The Flow


The Flow

A reader brings up the “going with the flow,” idea again. We covered this quite extensively some time ago.

It is true that there is one great life whose pure essence is beyond polarities, but if you and I were to undue the reflection of God and go back to that originating point all the world before us, as well as higher worlds, would disappear. Your individuality would disappear, you would have nowhere to go and there would be nothing to Become. Are you ready for that?

I am not and I do not know anyone who is.

The reader makes this statement:

“From experiments and experiences one would finally find out that the quickest and the most efficient way to grow spiritually is the natural way or the way of the flow of energy.”

But the question is which flow? All the energies that affect us can be divided into two streams.

First, that which takes us toward Spirit and second, that which takes us to the lower vibration of matter and illusion.

I have previously called these the two paths, the path of high resistance (Spirit) and the path of least resistance (matter).

I am not sure where this catch phrase “go with the flow” came from. It certainly is not in any inspired books I have read. I think it came from the hippies during the sixties.

The only flow that about 95% of humanity even feels is the flow toward matter and if they do not subject themselves to teachings passed down to them from various avatars of the race the average person will meet with terrible disaster in going with the flow that he taps into.

But a seeker may argue here and say: “But I have soul contact and my flow is the Spirit and I am always in tune with it and go with it with ease.

My question to you is this?

Are you greater than the Master and teacher of us all?

In the midst of dealing with the crises of the betrayal of Judas the voice of the Spirit told the Christ He had to complete his mission and go to the cross. Was following the Spirit just an easy matter of going with the flow for Him?

No. A thousand times no. He pled with the Father, “If it be within thy will please remove this cross from me and open another path, but not my will but yours will be done.”

As he was going through this the scriptures tell us that he sweated blood from his pores.

Now who in their right mind can say that just because we have a little evolution behind us that we just jump into some blissful state and go with the flow and all is easy and all is well?

This was certainly not the case with the greatest of us all.

Djwahl Khul who spoke through Alice A. Bailey as well as all other real Masters who speak on this subject speak of spiritual achievement in these terms: “I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will read this article, and I must therefore act as a transmitter of the light, no matter what the cost…” (Preface to AAB books)

This was spoken by a Master who works directly in the primary Molecule of the Christ.

If those higher than ourselves had to wrestle and fight and still have to pay a high cost to do the work what makes us think that we are greater than they?

I for one realize that I am not greater than Christ and realize that every ounce of real progress I have made has been through struggle. If you read my teachings and if you feel they are any value to you, let me tell you this. Without my going through great pain and struggle and effort you would not be reading these things. If I had chosen to go with the obvious flow even 10% of my life you would not be reading these things. All I have to give you is what I have received because of decisions that took me against the flow of all that was going on around me.

Thank God for that rush of living water you feel when you dig down deep and get the guts to go against the material flow. That stream of living rushing water then washes away all the illusion and the truth behind the stagnate pools stands revealed.


Ultimate vs. Practical Application

This flow thing presents interesting possible journeys into illusion while at the same time having the appearance of going beyond illusion.

Students agree on some basic metaphysical tenants which are as follows:

(1) There is one originating life and one composite life.

(2) Both good and evil are necessary and are two illusionary split offs of the one flow (for want of a better word).

(3) What is called good or evil in our world is basically what we define it to be individually or collectively.

(4) In the end all entities will realize their oneness with God and come (home) to it.

Where the reader and I disagree is in the application of these truths to basic reality.

Correct me if I am wrong about your beliefs but here is where I see it:

Reader: You are always going with the flow so everything you do is the right thing to do in the end. Therefore we should not judge any act as being good or bad. Even taking drugs or killing someone has no meaning in the final analysis.

JJ: By putting your attention on some ultimate end, force or reality you are taking it away from the place that the Purpose of God intended it to be. Going to jail for five years may be a great learning experience, but should we then have such a relaxed attitude about it that we allow that to happen just because we will not consider this as “bad” 100 years from now or in the ultimate reality?

Not for me. I consider (or define it) it as “bad” now and this helps me avoid such a learning experience and to progress on to a more positive learning experience that gets me from A to B much quicker.

Quote from reader:

“If you believe that to take drugs is bad and not to take drugs is good you are to be true to yourself and stop taking drugs. If you however believe that taking drugs and not taking drugs are two expressions of one and same force, or taking drugs and not taking drugs occur alternately in the one process of evolution where would you see the good and the bad as separated in the whole?”

JJ: Who sees it as separated from the whole?

In writing this way you give the impression that we should not have any concern about the results of our actions. If we want to yield to some nebulous flow and be a drug addict and kill for our stash that is fine because “taking drugs and not taking drugs are two expressions of one and same force.”

You seem to be giving the impression that it is just fine to screw up our lives and cause unlimited pain to ourselves and others. Is that really what you intend to present here? Probably not, but it appears that way.

On the other hand, my thrust is to present teachings in harmony with all basic teachings of ancient wisdom of oneness, yet making them apply to creating better lives for us in the here and now.

It is true that we all learn our lessons in the end, but if going to jail for five years is something we want to avoid, why act like the delay of our liberation by perhaps millions of years and going through untold suffering and pain is no big deal?

To us in the real world (real to us) this is a big deal so emphasis and attention must be put on the good and the bad (the dualities) as it applies collectively.

After all, all we have for happiness and joy is what we are going through in the present so the present for us is a big deal and it is not “evil” to make it so. Such is not out of harmony with the oneness of the soul, the intuition or the Purpose of God.

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