True Resistance

True Resistance

A reader gives this quote from my book, The Unveiling: “The three parts are first the conservative polarity, secondly the so-called liberal stance, and third, those few who see that the whole truth is never found completely on one side or the other, but must be discerned through good judgment.”

He then questions as to whether there is any truth on both sides as their main aim seems to be in maintaining power.

You’re right. You will not find much truth in the two extremes, neither have I indicated that you will. You find the truth by looking at both sides and all the data between. Then you contemplate the true principle involved and seek the logical point of truth around that.

For instance, one side says abortion is murder and the other says it is not. To say you do not see either side as having the truth doesn’t mean that there is no truth. In the scheme of things there is an approach to this and other problems that harmonizes with true principles and is the least harmful with maximum benefit. The extremes rarely see this point of truth and you will not read it in the New York Times. It will only be discovered through the inner reflection of the few. This is the narrow path that few will find.

Another quotes from The Immortal series: “John smiled knowingly. ‘They have to shut down your resistance before they can steal your energy. When you yield to their illusionary authority you virtually become a subject and a source of their power, but their power is not real because it is stolen. When humanity wakes up and reclaims their power, the power of the Dark Brothers will instantly vanish and the adversaries will be bound for over one thousand years as predicted.”

Question: Isn’t resistance much different than attrition for we give energy to that which is resisted.

JJ: Even attrition is resistance, but a different form of resistance. The point to consider is that to defeat an enemy you do not yield to the enemy. When using attrition, one does not yield but uses intelligent tools with which to battle.

Let us say that you are a general about to go to battle against a fierce enemy. You are about to attack with swords when an idea hits you. You see a way to cut off the food supply. You choose this alternative and the enemy starves to death and you lose no men. This is how attrition would work, but it is still a tool used in the great battle.

The point made above was that those who give their energy and power to the Beast yield and give it no resistance. It does not even occur to the average person that there is any enemy to resist or fight as he is surrounded by the Beast and his legions camouflaged as his benefactors.

The first step in escaping the mark of the Beast is understanding that there is something to resist.

When one wakes up to this then he can pursue the most intelligent form of resistance. You are against the head-on, direct resistance and in many cases you are correct. However, do not forget that there is a time and place for all things.

It is correct that a head-on resistance toward the Beast is usually not effective. The disciple in the world is much like Hercules fighting the nine-headed hydra. Whenever he cut off a head two grew in its place. The solution was not to yield or to do nothing, but to battle with intelligence. Hercules attacked the hydra directly and lifted it above the stench of the swamp where its heads were exposed to the pure sunlight. The rays of the sun weakened the hydra and Hercules won the battle.

The disciple’s greatest weapon of resistance is the light of truth itself.

A reader writes quoting a message they received privately:

“The reason for this short message is to alert you to a situation happening right under our feet. In case you have been wondering about the reality of a earth shift you can rest assured it is no myth.”

He then invites us to go to the website involved and check out this alarming warning.

JJ: I checked out the website and there is something is fishy there, for if there were such a shift of 26 degrees, as claimed, the days here in Boise would be 24-hour sunshine in the summer with no night, and the winter would be mostly night with no day. We would also be entering an horrific ice age rather than getting warmer weather as has happened.

Indeed, the number of end of the world false alarms are without number.

An author ought to write for the youth of his own generation, the critics of the next, and the schoolmasters of ever afterwards. – F. Scott Fitzerald

Aug 16, 2007

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