on Annalee Skarin. I do believe that we should examine the pros and cons of all claims in the light of day. The easiest way to be deceived is just to believe and never question just as the rank and file in the Mormon and other churches do.

There is an article on a website mentioned. A positive write up on her is at this LINK

He ends his article with this statement:

“Whatever be the truth of the personal story of Annalee Skarin, there is no doubt of the power of her writings. Her books shall continue to inspire many to set out upon the pathway to the stars – the pathway of physical immortality. She is one of the pioneers of spiritual evolution on earth. The pathway has been widened by her efforts.” Robert Coon

I agree with this. I know Annalee’s writings have inspired many people to break from religious dogma and seek the spiritual path. For this her efforts are to be praised.

On the other hand, the cold hard facts seem to reveal that she lived and died a fairly normal life and must also be examined.


“Do you feel a death certificate proves someone has not translated, or, that they have simply died? My view is that if a death certificate, or overwhelming evidence of some kind that someone has died, invalidates their having translated, then the

transfiguration/translation of Jesus must present quite an enigma.”

Here are facts that seem to be beyond dispute:

She died of heart disease at the age of 88 after spending two years in a nursing home in a wheelchair. This was definitely old age but nothing out of the ordinary for disease and dying at that age.

A Translated being either lives on indefinitely or will live at least two normal lifetimes, generally in excellent health.

She may have had some great spiritual experiences in her life, but I see no evidence that any claim of translation is true – unless others out there have a far different definition of it than I do.

If you think she was translated, my questions is how was she any more translated than was Mother Teresa or my Dad who died a while back?

I don’t think Jesus is a comparable example since he rose from the grave and Annalee did not. No one has reported seeing her in the flesh since her death. Death had no hold on him.

A reader writes:

“Now for my concern and my question. While I find a great deal of wonderful new insights in what you write, I also believe that you yourself are still learning and do not have a perfect paradigm of truth. I think if I were to sit down eyeball to eyeball with you — and even now as I write this via e-mail — that you would agree with me on that point. J.J. does not have everything figured out.”

JJ: I agree. There are many things I do not know. On the other hand, the Master has promised: “Ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be open.”

I have found these words to be true. Time and time again in my life that which I have asked to know has been given me. Sometimes it has not come instantly, sometimes I have had to ask and pursue over a long period of time, but always the answer comes. My most important questions have been answered and there are a few that remain and I feel they also will be given when the time is right. After that I’m sure there will be more questions.

I have always stressed that the most important principle I teach is soul contact – that all of us have the Spirit of God within us that communes with us through the soul and that all of us have equal opportunity to discover the truth through the soul.

Asking and receiving goes hand in hand with soul contact for without this an answer cannot be recognized even if it is presented with great clarity.

If you ask God for an answer you may receive directly through the soul – or you may receive from some teacher – or even some synchronous fluke that jars the answer within. In any case, it is only through one’s own soul that real truth can be recognized.

I am in the same boat as all the rest of you. If I want to know something I have to ask and receive, which thing I do on a regular basis.

If I did not receive I would have nothing new to give you that would register with your souls.

Reader: I get the feeling that J.J. is not willing to admit when he is in error on something and reshape his paradigm accordingly. My experience so far in this group and in my private correspondence (very little relevant to this point), is that J.J. has never once admitted or acknowledged that his paradigm was even a tad inaccurate.

JJ: If you read the first 100 or so posts to this groups you will see that I went out of my way to start everyone out on the right foot as far as teachers and authority go for it has never been my intention of presenting myself as infallible. I stressed with all that is in my being that the only authority you can trust is your own soul and if you do not receive confirmation in your heart, mind and soul, if in any way a teaching does not register, that you are not to blindly trust it. Then I stressed regularly that this includes me as much or more than anyone.

My paradigm is reshaped regularly, but I do not share with the group all that goes on internally within my makeup. For one thing, I would probably start boring everyone to death. Instead, I share that which I have received that I deem to be true and helpful with the hope it will assist some on their path.

Whenever I discover that I am wrong (unless it is very inconsequential piece of data) I try and correct myself and am happy to do so publicly.

As far as my whole paradigm goes I am sure there are flaws in it, but I am attempting to follow the highest I know. I will never teach the group anything I know to be untrue. It would be difficult for me to acknowledge the flaws in my paradigm for these are things I cannot see in the present. As soon as I see error I attempt to remove it and then the errors that remain are still things I cannot see and cannot tell you about.

One thing that does concern me is that perhaps a hundred years from now there will be some great teacher instructing his students and he may say something like this:

“Now I am going to read a quote from J J Dewey that is a completely bungled mass of error. Let us see if the class can spot them.”

That said, I will mention that this perception that the teacher is presenting himself as beyond error is an easy thing for students to assume. Every true teacher teaches the highest he knows and in so doing must discover knowledge higher than the highest he knows if he is to acknowledge error. Even though this may happen often on a personal basis few of the great teachers in the past have felt the need to proclaim error in their teachings.

Let us look at the greatest of teachers. Jesus of course, never once said any of his teachings were in error. How about Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah or the twelve apostles, or Paul? Nope. No admission there. How About the Buddha, Zoriaster, Confucius, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Alice A. Bailey – None there as far as I can remember.

The truth is most spiritual teachers give out the highest revelation that registers with their souls and seldom does the time come that their students correct them, especially as far as principles are concerned. Any correction comes from within and since the teachers have already taught the highest they can perceive from within, a higher knowledge through the soul is usually reserved for a future life when consciousness has expanded.

Reader: But I would bet you anything that J.J. is changing his paradigm from time to time as a result of things people here in this group say as well as from what ever other studying he is doing.

JJ: You would win this bet.

Reader: In other words, the image that is subtly being portrayed here has some points in common with the relationship that the Mormon church currently has with its prophet. He’s the man, and everyone should listen to what he says, and no one should be so presumptuous as to think that they could teach the prophet something new.

JJ: This I strongly disagree with. In the Mormon and some other churches, if you know more than the big guy or even “think” you know something he does not know you will be thrown out. In this group members disagree with me on a regular basis and they are not asked to leave. Many send me information and make postings that I learn a lot from. Just the other day a member sent me some information on the Course in Miracles that I found enlightening.

Now if someone attempts to teach me something that does not register with my soul, I of course, will not accept it. I have the same rights as members of the group do, for I admonish all to not accept what I say unless it registers likewise within for you.

The reader expressed his view that I did not seem to be teachable by others.

There are a handful of people in this group who feel I am not teachable because I have not accepted their views, but they forget that if I am honest with myself I must not accept their views if they do not register with my soul. I do not use an affirmative action program to determine how much I will accept the teachings of others. I use the same principle that I teach others. If someone presents a teaching then I run it by my soul, and if positive I accept, if not I reject.

On the other hand, I believe the majority of the group see me as quite open and flexible in my approach, especially those who have caught a glimpse of the Oneness Principle.

I am not here to show the group how much I have to learn (even though I have much to learn). Instead, I am here to impart that which I have been given and this I hope to continue to the best of my ability.

Part of my mission is to duplicate myself so others will start groups and groups like this one and even “greater things.”

A member has broken off and is now doing with his group what I am doing here, but with a different twist – maybe a better one. He is up to 5000 hits a week, far more than we have here. Do I feel humiliated that he is doing well? No, because we are one in purpose and are both going the same direction with the same goals.

Glenys has started a study group in her area and has the great privilege of teaching face to face, a thing I am unable to do at present.

Others that I have not mentioned are making plans to teach and serve.

Dozens of you make postings that stir me greatly and I can see that if you should decide to do so you can go forth and teach and stir the souls of men just as I have been privilege to do in a very small degree. I also sense that many of you feel a need for preparation and want to learn all you can for now to prepare for things to come. Each of you are here because of something that spoke to you from within and this is what I encourage you to follow no mater where it leads.

Reader: “So yes, you may be the “teacher” of this group, but I would submit that you are not the only one with sufficient stature and background and spiritual maturity to be able to hold that position.”

JJ: Being a teacher as I am in this group is not a position like those you mention in the church. In the church when a position is filled then it is just full. No one else can have it until there is a vacancy. Even then one cannot volunteer, but must wait to be appointed by an authority.

On the other hand, my “position” is open to all. Others have already assumed my position and are now doing what I am doing to their heart’s content.

Paul gives the principle to be followed by spiritual teachers:

“Yea, so have I strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man’s foundation.” Rom 15:20

In other words, Paul was saying that he did not seek to build a church and set himself up as a teacher where the teachings of Christ were already established by another teacher or he would be unproductively building “upon another man’s foundation.”

Even so, I do not plan on jumping in to another forum and telling everyone that it is time for the leader to move aside because I am now here.

Such is the case here. This group is a forum put together by Rick dedicated to my teachings. The foundation thus was created by Rick and me working together and if another man were to build on this foundation it would probably be out of sync. If a teacher wants to be in sync with his students and his soul he must initiate on a foundation that registers within himself and then gather around himself like-minded souls.

Reader: “J.J. you need to be able to learn from your students and admit when you are wrong at times, for you are wrong in some points of your paradigm. You don’t have the whole elephant figured out yet. You need the input of the trunk specialist and the tail specialist and the gonad specialist to be able to more fully piece this puzzle together.”

JJ: My very first post in the archives was on the student teacher relationship. Anyone interested in my views on the subject can go there and read this. I greatly value each person in this group as a part of the whole. I sincerely hope that members see this aspect in me.

Reader: To an extent, are you not doing the same thing as you accused Annalee? Are you not using an illusion (true or not, it is an Illusion because it is purposely not clarified) to create an awe factor around which you can gain significantly more clout as someone who should be listened to? It seems to me that you have monopolized on this mystery, milking it for all it is worth.

JJ: The data I had indicated that Annalee was promoting something that was not true as being true. If this was correct then this was indeed a lie.

For the sake of discussion let us just say that Annalee claimed to be translated when she was not. This is not comparable to my writing a book which I present clearly as a combination of truth and fiction.

Instead, it would be comparable to me teaching a falsehood to this group as being true and knowing that such a thing is not true. It would be comparable to me saying that John is living with us in our spare bedroom and telling me what to write each evening, when he is not.

I do believe that this may be the first book written and published as fictionized that is so believable that some of the readers actually complain that I did something wrong in making it sound too true. Where is there another book published as fiction where the author is accused of promoting a lie?

I have said many times that the book is a combination of truth and fiction as far as the story goes. Thus I could only be lying if it was 100% true or 100% false. If it is really a combination of fact and fiction then I am telling the truth.

I have indeed created a mystery, but creating a mystery through a work of fiction is no more sin than the Blair Witch Project is.

The scriptures declare:

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” Proverbs 25:2

I do conceal some things, but if it is indeed the glory of God to do such a thing then I am in good company. It is the honour of kings (and the Keysters) to search out the matter. There are more clues in the book than you realize.

In the past some disciples have failed in their missions because they bored their students into oblivion. Thus the value of a work of fiction that creates a mystery, for everyone is attracted to a good mystery.

Whether you think I am right or wrong in the way the book is written and promoted (with part of the true facts concealed) we must admit that this group and this gathering we have here would not even exist without The Immortal.

Let me add this. If I did not make it clear that this is a fictionalized book the sales would be much greater than they are. If I were a true deceiver I could have much more gain by promoting it as non-fiction. When the bookstores ask me the category of the book and I say fiction they will often refuse to carry it and instead stock their shelves with many other books that claim to be non-fiction but are fiction. The booksellers tell me that there is a big surplus of New Age fiction books and most of them sell very poorly. All I would have to do is change the category of my book and signing up booksellers would be much easier.

Reader: “And to the extent that you are not openly admitting that you are ever wrong or that you have altered your paradigm because of what someone has said, to me is a very, very dangerous path to be on. I call upon you to humble yourself as our teacher and come down off of this manipulative throne you have created.”

JJ: Sounds good. I desire no throne and you are welcome to the same table that I eat from. You can choose your seat and I will happily serve you before I dine myself.

Reader: However, the point I wish to make is that by his leaving this such a mystery, the Annalee effect comes into play and deception pokes in its ugly head. One lie gives rise to another. What is true? What is not? He’s not admitting he’s wrong even when he is. Truth cannot thrive in such an environment.

JJ: A work presented as fiction that creates a mystery is not a lie.

Moses took a walk one day and was never seen again. His body was never found and many of his followers believed he was translated as was Enoch. Let us assume, as the scriptures indicate, that he was translated. Was Moses being a deceptive liar by not explaining to the Israelites what really happened? Just before or after the translation he could have ended the whole mystery by revealing the whole story, but he did not. He emulated the glory of God and concealed some of the facts while at the same time all that he presented as truth was true to he best of his knowledge.

My teachings to the fine people in this group are not presented as fiction but truth from the highest vision I can ascertain. Never once have I taken anything from the book that is part of the mystery and presented it as true or used it as a lever to obtain authority. We are entering an age where the final authority within ourselves must finally be exalted upon the throne of truth and I will declare that in all my teachings to you, there is only the truth as I understand it.

By the way, my wife read through this post and insisted I was wrong on several things and made me do some rewriting. I certainly have not convinced her of my infallibility.


Copyright by J J Dewey

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