Two Sides of the Fence

Mar 21, 1999

Two Sides of the Fence

Several outside the US have asked for more information on Jack Kavorkian and Rush Limbaugh so they can participate to a greater degree here.

I picked these two initiates on purpose because to accept them both as initiates ultimately working for the same cause takes a leap in open mindedness if one is polarized on either the right or the left.

Kavorkian is generally hated by conservatives and Limbaugh generally disgusts liberals so if you find yourself being intolerant of either of these two seemingly opposing men it may be a clue that you have swung too far on either the conservative or liberal side of this fence we keep talking about. I have a friend of mine who makes it a hobby to ask people if they believe themselves to be open minded. You know what they say? Every single person he has ever asked, from born again religious Bible thumper to the New Ager, says yes. It is interesting that at least 99% of the people out there believe they are open minded, but in truth probably about 1% really are. Why can’t people see their own biases and roadblocks to seeing?

The basic answer to this question is the self deception caused by maya, glamour and illusion that we talked about earlier.

Kavorkian is fairly simple to cover because he has one basic objective in this life. He is willing to do whatever is necessary, including the sacrifice of his own life, to change the laws so they will allow doctor assisted suicide where there is a terminal illness and great suffering.

There are times when it is right to terminate great suffering and there are times that, because of karma, we should endure it but it is important that the decision be left up to the person who owns the life. It is important that we have as much freedom of choice in life as possible, even to harm ourselves if we want (with the exception of the mentally ill).

In many ways Rush is even more controversial for he covers a wide variety of issues that steps on a lot of toes. In areas where his religious foundations are not a big influence he makes a lot of sense and I have never heard anyone get the best of him in an argument. If you do a web search on Rush Limbaugh you will get a lot of sites and most of them are very anti-Rush and many have distorted information.

I find the best thing to do is to read or hear a person’s actual words to find out what they really believe.

He is far from being 100% correct in all his philosophy but he is an initiate in two major areas that will have an effect on the whole planet for over a thousand years.

He loosely corresponds to John the Baptist from the time of Jesus. This John (who was a different John than the one in the Immortal) was an ultra conservative of his day and just as Rush strongly criticizes Clinton for his extramarital affairs so too did John criticize Herod for his affairs. Unfortunately, Herod had unchecked authority and had John put in prison and eventually had his head cut off and served to his lover on a silver platter.

Rush has been a thorn in the side of Clinton since he took office and I wouldn’t be surprised if Clinton does not dream of having his head if he could.

It is also interesting that John the Baptist who prepared the way for Jesus was criticized for being too conservative and Jesus was criticized for being too liberal, but they both were initiates working for the same end.

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