Using Good Judgment

Using Good Judgment

Question: Recently you taught the “Principle of the Just Use of Force” which is:

“Authority and force is a positive thing if it is used to restrict those forces which restrict life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom cannot be imposed. It can only manifest through free will when those conditions, which prevent freedom, are restrained.”

Would you expand on this idea?

Judgment is an eternal principle and the seeker continues to use it after soul contact, even after he becomes a Master or a Logos. Every creation, even by the highest lives, is the result of a judgment followed by a decision.

The principle I gave on the use of force is a general rule that must be interpreted with judgment. It must be interpreted with good judgment to produce a consistent accurate response. A corrupt mind can take a clear explanation as I gave and make it seem what it is not.

I was asked to comment on this: “The use of force (coercion) is JUST when used to impede that which imposes on freedom of choice (freewill).”

This is an ingredient for just use of force, but the disciple must see the principle behind the words to apply it correctly. Some uses of this principle are pretty much universally agreed upon. For instance:

{1} The laws against kidnapping create a just use of force to prevent criminals from abducting an individual against his will.

[2] If our nation were attacked by an enemy with intent to enslave us most would agree to use force to stop this.

A fuzzier area would be something like:

[1] Making a law to force the smoker to not smoke in a restaurant so he cannot force you to breathe smoke.

[2] A law requiring to you use a seatbelt when you may not desire to.

Definite misuse of this principle would include:

[1] A child using violence against his parents because they take away his freedom to eat lots of sugar and force him to eat a good diet.

[2] Laying siege to the courthouse because you do not like the ideas of a political party.

Question: How far should we go to release others from their illusions?

How far we go will depend on a number of factors. Is his brother suffering from the lack of freedom and is he seeking greater freedom? Liberation must be invoked to be successful. Until that invocation comes the liberator can plant seeds of freedom that will mature later.

Correct use of force can be applied on the various planes. It is important to realize that liberation must not come from a lower plane than where the problem originated. Mind must liberate mind. Mind or emotion must liberate emotion. Mind, emotion or physical force must liberate the physical. Physical force must not be used to force the feelings or mind, though it is misused in this direction by many. In other words, society should not make laws with physical effects to prevent hurt feelings on the emotional plane or differences of opinion on the mental.

Question: Isn’t it a good thing to point out the illusions of another if he is truly deceived?

I find it to be a waste of time to point out a person’s illusions when they are not ready for the information. Instead, I give out many writings that point the way to discovering illusion for those who are ready to see them.

Unless someone is being obnoxious, I will rarely point out his faults and illusions.

The rule of thumb I use is to wait until I am asked, and even then, the person will often get angry because they will think I am absolutely wrong and am attacking them.

Question: Why judgment is even NEEDED once one has full soul contact?

Soul contact does not eliminate the need for judgment. Furthermore, soul contact is not the highest contact, but since soul contact opens the door to all other contact. I try to keep things simple by concentrating on this important step that most seekers are working on.

Now some think that judgment will cease with soul contact because all we need to do is follow the Inner Voice. No more judgment is needed.

Once any type of contact or revelation comes to us we are then left with the decision as to how to interpret what we have received and what we are going to do with it.

Furthermore, when revelation comes it often happens in a somewhat altered state and when the seeker focuses again in the physical world, he will sometimes have a partial amnesia of all that came through.

When he fully sees a principle, however, he will usually bring it down into full waking consciousness. When the realization is reached in normal consciousness, he will then retain the principle from that time on – unless he retrogresses by consciously going against his soul.

Another point to consider is there are degrees of achievement with soul contact. Just because a seeker receives something through the soul in one area does not mean he will receive it in all areas. A person may be open to true receiving in one area, but be completely closed because of bias or preconceived notions in another. Only a third degree initiate or higher can maintain consistency and seek with complete openness in all areas of endeavor.

If two people see the same principle through the soul they will see eye to eye on the wholeness of the view but when translated into data through words each will communicate a little differently and then make different judgments and decisions as to the application of the principle.

Question: Some think that Nathaniel and Bartholomew are the same person. Do you agree?

It is entirely possible. Nathanael means “gift from God,” essentially the same meaning as Matthew and Mathias. It’s possible that a secondary name was used for him to supply the meaning necessary for the needed foundation stone for the New Jerusalem.

Look at all the sentences which seem true and question them. David Reisman

Oct 25, 2006

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