The Real You

The Real You

To understand what your true self is you must first understand what you are not.

If you look within yourself and observe how your consciousness works it will help with understanding.

Let me elaborate on what YOU are not.

You are not your body. Most seem to understand this pretty well. However, many people identify too much with physical impulses.

A few teachers have also said you are not your feelings. We have tossed this around the forum. It is hard to imagine the fact that we are not our feelings because they seem to be such an integral part of ourselves.

What are the feelings? There are positive ones like love, aspiration, happiness and joy. Then there are negative like hate, anger, jealously and possessiveness. We like to identify with the positive and ignore or suppress the negative, but the truth is that we are not either of them. We like to say that we are love, but what we normally call love is felt by one of our vehicles which we are not. The astral or emotional body feels love, hate and all the emotions. Just as when our physical body dies we no longer feel physical pain, even so if our astral body were to die we would no longer have a vehicle to feel the emotions.

Therefore, we feel emotion, but we are not emotion.

If we drop the physical and astral body then what is left? The only body in the world of form we have left is the mental. This is the vehicle that thinks, but do not get it confused with the physical brain. The physical brain is like a great computer. It calculates and runs computer programs, but it does not have living thoughts any more than the computer. On the other hand, the mental body is a vehicle for the intelligent comparing of data. It has discernment, logic and can follow a series of events to its logical conclusion. It is able to assign value to things. It has power of interpretation and is very useful in interpreting the feelings sent to it from the astral.

The beginner in human evolution identifies with the physical body and instinct. The average person identifies with feelings. The advanced human identifies with the mind. To identify with any of these vehicles is to be captured by illusion.

We use the body, emotions and mind, but all these have a beginning and an end. What is left? WHO and/or WHAT ARE WE? What were we before we acquired these vehicles and what will we be when we leave them behind?

This part of you has certain attributes. It has one thing in particular that it can participate in while occupying the three vehicles simultaneously. You use that participation every day and there is even a common name for it. If I were to have told you this keyword in the beginning it would have meant little, but now after reflection — hopefully it will mean something.

Still, the keyword by itself is only the first step. The final step is the realization behind this attribute which is responsible for life itself and consciousness as we know it.

Keep in mind that I will never claim to offer any ultimate in understanding, for there is none. If there were then we as life forms would have an end. Because the ultimate “I found it.” will never be found then there will always be a cause for us to continue in this, or some future universe.

There is a hierarchy of light that reaches all the way up to the highest life in the Universe and then down to humanity. The Brotherhood of Light on this planet is linked to a higher Solar Brotherhood and they are linked still higher. This gives an opportunity to those who are linked to travel as high as they are able.

The most important thing for us at the present moment is to find the true spirit within.


I was asked about Baha’u’llah and the Baha’i religion.

The mission of Baha’u’llah was to work under the direction of the Christ, not be the Christ. The nineteenth century was not the time of the fullness of his coming, but a time for people to see the workings of his spirit and hear his voice through his servants.

Baha’u’llah was the Christ only in the sense that he was supposed to speak the words of the Christ implanted in his mind. Unfortunately, he did not live up to the expectations of the brotherhood of light. He injected a lot of flowery words planted by his ego and did not tune into all the revelations he was supposed to communicate.

One person in that organization who did do his job as expected though was the Bab, the real but ignored founder of your Baha’i faith. He had true courage, zeal, faith and spiritual presence and the valiancy of his mission was verified by the miracle that happened just before his death. He was placed before a firing squad and as they fired his body disappeared. Some type of supernatural verification is often given at the death or non death of an avatar. So it was with the Bab as it was with Jesus (the resurrection) Moses (his translation) and Joseph Smith ( a flash of light struck down a mob member who was attempting to cut his head off.)

Baha’u’llah died a natural, quiet, uneventful death. The Baha’i group has its history backwards. The Bab was the successful avatar while Baha’u’llah merely carried on. Bab was the initiate. Baha’u’llah was the disciple who carried on what was initiated and let the people give him more credit than was due.

Fortunately, the Brotherhood of Light takes into account that disciples often do not live up to what is hoped and fortunately, their next major attempt through Madame Blavatsky was a success for them as well as the more recent attempt through Alice A. Bailey.

Jan 19, 2009

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