Transcending Doubt

Transcending Doubt

A reader expressed doubts as to her worthiness and ability to share the light.

From the responses received, it is obvious that you are not alone. Everyone has self doubts at one time or another, but do you know when the struggle is the greatest?

It is at the point of tension that we talked about earlier. The point of tension is that point of stress we all reach just before we obtain power to accomplish our objective.

We’ve been writing about the humanity of Christ and in this reference let me tell you that even he, the greatest among us, had to gather his courage to face his mission.

The point of tension came for Jesus at his baptism when the Spirit of God, or the higher entity who was Christ descended in him and dwelt with him. This presence brought him a realization of his mission greater than anything he had beforehand.

Jesus, a human like you and me was thus faced with bearing the presence of one much greater than himself and going forth and fulfilling the prophesies of the Messiah.

What did he do? Did he immediately go and teach the people?

No. Because of the expanded vision he had of what was ahead he doubted himself and thought many thoughts that you may have had in a similar circumstance such as.

Am I imagining that I am to fill this mission?

Am I worthy of it?

Surely there’s someone better suited for this than me.

Perhaps I will be totally rejected and I will fail.

As he contemplated that high and holy presence that was with him he felt totally unprepared to begin and went into the wilderness and fasted for forty days seeking for guidance and strength.

At the end of the fast he was “tempted” by an adversary. Now what does it mean to be tempted? It means distracting thoughts are placed before you that you are considering. Jesus struggled with these tempting thoughts that would destroy his mission, but he held steady and did not yield.

Even so with us. We must choose the highest that we know and follow it and when the disciple follows this high path he will wonder if he really knew after all. The key is to continue in faith and if you have erred, corrections will be revealed until the greater light will come and the servant will proceed with pure knowledge until his next test.

One thing that helps is the support of friends and I hope all of you feel that you have friends here. There is much we can do to support each other.

Don’t forget to say the Song of the 144,000 and when you say it see in your minds eye all the others who are saying it and feel the energy circulate among the group going to where it is needed the most.

Also keep this in mind. There are tests for the disciple where he can draw support from friends and associates and then there are others that he must endure entirely alone. These are most difficult, but “he who endures to the end will be delivered” through the power of the soul into greater realms of consciousness.

A reader brought up the power of attention related to decision, consciousness and hypnosis.

It is interesting that everything that we experience is a result of decisions made and the amount of attention focused on those decisions.

Not only is hypnosis the result of where attention is placed, but the non hypnotic awake state is also.

The person who is hypnotized goes under because he takes his attention away from his mind and thinking consciousness and focuses his attention on the words of the hypnotist and the feelings generated therefrom.

Hypnotism then is not so much a result of attention, but a result of where attention is and is not focused. But just like any other result, desired attention must be focused to reach the end result.

Much more desirable than hypnosis is the state of “heightened attention”. In this state you keep attention on all your vehicles, the body, feelings, mind and spirit so they all cooperate together to be sensitive to response.

Hypnosis can produce some quick short term results, but full conscious attention is much better at producing long term benefits

A reader wants me to comment on why we are here.

This is a question we could spend much time on, perhaps, the question of the ages. We have already covered this in some detail, but I will add a few words.

First, we are not just here to return to God. If our purpose is just to return then why was it ever in the plan that we leave?

Some will answer that it was necessary to know the pain of earth life to appreciate the bliss of the presence of God.

There is a little truth to this statement but it is far from the whole answer. Just apply this idea to real life and one can see that something is missing.

How much pain do you have to go through before you realize that you desire or appreciate pleasure instead?

The answer is not much.

Pleasure, happiness and even joy are benefits all of us achieve sooner or later, but the whole purpose in life is more than this.

What more do you suppose that is?

May 1, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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