Treating Health Issues

Jan 2, 2016

Treating Health Issues

Thanks or your inspiring post, Tyler. I’m glad you are resisting getting on pharmaceutical drugs as most of them do ore harm than good. Once the person is on them he often becomes very dependent and has great difficulty getting off of them. He often has withdrawal symptoms.

Like anything you can’t approach this with a black and white attitude for thee are a handful of drugs that may be beneficial in some circumstances.

One must always run this by his own soul. My wife and I have found in our own experience that going the natural route works best for us. If any are hooked on pharmaceutical drugs and want to get off I would suggest seeking help from a natural healer in your area who will work with you.

I would also suggest that all read as many books as possible that touch on alternative treatment of your health issues.

Tyler asks:

Most of the research I’ve done says that autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s starts in the gut but manifest elsewhere. Metaphysically, would I have issues in both places, just the gut, or just the thyroid?


It is most likely that both your solar plexus and throat centers are somewhat congested. If you are sensitive you will be able to tell which center needs the most attention Place you hands first in the back of the solar plexus near the spine and hold them there a few minutes and try and pick up the problem. Then do the same thing with your hands on the back of the throat.

If it fees like any center is in need of energy then muster up all the love energy you can and send it to the needed area. Love by itself is a great healing force. You can have your wife assist by also sending love to the needed area.


What about genetic diseases like my hemochromatosis? What do those mean metaphysically? Anything? Was this something I just signed up for before this life?

Since the main symptom of hemochromatosis is too much iron in the blood we are probably looking at some type of imbalance here, probably something carried over from a previous life. You said that you thought you chose this condition and it is quite possible you did so you could find ways to achieve greater balance as an evolving soul.

Many people have overcome diseases that are supposed to be genetic in nature.

My wife read a book recently, called The Good Gut which really impressed her. I would suggest you get a copy and read it.

If you haven’t read it yet I would also read this book on Hemochromatosis called: The Iron Disorders Institute Guide to Hemochromatosis.

Here is a part of the introduction to The Good Gut which will give you an idea of the flavor of the book.


We all know that much of our health is predetermined by our genes. We also know that we can generally improve our health if we eat right, exercise, and manage our stress. But how to do those things is a matter of great debate. Many well-meaning health programs are focused solely on weight loss or heart health, but what if there was another key to our overall health, a second, malleable genome that could influence our weight, our mood, and our long-term well-being? What if we could influence this genome by very specific (and often surprising) lifestyle choices? Well, this second genome exists. It belongs to the bacteria that inhabit our gut and is vital in countless ways to our overall well-being. The details of how this microbial community, known as the microbiota, is hardwired into health and disease are starting to come to light and they are reshaping what it means to be human.

As scientists try to unravel the causes behind the prevalence of predominantly Western afflictions such as cancer, diabetes, allergies, asthma, autism, and inflammatory bowel diseases, it is becoming clear that the microbiota plays an important role in the development of each of these conditions and in many other aspects of our health. Our bacterial inhabitants touch all aspects of our biology in some way, directly or indirectly.

The inhabitants of our gut have evolved inside us over millennia, but today they face new challenges. The modern world has changed the way we eat (highly processed, calorie-dense, industrially produced foods) and how we live (homes sanitized with antibacterial cleaners and the overuse of antibiotics), and these changes threaten the health of our intestinal microbiota.

Our digestive system is much more than a collection of cells that surround our last few meals-it also contains a dense consortium of bacteria and other microbes. Although all body surfaces, orifices, and cavities are teeming with microbes, the vast majority are located within our large intestine. Among their many attributes, these bacteria chemically snip and consume indigestible dietary fiber and convert it into compounds that our colon absorbs. Some of these compounds are vital to our health and are our last chance at salvaging nutrients from hard-to-digest dietary fiber. Nurturing our gut bacteria so that they produce the compounds that our bodies need is one of the most important choices we can make for our health.

More than we ever suspected, our gut microbiota sets the dial on our immune system. Our immune system is central to all aspects of our health. When it works well, we fight off infections efficiently and extinguish malignancies at their earliest appearance. When the immune system operates suboptimally, numerous ailments can result. If the gut bacteria are healthy, it’s likely that the immune system is running well. If the gut bacteria are not healthy, we are at increased risk of developing autoimmune disease and cancer. Microbiota-produced chemicals can impact the level of inflammation – our immune system’s response to injury or perceived threats that manifests as swelling, redness, and irritation – in our gut and throughout our body.

Inflammation can have a cascading effect on all manner of health issues.

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