Understanding Love and Wisdom

Understanding Love and Wisdom

The Question:

Is mindlessness the way to go to find or manifest Love? Why does this second aspect (related to the Christ of the Trinity) have the dual name of Love/Wisdom?

Comment: Mindlessness would negate the third ray (the light of intelligence) within the Godhead.

Comment: Love and wisdom are placed together because the one without the other is meaningless. … Love and wisdom TOGETHER will help us to have or become that which we decide.

Comment: How can we become wise and loving if we are mindless? I think the second ray of Love/Wisdom has it’s dual name because without wisdom there cannot be “real” love.

Comment: And if mindlessness were part of the equation, then why the scriptural injunction: “Be ye transformed by the RENEWAL of your mind . . .”

Comment: There is no existence to Wisdom without Love, and you can’t love anything without knowing it first.

Comment: We all know that people are not completely balanced in Love and Wisdom. Some have a heart of gold but no idea what to do with it, while others are wise in their ways but don’t embrace compassion earned through at-one-ment with their brothers. One day balance will reign 🙂

Comment: Those who have been through hardship together and weather the storms often have the strongest commitment or bond to each other and can truly feel what I call love for each other weather it is a husband and wife or a group of soldiers who have been to battle together. I suspect service plays a big part in this? Soldiers who often didn’t know each other before create a bond for life with those they went through hell with. So if we decide to commit and we consciously put our attention on the object of our love and actively serve, could this be the building blocks of love?

Great comments my friends. The last comment brings up an interesting point. That is the feeling of love expands and flourishes within us when we go through some group experience, hardship or achievement together.

He who isolates himself in a life of meditation only will never know the burning fire and devotion that two or more can share who have gone through the fire of experience.

Take the New Yorkers, for instance, in the 911 disaster. (written Dec 2001) Before Sept 11 the people of the city could care less if they ever saw Mayor Giuliani again or for that matter each other. Then after the disaster when the people of the city went through an intense shared experience things have changed. Now they love their mayor for they looked for leadership and he delivered. Many have also helped each other and the barriers that divided them are now largely taken down and the people of the city are feeling a warmth toward their fellow residents they have never felt before.

Djwhal Khul says this:

“Only those truths which are wrought out individually in the crucible of experience really penetrate into the living consciousness and bear fruit…

“Therefore, my brother, I call you to a more dynamic living than heretofore. The attainment of the outer attitude in your chosen work has been good. The inner orientation to the soul as love, is also good. Let there be no doubt in your mind upon this point. But paralleling this steady progress must come an increasing crescendo of experience, and a more vivid interim living.” Discipleship in the New Age: Vol I, Page 11

Love without experience is love without wisdom for wisdom comes by doing – by going through trying experiences.

Experience is created by Rays One and Three for Purpose (Ray One) guided by intelligent activity (Ray Three) produces the living experience of Love.

Is mindlessness the way to go to find or manifest Love?

Of course not.

The question is – why do so many preach that we must lose the mind to find love?

The answer is that such teachers do not understand the mind, “the plane of which the masters may be found.”

While it is true that over reliance on the mind can “slay the real” it is also true that the mind must be used as a guide to steer us toward the truth. If we use mind as a guide and not the ultimate authority then both love and truth will be discovered.

Why does this second aspect (related to the Christ of the Trinity) have the dual name of Love/Wisdom?

The answer is that there are two basic energies that make up this Ray. The first is the energy of feeling represented by Love and secondly thought or mind, represented by Wisdom.

Many do not realize that the Brotherhood of Light is dividend into two groups. The group mentioned most often by Djwhal Khul is the Masters of Wisdom, masters of thought. The second, less talked about but more numerous are the Lords of Compassion -highly evolved servants, most of whom have not mastered wisdom.

Since Djwhal Khul is a Master of Wisdom and teaches from the plane of the mind we hear much more about this group. On the other hand, the Lords of Compassion have also reached a high stage of evolution, but have done so following a more mystical path. These entities are pure in heart and often incarnate among humanity as loving servants (Mother Teresa), but because they have not fully evolved the mind aspect they will eventually leave earth and attend additional schools in the Sirius system. There they will develop the manasic, or mind principle to perfection.

The next aspect is the Third Ray of Active Intelligence. Why do you suppose this aspect which is associated with the Holy Spirit is called Active Intelligence and what does this phrase mean?

What do you suppose the three sub aspects of this Ray are?

Copyright by J J Dewey

Dec 16, 2001

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