March 21, 1999


That was a very interesting story you presented Diane, but both the professor and the student has illusion in their reasoning.

Some of the illusion that the professor had was pointed out, but the student was not correct in saying that darkness is an absence of light or that cold is an absence of heat. Both sides of the duality are illusion and only the invisible point of Purpose is real.

It is generally realized that there exists an absolute zero of -459 degrees F where the atoms and molecules cease to vibrate. What is generally not realized is that you have an absolute in the other direction also. Heat is caused by the vibrating motion of the atomic units and their top speed is around 186,000 miles per second, or the speed of light. Thus absolute cold is the vibrational speed of zero and absolute heat is vibration at the speed of light.

Thus if we have absolute heat as the beginning point we could say that cold is the absence of heat or that dark is the absence of saturated light.

The guitar string principle helps us to see this more clearly. Suppose you have a guitar with only one string on it and then you pluck it. When you watch it vibrate how many strings do you see? You see three strings. But in reality are there three strings?

No. There is only one string in vibration causing the appearance of three strings. The lower illusionary string corresponds to cold and is not the absence of the top illusionary string (heat), but is merely the illusion of the opposite polarity.

In the true reality there is no top and bottom string but only the reality in the middle. Even so, in the true reality, there is neither male nor female, light and dark, hot and cold, but only the foundation God who reflected himself to infinity and caused these reflections to vibrate to create the appearance of real physical worlds of form.

Now the trick is to unweave the illusion in which we find ourselves. We cannot do it by pretending the dualities do not exist because in this world of form they are real to our consciousness. We must discern the illusion correctly before we can control it and eventually dispel it.

For many, the true teaching of ultimate oneness is a big handicap because they overlook the learning steps in duality—one of the prime reasons for our descent into this world.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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