Wedding Vows

Feb 26, 1999

Wedding Vows

Jennifer brought up the interesting subject of marriage vows. The trouble with the vows as they exist today is that they are usually written by someone else. This causes you to make promises in someone else’s words which are just another sign of the mark of the Beast. I thought I would share with you the vows my wife and I took with each other on our wedding day.

“I covenant to be one with you by ever seeking the One Spirit of God with you. I covenant to be your faithful friend, (husband/wife) and lover as long as you are my faithful (husband/wife) and seek to fulfill soul purpose with me. I will always seek honest communication and will trust you with my vulnerability and openness. I covenant to work toward balancing the energies of giving and receiving with you and will always seek to guide us as a unit toward greater light, freedom and unity. I covenant to solve all differences we may have, which may cause separation, by seeking a resolution and confirmation through the Holy Spirit with you. I covenant to channel and dedicate all my energies toward union with you and to the building of the Kingdom of God on the earth.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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