Health Influences

Jan 3, 2016

Health Influences

I mentioned that I would give the group some health related writers and teachers that I think have merit.

I have already mentioned Andreas Moritz. He has perhaps the most complete book (with overall good advice) on the web that can be downloaded free of charge.

Then I mentioned Dr. Mercola. His overall approach is a very common sense one. When he makes a suggestion he always give a reason for it and backs it up with available data. Even though I have studied different approaches to health for over 40 years he still surprises me by coming up with something new – that I hadn’t learned yet. If you have an interest in alternative health I would recommend you subscribe to his email newsletter.

My interest in alternative health was first stimulated way back in my freshman year of college. In the library I happened to stumble across a fairly general book giving the benefits of eliminating processed foods, particularly those made with white flour and sugar. I immediately cut way back on those two things and felt quite a difference in my well being. From that point on I have kept an eye out for beneficial health teachings.

Probably the next guy who had an effect on me was the writer, Aldous Huxley. Around my junior year I was having problems with my vision and when I had my eyes checked the doctor told me I had two problems One was a stigmatism, which was pretty common, but the other was more serious. Each eye saw at a different level. When I looked at a straight line one eye saw it a couple inches higher than the other. The doctor prescribed glasses and told me that I would have to keep getting stronger ones as I aged.

Fortunately, I hated the way I looked in glasses and told myself there must be something I can do, so I went to the library and stumbled across Huxley’s book. He told his story about how he was at one time legally blind and developed exercises that improved his vision to near 20/20.

I followed his advice and within a week the stigmatism was gone. The other problem was more difficult and took a longer time but my eyes eventually returned to normal. I wound up only wearing my glasses for a week or two.

The next guy who had an influence on me was a Vermont Doctor named D.C. Jarvis, who wrote the book simply called Folk Medicine. He talked about the virtues of using apple cider vinegar and raw honey as a cure for arthritis and a number of other things. From that time onward I have always had some of both in my cupboard.

The next guy to have an impact was Professor Arnold Ehret who wrote the book The Mucusless Diet Healing System. He taught about the advantage of raw uncooked foods as well as fasting.

Unfortunately, he died in a car crash in his fifties so we never found out how long he would have lived.

Another teacher of natural foods and fasting was Paul Bragg and He died from complications of a surfing accident at age 81. His daughter continued his legacy and today you can buy Braggs apple cider vinegar and amino acids in most health food stores.

Probably the next guy to have a major impact on me was Joel Wallach. He tells us that our soil is very depleted from trace minerals and even most organic foods are lacking. He believes it is necessary to supplement with a usable form of colloidal minerals.

He is currently 75 years of age, never been to a doctor, and believes he will live to the ripe old age of 200.

Numerous others have had an influence. A number talk about the benefits of various types of water I have previously written about the water I have settled on using.

Good health is like liberty. It is an eternal struggle to maintain it, but indeed is worth the effort.

Copyright 2016 By J J Dewey

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