Trump Mussolini

March 2, 2016

Trump Mussolini

Keith writes:

I briefly looked at handwriting samples of both. They appear similar. J.J. should take a look.

They exhibit the same body language when speaking before a crowd. Trumps is more understated, but still very similar. The frown Trump displays when speaking is very similar to Benito’s. Trump likes to turn and walk away from the podium or just takes a few steps backwards. Benito did the same, but a lot more demonstrative, but nonetheless similar. Hand and arm movements are also similar.


I came a cross this comparison a few days ago and have been looking into it. I even ordered a biography on Mussolini

I do not see enough similarities in speaking style to supply much evidence. I notice that Mussolini puts either one or two hands on his hips when speaking and have not seen Trump do that.

Here is a video of Mussolini giving a speech to a crowd

And here is one of Trump

Here is a video giving a brief biography of Mussolini.


And here is a picture of Mussolini, but quite a bit younger than Trump. Notice that he lost his hair at a young age.


Mussolini died April 28, 1945 and Trump was born June 14, 1946.

That would only leave a little over a year for the entity to prepare for a new life. When an entity makes as many mistakes as Mussolini did the soul usually has the person spend some time in the spirit world studying them and absorbing lessons in preparation for a new life in an attempt to right some wrongs.

I took a look at the handwriting of both men and there are some similarities in the signatures, but quite a bit of difference in the regular writing.

I’ll post a more in depth look shortly.

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