Walls and Borders, Part 9

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Walls and Borders, Part 9

Achieving Unity

It is interesting to contemplate how difficult it is for humans and groups of us to achieve unity. A group can accept the same sacred writings, the same Constitution, the same structure, the same goal and yet come to very different conclusions as to how to proceed.

For instance, many have the same Bible but there are thousands of differing religions having different interpretations of the same book.

This phenomenon repeats itself with all groups who hold dear to an authority and more modern writings of DK HPB and others are no exception.

When we disagree why can we not just go to our authoritative source materials and reach agreement? Why will two people read the same words and interpret so differently?

On each issue, is there not a point of highest truth that is available to perceive through the soul if both just look together?

Indeed there is.

What then prevents it from happening?

There are many obstacles preventing unity and that is few are willing to consistently look through the eyes of the soul. Even those who have established some soul contact allow the personality with its lower desires to creep in and make is lower will felt.

The personality interprets according to its bias, programming and personal desire, and, as these are different with each individual, you rarely will have two personalities agreeing on all issues.

On the other hand, if two people focus on the soul and put its will over the personality on all issues, agreement can be obtained and the point of workable truth will be seen together.

The problem with finding political unity is that finding agreement entails much more than just finding facts and agreeing on them. When have you ever won a political argument by quoting a true fact?

The main thing required for finding the best solution is judgment. Finding the right direction requires good judgment and as personalities we are very flawed in this quality. The pilgrim only gains good judgment when consistent soul contact is attained.

The problem with the personality is that it sees things in black and white, all good or all bad.

For instance, some see nationalism, borders and laws they do not like as all good or all bad . But what may be good in application now may be detrimental at another time. Thus, the black and white approach without judgment is always doomed to failure.

Disciples have to look at each situation and figure out what is best for the individual, the group, the country and the world. Then he must weigh the elements and make a decision as to how to proceed.

A border wall, for instance, may be beneficial now, but need to be torn down in a few years if good judgment prevails.

In one generation it may be vey beneficial to take in large numbers of immigrants, but in another, not so much.

It is the tendency of those in the personality to want a matter settled and then not to have to trouble themselves thinking about it again.

The problem is the only thing that stays the same is change and tomorrow always requires a different view and decision than today.

Law is required for a society to live in harmony. D K says this:

“In all things cosmic, perfect law and order are found.”

TCF, Page 212

Concerning law Percival, who some think is the Master P, said this:

“Law and justice do rule the world. If it were not so there would be no circulation in nature. Masses of matter could not be dissolved into units, the infinitesimals and atoms and molecules could not combine into definite structure; the earth, sun, moon and stars could not move in their courses and be continually held in their relation to each other in their bodily and spatial immensities. It is against sense and reason, and worse than madness, to fancy that law and justice might not rule the world. If it were possible that law and justice might be stopped for one minute, the result would be universal chaos and death. Universal justice rules the world by law in consonance with knowledge. With knowledge there is certainty; with knowledge there is no room for doubt.”

Democracy and Self Government by Percival

Perfect law governs the universe, but such perfection has not yet found its way into human society. The hope is that the power of the seventh ray in the Age of Aquarius will cause harmony through law on earth as it is in heaven.

If, therefore, our laws do not seem to be in harmony with spirit, instead of becoming lawless and breaking them, we need to change them so the will of the people will be satisfied.

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