Healing The Body

Feb 25, 1999

Healing The Body

Thinking of our friends rejoining us makes me see this group as a correspondence to a living body. For the time being, we have our arms and legs in place again so we can go forward again in maximum health. A short time ago I talked briefly about handling negativity, and I would like to expand on this as it relates to our group as a body.

The physical body stays healthy when the positive life force circulates freely and reaches all the parts of the whole. On the other hand, the body becomes unhealthy when the energy is blocked or is invaded by germs or a virus that is allowed to multiply.

Negativity in a group such as ours corresponds on a higher level to germs and viruses that invade the physical body. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming any single person or persons. I have grumbled about my bad days so I am as guilty as the rest of you.

Now just as the physical body is exposed daily to many germs and viruses, and usually does not get ill, even so can we be exposed to many negative thoughts and ideas yet remain impervious to their effects. There is a point, however, when we allow the negativity to be fed with our energy that it begins to take upon itself a life of its own in the group, just as disease does in the body.

This is what happened to us a short time ago. I can’t really say the point where it began, except that we as a group at a point in time became infected, and after this happened, it seemed to many in the body that each of us was a target for the Dark Brothers. Now there is a possibility that the Dark Brothers are aware of this group and sent a charge of energy to infect it, but on an individual basis it is very unlikely that we are being attacked. The Dark Ones are limited in the amount of energy they can direct, as are the Brothers of Light, so they have to be selective with it and reserve their attacks for individuals or groups who are attempting to make change that will affect thousands. In most cases, negativity is caused by our own thoughts and feelings. In our case the cause was extended to the entire group (speaking collectively) with the possibility of a charge of energy sent to the whole from an outside source.

Once a group such as ours becomes infected the individual members who are affected will seem to undergo events and happenings that seem beyond the possibility of any law of averages and when these testimonials are circulated, the negative energy is then given greater life and even greater phenomenon seem to occur.

The solution: First let us remember the old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

To prevent any future infection we do not have to go into denial or never mention anything negative. You may still catch me saying something like “what a day I have had – there must be a full moon…” It is rarely a good idea to go the extreme route on any subject. The thing we want to watch out for is not the casual statement about the flu, or a bad day, but we must avoid circulating the idea that there is something negative going around as if it will only be a matter of time before others will be taken by it.

What this does is focus the attention of other group members on the expectation that “something wicked this way comes.” We often then bring into our lives that which we look for, or put our ATTENTION on. A key for prevention is to always have the major part of our attention on the positive things that may be around the corner. If negativity happens in the present we must not deny it, but see it for what it is and deal with it. Then we must focus on the positive things we are expecting and hoping for in our lives.

When we find that members are suffering because of too much circulation of negative force, one of the greatest powers for healing is attrition. Attrition in this case is “the gradual diminution in number or strength because of natural disintegration” because no one is feeding the negative with an energy supply.

In the end negative energy will die a certain death if it is not fed. Just as we are told to “starve a cold,” we must also starve the negative when it gets out of control.

Since I have given my last post on this subject I notice that members have been complying with this and have been more careful about their posts. Notice that since we have been starving the negative that Rick is now back with us. Then in no time comes back Samu, who is bound to have tons of positive input, so I would guess that healing is on its way. This does not mean that all negativity will just suddenly disappear from our lives, but I’ll bet that overall we are going to see some improvement.

To keep our group body healthy we must apply similar methods as we do to our physical bodies. Here are some suggestions.

(1) Fresh air. Do something different every now and then, maybe something fun you have not done for a long time or better yet something entirely new.

(2) Sunshine: Focus on the inner self, the light of the soul. When light comes darkness cannot be found. Say the Song of the 144,000 on a regular basis.

(3) Good food. Read good books, think good thoughts, associate with good friends, give and receive.

(4) Drink pure water – Give and receive the highest love that you can conceive of.

To further nourish our body let us focus our attention on the positive in this way. Let us invite members of the group to tell us about good things that have happened in your lives recently. I’ll bet if you think of it that we all have a lot of blessings to count.

I have something good to start things rolling. I just saved this article about one second before my computer crashed. You may not be reading this if not for my good fortune. Now was this good luck or was it partially due to the fact that my mind was focused on the positive as I was writing this? You never know.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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