Jan 4, 2016


The New Year is here and if you have been surfing the web at all you’ve probably come across a number of predictions for the year.

I went back to some prophecies made a year ago by noted psychics and, as always, I am amused at how inaccurate most of them are. In many cases you could take guesses from third graders at random and the success rate would be about as good as the professionals.

I am unusual in that I have around 100% success rate by predicting that certain predictions of others will not happen. Here area few I have made to the Keys group over the years.

  1. Zecharia Sitchin’s lost planet Nibiru was not going to show up in any near future as many have predicted on several occasions.
  2. Y2K Would be no big deal and there was no need to store food to prepare for it.
  3. The world was not going to end at the year 2000 and Jesus was not going to show up in a glorious Second Coming.
  4. Many were expecting the world to end or change dramatically in 2012 but I stated that 2012 would not be any more significant than 2011.
  5. I pointed out several other end of the world disaster predictions that would not come true.
  6. We are not going to get hit by a large comet or asteroid any time soon.
  7. The earth will not warm as the supposed “consensus” dictates. Indeed we have had negligible warming over the 18 years.
  8. On another forum a guy was predicting we would find an advanced civilization on Pluto. I told him that the New Horizons probe would find nothing of the sort. (That was a no-brainer)

Indeed, if you want to be an accurate predictor, just take what everyone else is saying and then predict the opposite.

In my next major post I am going the opposite direction and will tell you things that will happen rather than those that will not happen. This prediction will have great implications for the future gathering of lights.

Copyright 2016 By J J Dewey

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