The Source of Intuition

The Source of Intuition

Previous reader quoting me:

I do not know how many times I must ask this question, but let me try again. Would you share with us your definition of truth so we can get a better idea of what you are attempting to communicate? While you are at it give us two examples of truth.

Reader Response:

This is the definition that was offered in my previous email –

“Truth (with a capital T) exists on higher levels of consciousness, which we can access through our feelings and intuitions.”

JJ: I had no idea that this was your definition of truth because it is not a definition.

It is as if I asked you to define an apple and you told me that “Apples grow on trees.”

Giving us a vague idea of where an apple may be found is not telling us what an apple is. Using such a vague definition I could go and find a cherry tree and if I did not know better, I would think that cherries were apples.

It appears that you do not know what you think truth is.

Perhaps you could try again.

We know where you think truth is but not sure about what you think it is once you find it.

Reader: One example of Truth was previously given. The initial word given to describe it was as follows: Truth does not exist within duality, but above it so that it is inclusive of all that is below.

JJ: Again you are giving us the where and not the what. What truth have you discovered beyond duality?

Reader: Another: when we are One and use “I” we will not be referring to our selfs but to Christ.

JJ: We are far from being one for not even you and I are one, so you are presenting a theory here that cannot be proven to be true. In addition, even if what you say is true it is a truth in duality.


The Christ is the second aspect of the Trinity of Father, Son *(Christ) and Holy Spirit.

The idea of Christ can only exist in duality just as the number three can only exist there.

Reader: How about: there is a separation of male/female energies causing a disharmony that extends beyond earth. Our uniting of these energies is about to occur bringing harmony back into creation.

JJ: Again you have to talk of duality to advance something you consider to be true.

The truth of science supports the idea that creation is caused by a slight imbalance of male female energies and I have written of this. There is no evidence that these energies will be united in the near future. In the human kingdom we are seeking to bring them into closer balance, but it will be a long process. If the male/female energies were to be in perfect balance in the universe then all creation would disappear. That will not happen for many billions of years.

Reader: And: before there can be seeding and new growth, the old must die completely.

JJ: This seems to fit the standard definition of truth, but you are stating a truth that only exists in duality. You say that truth exists outside of duality and I would be interested in hearing of such a truth.

Reader: Here, as in all of DK’s writings I have read, he speaks of the intuition being the driving force behind an illumined mind.

JJ: This is true, but he tells us a number of times (and I know also from my own experience) that polarization must be shifted from the emotions to the mind before the intuition is brought into play.

Reader: Intuition comes forth from the heart. Without an awakened heart, we can get stuck in our minds. Then we become vulnerable to unholy influences through thought forms and aeons.

JJ: Intuition comes from the head center more particularly the third eye as noted by H. P. Blavatsky:

“Dangma means a purified soul, one who has become a Jivanmukta, the highest adept, or rather a Mahatma so-called. His “opened eye” is the inner spiritual eye of the seer, and the faculty which manifests through it is not clairvoyance as ordinarily understood, i.e., the power of seeing at a distance, but rather the faculty of spiritual intuition, through which direct and certain knowledge is obtainable. THIS FACULTY IS INTIMATELY CONNECTED WITH THE “THIRD EYE,” which mythological tradition ascribes to certain races of men.”

From the Secret Doctrine

In addition, DK tells us that several centers work together to bring the full power of intuition into play:

“The intuition with its unerring judgment, and psychometry of the higher kind with its power to reveal the past and the future, are the prerogatives of the divine soul. These higher powers come into play when the head and heart centres, as well as the throat centre, are brought into activity as the result of meditation and service. Let the student, however, remember two things:

“That the greater can always include the lesser, but the purely animal psychic does not include the higher.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Pg. 9

Conclusion: Before the intuition can come into play, the head, heart and throat centers must be developed, but from the third eye of the mind comes the power to see that which the intuition reveals.

Reader: I did read the archives, JJ, and do not want to spend too much time on this, but there seems to be an illogic to your reasoning. Teleioo (Greek for perfection)in all its forms is used differently in different sentences. Sometimes as a verb, sometimes an adverb or adjective. I am no grammar expert so please bear with me.

JJ: It’s used pretty consistently to mean the finishing of a work. To do a thing without flaw, the Greek AKRIBELA is used. This is the perfection of which you are thinking and it was never applied to Jesus or God.

Reader: But then when Jesus says be ye teleios, there is only the noun mentioned – ye, there is no *something*. This then is a general description referring to a state of being, not just in regards to a particular *something*.

JJ: I see no evidence the scripture is referring to a state of being, even though this could be part of the interpretation.

The point I was making is that perfection as in flawless is not the meaning of TELEIOS or TELEIOO, but is the meaning of AKRBELA which was applied to the Pharisees’ ideas and not God or Jesus.

Reader: But please note that Jesus is not saying that we are to make ourselves teleios, but that we are to be teleios. Can you see the difference? Only Christ can make us teleios (John 17:23). We simply surrender to His work within us, which is the working of Grace.

JJ: TELEIOS in Matt 5:48 is future first person. Obviously, Jesus is talking of a perfection (of a job) that will be completed in the future and not something that will happen now by turning our souls over to Jesus (or one we think represents him).

Here you are letting all the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom go by the wayside and are reverting back to “believe in Jesus and be perfect or saved.”

Finishing the job (Biblical perfection) requires more than turning your free will over to someone else. It requires working at finishing the job.

When the job is finished (perfected) we will be one in the mind and heart of God.

Reader: When we are in our mind, without the heart as our polestar, we can get stuck.

JJ: Why are you preaching this to us? I think everyone here believes we need heart as well as mind.

Reader: Those who are stuck may hold to illogical ideas or opinions because they are unable to find a way around them. But once the heart has been awakened, True Intuition will develop guiding us through the lower mind into the realm of the Divine.

JJ: The heart, the throat and the head all must be developed and used.

Reader: And it can be very quickly. It is here that we taste of Perfection, suddenly finding that the words of Jesus are clear, without need to add to them or to debate their meaning. His teachings then become a testament, a witness, not only to the Path that He has walked, but also to the one that we are on.

JJ: When translated correctly according to the original intent from the Greek available, the scriptures make much more sense than those translations that incorporate the dogma of the translator’s religious mindset.

It is interesting to watch you use your mind to convince us that we are not supposed to use our minds.

“There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking.” Alfred Korzybski (1879 – 1950)

Aug 8, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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