Key Twelve, The Word Is God

Key Twelve, The Word Is God

2021 Gathering, Part Forty-Two

JJ: We’ve got just enough time for the 12th key, which I’ve given out once before at a gathering, and it was kind of out of order, but I thought it was pretty interesting to talk about.

The 12th key is the Word is God, and that’s an exact quote from the first chapter of John. It says that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

And then it indicates that Christ was the Word, and the Word has created all things that are. This goes along with the teachings of the East, the Hindus and the Buddhists, which is that in the beginning was the Word or the Sound. A lot of them teach that it was like the sacred Word and Vibration, and that created everything which exists.

So God spoke and that Vibration was set in motion and that Vibration created the whole Universe. Okay, so it’s interesting that God spoke a Word and the Word created everything there is.

Now many people believe this basic idea. People in the esoteric world believe this basic idea. Even the Christians believe this basic idea because it’s in the Bible, but one thing that’s overlooked is the Word is expressed in hundreds and thousands of different varieties. There are all kinds of words, aren’t there?

Let’s pick on Asaph again. And his name. What does your name mean, Asaph, in Hebrew?

Asaph: A gatherer. A collector.

JJ: A collector?

Asaph: A gatherer. One gathers scattered things.

JJ: Okay. So Asaph is a word. It means a gatherer or a collector, and that Word is also God. In other words, every Word that can be spoken is a God that has the power of God and has the power of Creation. So how is it that some words, when they’re spoken, seem to have tremendous power? And other words don’t?

Jesus said to the person that needed healing, “your sins are forgiven,” and he accepts that, and he is healed. He is healed because the word that Jesus spoke was like a god, or miniature god with all the power needed to fulfill their meaning.

Jesus speaks words and they have power to fulfill their meaning and the guy gets healed. Now somebody else who speaks, “your sins are forgiven,” the person will say, “you’re crazy.” And he’s not healed. What’s the difference? Same words, different effect.

Ed: It’s in believing, it makes it so.

JJ: That’s certainly part of it. The believing makes it so. Any other comment?

Michael: Well the power of the one who says the Word.

JJ: That’s a good part of it. Any other views?

Asaph: The energy, the thought behind the word. The intention.

Adam: How the word is spoken.

Philip: Words are symbols of something. It’s not the word itself. It’s what it represents.

JJ: Okay. Now, has anyone here had a revelation? I think Susan was telling us she had a revelation about who you’re supposed to marry. Right?

Susan: Right.

JJ: Okay. Did you believe that?

Susan: Very much so.

JJ: You accepted it?

Susan: Yep.

JJ: Why?

Susan: Because I knew what the spirit of revelation felt like.

JJ: Yes, and you trusted it 100%, and so you incorporated it into your makeup, right?

Susan: Right.

JJ: So that word that was spoken to you was like the word of God wasn’t it.

Susan: Yes.

JJ: Right. And so she completely accepted it. The Word, which was God, went into Susan, and then it happened. Now, what if Darren over here, told you, Susan, you’re going to divorce Michael next week. Would you accept that?

Susan: No.

JJ: Well, why wouldn’t you accept that, you accepted this other thing? Why wouldn’t you accept that?

Susan: It doesn’t have the right vibration to it.

JJ: Right. You didn’t accept it as the word of God. He was just speaking off the cuff. He was just making a joke, maybe. So Darren’s word did not materialize. It’s interesting that you can have the same word given to two different people from two sources. One will be the Word of God, the Word which is God. The other will be a word that dissipates and has no meaning.

So think, if you woke up in the morning and an angel was standing there at your feet and it says, “go forth and declare such and such to be true or . . . I know . . . let’s say, “declare to the world that there will be a famine in the land, okay.”

And what would you think if an actual angel being from the other of spheres appeared at your bed giving you a message? Are you going to take that seriously?

Asaph: You entered my room without permission? Get out! (laughter)

JJ: Right. (laughing)

So the angel represents God. His word gets implanted in you. And whether it makes sense or not, because you accept it as being from God, you go with it and you make it happen.

The word is God, but the word is only God if the word is implanted. Once a word is implanted, then that word will grow.

Now you had something to add?

Darren: Well that I just thinking if an angel came and called out to me, I would have to run it by my soul to make sure it was a message that resonated with me. I would go by the frequency of the message.

JJ: Right. That’s in harmony with what the Scripture says, that even if Angel from Heaven comes and declares any other gospel besides that, which we have given, “let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:8) That’s what Paul said. So Paul wouldn’t even accept an angel if you didn’t have the right message. The key is to have it verified by the God within – that’s the most important part.

Most people though, if some angel comes and tells them something, they’ll accept it without question. But the reason Jesus had this tremendous power to heal, one of the reasons, was that people saw his success and then they expected his words to materialize because they began to trust him.  They reason that this person has a special power and if he says you’re going to be healed, you are going to be healed.

Say you lived in that time and you approach Him and He says, “your sins are forgiven, Rise up from your bed and walk.” Then you figure that’s the voice of God, do it has to be true and thus you are healed. Then after they’re healed, what did he say to them? “Your faith has made you whole.”

Not I made you whole, or not even God made you whole, but your faith. So the word is implanted in you, you have faith in that word, and when you have faith in that word, that Word is like a God. You look on each word as a little God with unlimited power, so to speak.

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