Question: I DON’T think Kim Michaels is being consciously deceptive, it looks to me like he is sincere in his belief that he is (being) overshadowed by “Jesus”. What do you think?

JJ: Yes, I think he is sincere in that he really believes he is channeling the masters. BUT to get to a point where one can be so deceived, he had to miss something along the way to where he is now. Somewhere along the path he had to yield to the false ego over the highest he knew. This is the reason that Shakespeare’s adage is so important: “To thine own self be true And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man” If he would reflect back on that which led him to this false contact he would discover a point where he was not completely true to himself. The trouble is that this is difficult to do; for when you claim contact and it seems true to yourself, there is little motive to backtrack and discover illusion.

A reader wants to know if there was anything detrimental lor damaging in Kim’s writings.

There is no such thing as a detrimental teaching for one who has soul contact. It matters not how outrageous the material which is presented – he who has the tool of verification through the soul cannot be deceived – as long as he remembers to use that tool. Sometimes one who is not totally committed to the soul can be so enticed with a teaching, usually an illusionary shortcut, that he will accept without verification. He makes the mistake of accepting verification of the lower self and conveniently ignores the higher.

If half the material is true then it can be positive stimulation for one with soul contact for it will give him food for thought. If the truth level is too low it will become a waste of time for him to read, but still will not harm him.

For one without sufficient soul contact, the danger of any teaching is that the teacher, or the manuscript itself, will replace the soul within and thus become his personal “beast” the locks the door to the soul. For such a person any error in the teaching puts additional seal on the lock and makes it more difficult to release the beast and again look in the direction of the soul.

Thus, will the true teacher teach his students how to avoid the beast and avoid making him into a beast and never discourage them from looking for truth in any corner desired.

As a spiritual teacher I cannot fear for your souls to the extent that I will think: “Wow, I am just a normal human. How can I complete with teachings that claim to come direct from the real Jesus? I must forbid the students from studying such teachings else they leave me.”

Every false teacher has this attitude to a degree, but as a teacher I encourage you to look everywhere and study all that comes before you as you are guided by your souls. If I lose your association for a time that is fine. You are off to learn some new lessons. On the other hand, neither do I ignore a teaching that comes before me, but encourage all to examine it in the light of day with the highest of reasoning and spiritual discernment of which he is capable. This is what we are now doing.

 Dan: 3) Also, I am curious as to your opinion of the source of my reaction to different parts of the site. I mentioned in my replies to Zofia & Ruth that I saw great differences in quality (vibration) in different areas of the site, sometimes even from one paragraph to the next. Was this simply my ego getting stroked when I read things that seemed to agree with things you have said (or I myself have thought) and getting “pricked” where things were contradictory and I simply interpreted this as a “difference in vibration/quality”? (go ahead let me have it, I can take it 🙂

Question: When I read his text I saw great differences in quality (vibration) in different areas of the site, sometimes even from one paragraph to the next. Why would this be?

JJ: I didn’t notice this, but I haven’t read the whole site as you may have. I have skimmed over a good portion of it and then stopped at parts that interested me.

If you could find a couple hundred words of one vibration and then a couple hundred of another and post them I would be happy to take a closer look.

I will say this. In the course of my teaching, I have received comments something like this a number of times:

“Wow, JJ, when you said such and such you must have really been in the zone. It was like a Master or Higher Power was speaking through you. BUT when you said XYZ I think you were in the lower personality. When you said this you were only an ordinary guy, or less.”

Now we know all my teachings are written by me. There are not a bunch of entities standing in line to express themselves through my computer, yet the vibration of one set of writings will seem to be of a different vibration than another.

This is due to two things:

(1) If you agree with the teaching you are more likely to see it as a higher vibration.

(2) Some teachings are truly of a higher order than others and more readily resonates with the soul.

I will pay a compliment to Kim’s writings. I think they are of a higher order, more interesting and more sincere in quality than his mentor Elizabeth Claire Prophet.

But the teachings run counter to the current plan of leading students away from the beast of authority. Almost all of them are presented by a voice of authority which, if true, would be almost sacrilegious to challenge.

The student must be free to question all things without fear of offending God, or Jesus.

Even when Christ comes again, he will not present himself as the infallible Christ so he will not create the beast of authority to those he teaches.

Reader: A lot of these new age channelers focus on leaving duality to a non-duality, but DK seems to place emphasis on synthesis. Would you comment on this?

JJ: Synthetic thinking would be different than dualistic thinking and has some reason behind it.

What is somewhat irritating are those who come to this group and flatly state that we need to escape duality to that eternal nothingness between the poles. To this I have responded about a thousand times that the immediate goal is not the elimination of duality for if there were no duality, or interplay of the two energies, there could be no creation and it would immediately be as if nothing had ever been.

I have not written much on duality as a teaching but have mostly just responded to illusionary proselytizing on the subject.

To teach mastery of balancing the dualities to and move away from a strong polarization to a synthetic thinking is indeed a positive thing. I wouldn’t call it escaping duality but a move toward synthesis.

You’ll note that in the writings of DK very little is mentioned about duality but much is written about synthesis.

In my mind it is much better to concentrate on moving toward something (synthesis – glass half full) rather than away from something (duality, fear, glass half empty).

He not busy being born is busy dying. Bob Dylan (1941 – )

Dec 1, 2005

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