Toward Group Cohesion

Toward Group Cohesion

Keith gave an excellent quote worthy of the archives:

“Christianity is the active side of the triad, Islam the passive, Buddhism the reconciling. Christianity seeks God, Islam surrenders to God, Buddhism finds God. When you see these as three separate systems, you miss the great teaching of which each contains but a part. Seek the kingdom as a Christian, give yourself to God as a Muslim, find your new companion in the dynamic silence of Buddhist meditation.”

Interesting correspondence to the Triad Principle. When this occurs there is usually something worth looking into.

Concerning a book under discussion Melva made an interesting point.

“Reading this chapter did not create the feelings of my atoms vibrating at a faster rate….like I feel when I read DK. I like it for its dream quality and I…the mystic dreamer…was dreaming right along with the author.”

Remember that Djwhal Khul teaches that seekers are divided into two groups: The mystic and the occultist.

The mystic has his focus on the heart energy and likes the dream, the poet and the feel of things. The occultist is mental, likes reasoning and common sense.

The author is indeed a mystic, writes with great feeling and there’s poetry and some illogical inspiration in her style.

Some in this group lean toward the occult path and others the mystical.

Even though I am on the occult path there is still a lot of the mystic in me and though I am turned off by many illusionary writings, I can really enjoy something written with passion and poetry. If there is a lot of error in such writings I tend to find inspiration between the lines.

I read some off beat things for one centered in the mind. For instance, I have read the tabloids all my life. The more outrageous the more I like to read them. I find it gives my serious side a Sabbath of rest.

I also have always enjoyed comic books and have never outgrown them and have collected a number of them.

When I was young I enjoyed science fiction and gravitated toward the writers who appreciated pure science – Frederick Brown was my favorite.

When I first read science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury (a mystic), I was repulsed by him for he was very unscientific and loose with facts. But then later took another look at him from the mystical viewpoint and saw that he was one of the greatest writers of all time, not because of his scientific accuracy, but because of his style, his poetry and the way he could make you feel an atmosphere and picture with just a few well placed words.

One can get a lot more meat by studying Djwhal Khul than reading the mystical authors, and indeed I do study him above all others, but sometimes it is good to grease the wheels of the mind with a little mystical dreaming.

I was told to not be hard on those making false predictions because circumstances change making the results different than expected.

Thank God we do not live in Old Testament times where a person who makes a false prediction was put to death. See Deut 13:1-5 & 18:20-22.

This was one of the reasons Jesus was convicted and crucified. The Jews accused him of making a false prophecy when he said that if the temple were torn down he could rebuild it in three days.

He was talking about the temple of his body, but his accusers thought he meant the stone temple and deemed such a prediction outrageously false and worthy of the death penalty.

A reader writes: “Am I right in saying that that only Mr. Dewey decides for us what we can discuss here with regard to Truth? That seems rather restrictive.”

Yes, I am the current teacher here and I set the direction of the course just as all successful teachers of all classes in the universe do. In the past when I have been very busy we have had several others handle the teaching and they have been free to handle the classroom as they saw fit.

If you feel this is too restrictive then you have the perfect freedom to roam through the thousands of free-for-all groups on the world wide web and join one of them. Then you will no longer be restricted.

I must warn you though, the free-for-all groups do not draw the quality of discussion that many appreciate on the Keys.

In the past the only people who have made this complaint have been the few who have come here with an agenda that they have wished to force feed us because no one else would listen to them. We give reasonable freedom to express diverse views and the group as a whole seem quite happy with the latitude we have here.

In response to a reader complaining that he cannot change the objectives of this class and feels that I have to commission ideas I say: I do not commission anything. Some revelations are welcome and some are not. If you are a true disciple you will be able to tune into the group thought and obtain a feel as to what is welcome and what is not. The group always complains about those who do not obey the rules before I do, therefore you should be concerned with the group’s will more than my own.

If someone were to post a nonsensical revelation from space aliens many would find this annoying.

If you were to post a revelation revealing a true principle you would probably receive a pat on the back from the group.

If your revelation or treatise were very long you would probably receive complaints even if it is good.

The few who have not wanted to follow the rules and have an agenda of their own seem to always claim subtle support. I am not concerned about mysterious anonymous e-mailers. Let anyone who wants change have the courage to post their feelings. We don’t bite.

If a fervent Mormon were to make some post on the new Nauvoo temple I’m sure he would receive some thankful e-mails from LDS in the group, but such off topic data would be a distraction to the group as a whole and the majority who are not LDS would be annoyed. Some would like to appeal to a minority who want to wander off topic to the annoyance of the majority who do not. This is destructive to group cohesion, which is the first principle of group work.

July 31, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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