Truth, Mind and Intuition

Truth, Mind and Intuition

A Reader Writes: writes: Actually – the Masters are now found on the buddhic plane and NOT the manasic plane. There has been a shift to the buddhic plane, as evidence in the following quotes, “On the second subplane of the mental plane you have the groups belonging to the Masters, if so I may express it. These groups are animated and vitalized from the atomic subplane where the Masters (when manifesting for the helping of the sons of men) have Their habitat,” Letters on Occult Meditation, Page 266

 [Since 1920, great changes have occurred. Now (1949) “there has been a shift to the Buddhic Plane. (A. A. B.)]”

JJ: This is a good point but note another quote you gave: “On the buddhic plane, where the Masters and their disciples form the forty-nine centres in the bodies of the seven Heavenly Men.”

This comes from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 166, which was published in 1925 about nine years before his statement that the plane of the mind is “the plane whereon the Masters can be found.”

The Masters have been working on the Buddhic plane for many centuries. His point in the introduction is that the disciple must ascend to the plane of the mind to “find” the masters. My quoting this was not intended to infer that the masters are polarized there, but because they use mind they can be found by higher mind. The higher mind is the most accessible plane for all lives in the Solar System.

What has changed in the last century is that more disciples have contacted the buddhic plane so the Masters are placing more focus there in working with disciples.

Another reader says: I do not see that anyone is negating the value of the mental, but may be indicating that there is a preponderance of it in the Keysters group where it is a very dominant factor, perhaps even utilized inordinately at the expense of the higher faculty of intuition and simple love.

JJ: There’s plenty of love to go around here if you look for it, but if you are looking for arguments then the love will gravitate to where it is accepted.

I’ve met a lot of the people in the group and find it insulting when people come on board insinuating they lack love. Believe me, they do not.

Logic, reasoning and common sense never diminish love.

We talk more of principles here than many places which are an intuitional factor in polarization. I know of no other group which has placed so much emphasis on this, which lies above the plane of the mind, but always can be expressed in a way that makes sense.

Reader: The intuition must be used however, if the disciple wishes to penetrate into the essence of any scripture or spiritual teaching. The mental faculty cannot apprehend reality, it can only know about things.

JJ: We agree here. I’ve taught this dozens of times in the archives.

Reader: It is obvious that DK’s work was in large part an attempt to exercise and mature the mental faculty in humankind generally, but not once did he assert that the mind should be overvalued or placed before the heart and love.

JJ: He did correctly emphasize that mind was above the emotional level.

Here are his own words: “In the process of unfoldment, heart development precedes head development. The emotional nature and the senses unfold prior to the mind, as can be seen if we study humanity as a whole. The heart centre opens before the head centre. Love must ever be developed before power can be safely used. Therefore, the light of love must be functioning before the light of life can be consciously employed.

“As the lotus centre of the heart opens and reveals the love of God, through meditation a synchronous unfoldment takes place within the head. The twelve petalled lotus in the head (which is the higher correspondence of the heart centre, and the intermediary between the twelve petalled egoic lotus on its own plane and the head centre) awakens. The pineal gland is gradually brought from a state of atrophy to full functioning activity and the centre of consciousness is transferred out of the emotional nature into the illuminated mind consciousness.” The Light of the Soul Pg 293

There is some synchronous development of the various centers, but overall the feeling nature in the solar plexus and heart precede the unfoldment of the true mind (not brain).

It’s not the case of placing one center before the other but in the correct use of all of them. It’s a little like driving a car. One may say the motor is the most important part, but if the driver has no gas then nothing works.

As we develop the emotions and mind and proceed to the intuition, we do not leave them behind, but use them with wisdom.

That’s what a Master of Wisdom does. He uses all his centers with wisdom and mastery.

Reader: The mind or mental body is incapable of knowing love, and to my mind [:)] it is therefore unwise to give it priority in our lives, even dangerous, if we wish to go the path that leads back to God, Who is Love.

JJ: It is only dangerous if the head centers are forced open before the heart develops.

As a general rule DK’s words hold true: “The emotional nature and the senses unfold prior to the mind, as can be seen if we study humanity as a whole. The heart centre opens before the head centre.”

The principle is this:

The higher understands the lower, but the lower does not understand the higher.

Therefore, the mind understands the heart and lower emotion, but the emotional nature does not comprehend mind.

This is the reason that when emotional people come on this group, which uses mind, that they seem to have no idea of what we are teaching or attempting to accomplish.

Reader: “Unaided by the Holy Breath, the work of intellection tends to solve the problems of the things we see, and nothing more. The senses were ordained to bring into the mind mere pictures of the things that pass away; they do not deal with real things; they do not comprehend eternal law. But man has something in his soul, a something that will tear the veil apart that he may see the world of real things. We call this something spirit-consciousness; it sleeps in every soul, and cannot be awakened till the Holy Breath becomes a welcome guest. Tis Holy Breath knocks at the door of every soul, but cannot enter in until the will of man throws wide the door. There is no power in intellect to turn the key; philosophy and science both have toiled to get a glimpse behind the veil; but they have failed. The secret spring that throws ajar the door of soul is touched by nothing else than purity in life, by prayer and holy thought.” Jesus, Aquarian Gospel.

JJ: Great quote and one I endorse. One must place attention beyond the mind to “comprehend eternal law” which we call principles here and have dealt with extensively.

Notice something though. “Holy thought” “throws ajar the door of soul.”

Mind is indeed a stepping stone.

Reader: Is it possible for the mind of man to accurately define God’s truth or even come close to compart-mental-izing it?

JJ: Yes. I have done it many times.

Reader: Even the most illumined minds have not been able to do this. They can at best only indicate in which direction the truth may be found.

JJ: A lot of them have done this. Anyone who adds 2+2 to equal four has accomplished this.

If a thing is true it is God’s truth.

Reader: Since the mental body is one of the soul’s surface vehicles of expression, how can it ever perfectly define what resides beyond it?

JJ: The intuitional vehicle passes the light down to the mind and the mind can encapsulate it into words that can be understood in some degree by all and acutely understood by another who is polarized in the intuitional vehicle or higher.

Reader: The most enlightened teacher cannot tell us what an apple is.

JJ: Then you need a new teacher. My first grade teacher taught me about apples.

Reader: He will instead say, “Go and taste the apple for yourself and then you will know”. Therefore the very best teacher can only instruct the student on how to reach and take the apple. In order to do that, he points towards the tree.

JJ: You’re making things way too complicated here. Next you will be telling us we need to know all about the atoms in the apple to know it.

I know what a rat is, but I’ve never tasted one and have no desire to.

Reader: I have found that to define truth with the mind and so to think about truth is to kill it.

JJ: Funny. I have found that it gives life to the truth.

Reader: This is a scientifically provable fact because after an experience of deep inner revelation, one thought and the revelatory light is lost.

JJ: Sounds like you are talking about inspiration here which is a different subject.

Reader quoting me: “We know where you think truth is but not sure about what you think it is once you find it.”

Reader: How can the mind ever know that?

JJ: You are overlooking the fact that there are levels of mind. The lowest is the physical brain which calculates. The next step up is the mind which understands reason which is above the emotional. After that we reach the Atmic plane of higher mind which has divine understanding.

I do not have time to explain it all, but my mind knows lots of truth and things that are true. If a thing is demonstrated, this is pretty strong evidence that it is true.

Reader: This is why enlightened teachers have urged us to let go all the mind’s understanding, empty the mind and heart so that the truth can then enter and illumine.

JJ: Another reader just reiterated my teaching in harmony with this. To obtain inspiration one must place attention above the heart and mind, but then when the inspiration is received the receiving part of yourself will share it with the other parts of yourself. This is what love does.

Reader: It is a scientifically provable fact that as long as a seeker holds onto to any idea in his mind of what the truth will look or feel like, he can never arrive at truth, or better still – truth can never arrive in him.

JJ: I don’t know that it’s been scientifically proven, but if one does hold on to his ideas at the expense of new ones he will not move on to new truth. Perhaps you can experiment with this principle and let go of some of your ideas of the mind and read some of mine without detachment. Perhaps some new light would come.

Reader: “The Tao that can be named is no longer the Tao.” Lao Tzu.

JJ: The Jews called God Jehovah. Does this mean they killed God?

Reader: Or put another way, truth is formless. Formlessness described (circumscribed) is no longer formless. It is reduced, diminished and imprisoned in a form. It therefore dies.

JJ: Truth, as defined in the  dictionary, only exists in form. Any word, including truth needs form to express itself. When any truth is named about Tao, then that truth has form and vibration. The Word (vibration-form) is God.

If you do not believe it then give me a truth that needs no form to express itself.

Reader: Something the mind of man is very adept at doing is imprisoning the formless in an attempt to shape God’s truth (which is formless and nameless) into its own image. Yet God’s truth is not bendable, moveable or shapeable.

JJ: If you could give us one of God’s truths perhaps you could make your point.

Reader: So to try to define God’s truth (shape truth) with man-made ideas and thoughts is actually a thoroughly futile plight that leads round and round in closed circles. It is God’s divine providence that reveals truth to man. Man cannot reveal God’s truth, no matter what language, ideas, concepts or thinking is used because truth is beyond language, ideas, concepts and thinking.

JJ: I’ll reveal one right here in English. 2+2=4

Reader: Love, not the mind, reveals truth, and then perhaps the mind can serve to convey just a hint at what love has revealed.

JJ: The intuition vehicle which is above mind and heart reveals truth, but once it is understood then heart and mind can communicate it to other hearts and minds.

Truth, as we have discussed for years in this group, is such a simple concept that Webster and small children can understand it. I do not know why so many come and go here making Herculean mental and emotional attempts to make it more complicated than it is.

“People see God every day; they just don’t recognize Him.” Pearl Bailey (1918 – 1990)

Aug 9, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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