April 22, 1999


A reader made the comment basically to the effect that all knowledge is within and all we have to do to obtain anything is to go within and retrieve it. She points out that some people have been known to speak a foreign language they have not learned in this life.

It is true that a record of all history is recorded in the Akasha, but even if you have the ability to read it correctly (which is rare) this is still a form of learning from without. Your physical form without is composed of the mental, astral and physical bodies, and any learning through any of these bodies is without, or happens outside of your true self of pure spirit.

For all practical purposes, the learning of all knowledge is from without. In those rare cases one who speaks a foreign language they ave not learned are able to do so because they learned it in a past life. I Have had people speak in a foreign language and accents during regressions to past lives.

If you take all the paragraphs in a novel, cut them up, put them in a big bowl, throw them in the air, let them land randomly and then read the various phrases it would be difficult to make sense of them. Very little could be learned about the real story, without great effort. This corresponds to the human attempts to read the Akasha. It is distorted by many fogs of illusion and glamour plus much misinformation, and is only really useful to one who goes beyond knowledge into principles from the formless worlds, which are attained by a true “going within.” Only through the use of principles (or checking from without) can a person know if knowledge from the Akasha is accurate.

We are all familiar with Houdini’s experiment of leaving a message for psychics to attempt to read after he died. He even agreed to help them by communicating the message from beyond the grave if possible. So far no one has been able to “go within” and retrieve this message. What makes this a lot more difficult than coming up with words from a foreign tongue is that none of us have Houdini’s message in our past life memory banks. Therefore, the only way to retrieve the message is to contact the real Akasha with an understanding of the principles involved.

This illustrates that for all practical purposes, the only way to learn facts and data (knowledge) in a useful way is through the normal process of sensory perception. And if you are going to learn anything complicated it helps to have a good teacher.

If you want to test the theory of learning within I’ll give you a question that you cannot retrieve from a past life. I am writing in my notepad a one digit number. This gives you a reasonable chance of getting the right answer. Go within and tell me what it is.


April 23, 1999

The Number

No one has gotten the number yet.

I’ll tell you what: The first one to get it receives a free Immortal book signed by me.

The number is a single digit number in English.


April 23, 1999


Samu, I’m glad you had a good reason for lurking lately.

Good guess, but the number is not zero, but like Edison you have successfully eliminated one item that is not the answer. Everyone’s chances are getting better with each guess.

By the way, Tracy e-mailed me the number 9. That is also not the answer.

New Rule: One guess per day per person.


April 24, 1999

Process of Elimination

So far the group has guessed the numbers:

0, 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9

None of these numbers is the answer, but at least you know seven numbers that are not the number.

One of your answers came very close.


April 24, 1999

Clever Guess

Rick writes:

Actually, when you said you were writing a one digit number, I pictured you writing “a one digit number”, and not 0-9.

Clever guess Rick. I may have written that if I had thought of it.

The answer is not “a one digit number”.


April 24, 1999

Numbered Hint


Sorry I overlooked your guess of the number three. That’s not it either.

And Anni, you’re as clever as Rick in looking for that which is not obvious. No the number does not have to be written out in letters. If the number was three, for instance, you could write 3, or three, and either would be correct.

So far we have the following numbers eliminated: 0,1,2,3,4,7,8,9.


April 24, 1999

The Missing Numbers

So far my friends, you have guessed 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,and 9 but have not yet gotten the number or even the right direction. One of these numbers is close to the answer. There are nine one digit numbers yet to go. You learned them in high school math.

Remember – One guess per day.

April 24, 1999

Right Direction

Very good, Glenys. You have steered us in the right direction, but the answer is not -1.

April 25, 1999

Confirmation of Principles

The Test

“If you want to test your theory of learning within I’ll give you a question that you cannot retrieve from a past life. I am writing in my notepad a one digit number. This gives you a reasonable chance of getting the right answer. Go within and tell me what it is.”

By the way, just to make sure you understand, the rule is one guess per individual per day, not just one guess per day for the group. Also, I said that one number guessed was close. By that I meant that someone guessed the right number in the positive mode. So what we have here are six numbers left to guess as of this writing. -1, -7 and -9 are taken and are not correct. Sorry Diane it’s not -0. All the positive digits and zero have also been guessed. And rest assured, I will tell you the truth about the number I wrote down when it is guessed correctly.

Even though no one has retrieved the number yet I thought I would proceed here.

The fact that everyone guessed in the wrong direction until all the options were taken corresponds with our search for truth in real life. We often accept and look in the obvious direction until we reach a dead end. Only then does another path appear before our eyes, and only then will we even consider it.

One of the missions of all spiritual teachers is to dispel common illusions and misconceptions so the wrong path does not have to waste ages of our time. It is a difficult job because students caught in old age teachings, or even close disciples of the teacher, become frustrated and angry.

The story of Christ is the prime example of this. The leaders and common people both held many rigid beliefs that Jesus shattered. When a number of people began to believe Him, those who were resistant to change and higher knowledge, fought Him in every way possible, until finally He was crucified.

I seek to use the Master as my prime example. To follow in His difficult footsteps, the spiritual teacher must dispel illusions along the path. The illusions need to fall before him just as a tree growing on the path must be felled before the way can be followed again.

One illusion is that all we need to learn anything is to go within. This is true to a degree when dealing with principles, but is of little use for seeking regular facts and data unless one is very advanced.. To illustrate this is true, I wrote down a single piece of data in my notebook and challenged the group to go within and retrieve it. Now as soon as I wrote that in the notebook, a record of this event was entered in the Akashic records. It is technically possible for an adept to retrieve this.

The number was also floating around in my thoughts, and it is remotely possible that someone would be sensitive enough to pick the number through telepathy. The reason I say the chances are remote is that I don’t allow just anyone to probe my mind. It is also possible that certain invisible lives watched me write the number down and they could transfer the information to you.

If you are very sensitive to the etheric, astral and mental bodies and an adept of a high order, it may be possible for you to use these vehicles to pick up some necessary data out there. But the truth is, when the student truly goes within he retrieves no knowledge, data or facts. The only thing you can obtain from within, until you become an initiate, is confirmation of true principles. Once you have mastered this ability, to a degree, the next step is to retrieve principles from the formless worlds.

At this point several objections may arise.

One may say that he receives numerous teachings from invisible entities by going within. It is a possibility that a seeker can receive knowledge from an invisible entity, but that is not learning from within, any more than learning from your algebra teacher is going within. Such a teacher is outside yourself, an outside authority, and no more within you than I am. The only difference is that the seeker uses senses from the astral body for communication rather than the physical.

Another may state, “When I go within I have all kinds of valuable information come to me including facts and data.” Part of this comes from learning in this life, that is consciously forgotten, and is merely retrieved from memory, and part may be knowledge brought back from past lives. Once a person taps into the area of the mind where this past life information is stored, you do not have to go within any more than you do when remembering what you ate for dinner.

So why am I teaching this, and why is this important information? If a person has the simple belief that all he has to do to get any information in the universe is to go within, then, if this belief is strong enough, it creates a thoughtform that hovers around the seeker almost as a separate living entity that has a life of its own. This quasi entity also picks up information from questionable sources and feeds the seeker.

What often happens next is that the seeker gets more and more facts and data fed to him from the thoughtform. Usually there is no way to confirm whether or not this data is true and no principles are ever transferred. This person will then get all kinds of false information filtered through his belief system.

If his beliefs are centered on extra terrestrials, he may believe he is in contact with ZOR from Alpha Centauri. This ZOR will have a piece of data for any question asked. He can tell you the exact hour the great earthquake will come, the exact date the world will end, when the mother ship will show up, how many planets are in his system, how old the universe is, what parts of the earth will soon be under water and so on.

The thing is that ZOR (or an astral Jesus) is telling you nothing that Xavier, John or Glenys couldn’t think up just as well. I could say Alpha Centauri has 10 planets around it and one of them is populated by intelligent lizards and who could prove me wrong? I could say that the mother ship will show up July 5, 2012 and no one could prove me wrong until that date, and even at that time ZOR will tell us that mankind was just not ready in time and the date was moved up.

Beware of anyone who claims to be going within and only brings forth facts and data, but no principles. True disciples of the Christ and the Masters around Him will always teach or amplify principles and teach others to find truth through such principles and verification of principles.

There is no knowledge, facts and data as we understand them in the formless worlds for all data is associated with form. This is why you cannot retrieve them by going within. You can go within and use the power of the Spirit through your soul to confirm true principles, but you cannot acquire only data by this high method. On the other hand, after a principle is made clear to the student, through an increase in light, much knowledge then becomes available to the physical brain that was previously hidden.

Consider this analogy: You as the master of your body are like a god to the infinite little lives who live there. Similarly, the one God has the whole universe as a physical body, and you are a tiny life that lives within this greater body.

Now there are an infinite number of things going on in your body that you are completely unaware of because your attention is on a higher level. Right now your kidneys and liver are doing a fantastic and complicated job of removing poisons from your body and you are completely oblivious as to how it is done and the intelligence that is doing it even though these life energies are a part of you. Your tiny cells are duplicating themselves and their DNA with overwhelming intelligence and you do not have a clue as to how it is done.

You (the wholeness), as a god to your body, don’t know anything about many of the things going on in your body. If your little cells were to ask you a question about how to alter their DNA, there is little you could do to help them because your attention is on a higher level. Because these little lives have their attention on their own world, they are expected to solve their own problems; for you, as a larger entity, have your own new worlds to conquer.

If there was some purpose in it, you could use your power of ATTENTION to commune with the lives in your body, but it is important that they handle their own problems so you are allowed to place your ATTENTION on the world where your normal consciousness is.

From the beginning of this group my main goal has been to lead some of you into the true world of the soul, so many can learn to verify information through the soul by using correct principles. A great leap forward in this process is to not be deceived by a multitude of facts and data, but to learn that the Spirit within can and does verify principles, and principles behind various packages of knowledge.

Let us use an example of a principle taught in the Immortal book. “I AM BECOMING that which I DECIDE to BECOME.” When many of you compared this principle with the idea of a static, never-changing condition for all eternity, it just struck a chord within your soul. The reason this statement of principle felt so good was that with principles, we are dealing with the language of the soul. From and through the soul we can receive a true communication and confirmation and we experience it as joy. The good part is that as we progress from confirmation to confirmation, our sensitivity to this communication becomes more and more reliable, until the seeker can bring down principles from on high, for not only him, but others.

But as far as a regular knowledge that is available in the world through books and teachers is concerned, the best way to acquire it is from without. A good teacher is invaluable and so is a good book written by a teacher. One thing our experiment on the number demonstrates quite clearly is that it is much easier and faster for me to just “teach” you the mystery number than to let you stumble along trying to find it within yourself.

The problem is that we often want to feel that we are completely self-sufficient and do not need anyone, but in truth all of us do. Even Christ has a teacher and that is the Ancient of Days and then there is a teacher above him. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.


April 26, 1999

Game Over

I’ve been away from the computer for a while, but I see that Anni guessed the number first. It was -2. It couldn’t happen to a nicer person. I’ll send you the free signed book with your bumper stickers, Anni.

I am totally out of new books, but the bindery is supposed to have the second edition done in a couple of days. It is the same as the first, but with some typos corrected.

I see that John also got the right number. I guess we’ll have to give him the consolation prize.

Friday, when I went into our office, I found my friend Wayne there talking to my wife. We got into a conversation and I told him about the number that the group was trying to guess. He said he would take a stab at it. Here’s what he said:

“Well one digit numbers are positive as well as negative and you probably decided to pick a negative number. You probably thought about three and one but I would have to guess that it is minus two.”

I was totally startled. I patted him on the back and told him that he must be close to being a master. He left with a satisfied look on his face.

About 15 minutes later my wife approached me and told me the truth. Just before I came in she had told Wayne about the contest and mentioned that the answer was -2. I smiled and realized that Wayne really put one over on me. We had a good laugh at breakfast this morning.

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