Understanding Karma

Understanding Karma

Let me say a few words about karma and cause and effect as it relates to the 9/11 disaster.

One of the reasons many of the unthinking are condemning America with such black and white thinking is a simplistic look at karma.

Some reason that because we suffered such a devastating loss then this means we deserve it because we have previously given out what we have received. (They do not take into account that our many blessing may come from doing something right.)   This negative belief causes many to examine the United States through a jaundiced eye only looking for the bad and overlooking the good. This clouded vision creates a distorted vision of evil where there may be little or no evil.

What is the matter with this simplistic view of karma?

To understand one must realize that a country is an entity just as we as human beings are entities and the cause and effect of a country cannot be entirely judged by its current life just as an individual cannot be.

I know there are a number of very high quality people on this list who have more than their share of pain and suffering and some are beside themselves attempting to figure out what they did to deserve their present fate. In many cases, there is nothing they did in this current life, but the cause originates instead in a past life.

India, as a peace loving nation, probably asked this question when they were invaded by the Moslems around the turn of the first millennium, and watched in horror as their national treasures were looted or destroyed and hundreds of thousand of their people were slaughtered, tortured and sold into slavery. India to this day has not achieved the standard of living as they had before this atrocity.

No matter how closely you examine the history of India, one cannot find a source of evil actions by them that deserved such annihilation.

There are two reasons for this.

The first, as I said, is that countries themselves are entities and reincarnate. India has lived before in another form, much more violent than she is in this age. And so it is with the United States. Her last incarnation (according to DK) was as ancient Atlantis. Many of the effects suffered or enjoyed by current America is traced back to causes initiated many thousands of years ago in that ancient land.

A second source of causes not initiated by the current United States (or any other country) come from greater lives of which it forms a part.

An individual, for example, could decide to commit suicide and the millions of innocent cells in his body (who are performing as they should) will die with him.

Even so the greater lives of which we are a part (the planetary and solar logos) can initiate causes which effect us over which we as individuals have little control.

Humanity as a whole is also an entity and it has a choice for life and death that brings effects down to us as individuals over which we have little control.

If humanity allows itself to be destroyed by nuclear weapons, or some other doomsday device, then the good and the bad will suffer together, just as the good and the bad enjoy the rays of the morning sun each new day. Many causes and effects are collective.

Djwhal Khul tells us of a third source of distress for which an individual may not be responsible and this is attacks by the Dark Brotherhood. He tells us that a disciple who has paid off his karma may be a target of these dark ones and, until he learns to neutralize the attack, can experience much suffering.

This principle also applies to nations. The nations of the world who are the greatest representatives of the principle of freedom will be a prime source of attack by them.

In all this, the point to remember is that if the whole is looked at, cause and effect works out with exactness, but if we only look at one or two pieces of the puzzle it may often seem that karma is not fair.

Sept 24, 2001

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