To Question or Not

To Question or Not

Question: What is the key revealed in the parable of persistence that aids in the discovery of truth and how does the principle of attention and the point of tension come into play?

The group gave good answers to this, basically saying that energy follows thought and that persistently throwing a question into the ethers creates point of tension.

I like it when the group touches on principles rather than data.

It does seem to be a law that all things of value come to us after a period of intense struggle and this would include knowledge.

There are questions I have had that I have struggled with for as long as thirty years and then one day the answer just came in a flash. Sometimes it is so simple that I feel like slapping myself for not thinking of it sooner. From experience I can tell you that you reap great dividends by not giving up on the search for answers.. If you do not give up the answers will come sooner or later.


Which of the following is the most significant characteristic of one who is approaching discipleship and why?

(1) He (or she) loves everyone

(2) He has studied under a great teacher

(3) He has read all the best books and is well educated.

(4) He lives a good life.

(5) He asks questions

(6) He seeks to escape dualities.

(7) He believes the scriptures.

(8) He wants to be a teacher

(9) He reads the National Enquirer.


I can’t remember who said it but my favorite answer has to be the comment of secret messages being related in code through the Enquirer.

Actually most of you settled on the answer I was looking for which, of course, number five.

Here is an example of one of the good answers we received:

“To live engaged in life, to grow, is to ask questions which lead us to learn to think

critically. The quality of a question is not in its answer but in the depth and number of questions that are evoked from its asking.”

During my last days as a member of a church I was teaching a Sunday School class about the coming of Christ and asked what I thought was a good question. I asked them to suppose that Jesus had made his Second Coming and was standing right here in front of us. What would you ask him?

There were about 50 people in the class and not a hand went up. I was amazed at this. No one had any question, in other words, there was nothing any one wanted to learn from the Master. No wonder he had not showed up yet!

I tried to shame them into an answer by saying something like:

“Surely someone here has at least one question you’d like to ask Jesus.”

Not a hand went up.

At this point I picked on a lady who I considered more spiritual than most and asked her specifically: “What would you ask the Messiah if he was standing right here in front of you?”

She thought a moment and said: “I’d ask him how to give better lessons when I teach.”

I was flabbergasted. According to their belief system Jesus could reveal any mystery they wanted to know and I had to force a question out of them. Worse still is that the question that did finally surface could be answered by thousands of people.

Is it any wonder that I (as well as many of you) have graduated out of mainstream religion and into a higher classroom? The key to this graduation is to seek, ask and receive.

When I was young and naïve I assumed that most people were curious and wanted to know the many mysteries that lie before us, but was indeed amazed at how few really do want to know and seek answers.

Many believe that just being a good loving person and living a good life is the key to being noticed by the Great Ones but such is not the case. Becoming a well-rounded and decent person in society is only a first step. The real quantum leap forward comes when the individual starts asking the why of things.

The Eucharist

I want to clear up one point about the Eucharist. Some seem to think that I see no value in it or discount the possibility of communion with the Spirit of Christ from this sacrament. Such is not the case. I do believe that through ceremonial orders such as this that communion through the Holy Spirit is indeed enhanced and becomes real. In fact we participated in this at the gathering.

What I discount is that the bread and wine are turned into the actual body and blood of the entity Jesus. For one thing, if you take all the bread or wafers being consumed at communion on any given Sunday you would have to have a total amount of several tons. This would mean that the body of Jesus would be larger than a whale.

And who has power to give you the Eucharist? Does it have to come from a Catholic Priest or a Mormon who both claim authority from the apostles? Are all the protestants rejected in their communion with God? The answer should be obvious.


Question: Is the stigmata, bleeding crying statues, faces appearing on walls etc. true signs from God? If they are what is the purpose behind such strange appearances?

If the cause behind it is not as simple as a sign from God then what do you suppose is the cause? What would truly cause a stigmata for instance.

All of our physical forms including our whole world was created first upon higher planes. The first world of form where form creation takes place is the mental, the second the astral/emotional, the third the etheric and finally the dense physical. In order to manifest miraculous creation as Jesus did with the loaves and fishes the master magician must create sequentially from the higher level on down.

Suppose you wanted to manifest an apple. First you get the idea of an apple and then you visualize it on the plane of the mind. Once you see this in your mind’s eyes this fruit then takes on a real existence in the mental plane. The next step is to clothe the mental apple by the power of desire with emotional substance. When you do this, the power of your desire for the apple manifests the fruit in two worlds – the mental and astral.

What usually happens at this point?

At this point you want an apple so much you will walk over to the refrigerator and take one out and eat it.

Ahh, but that’s the easy way out. In truth if you could continue to visualize the apple while saturating it with desire energy you could actually manifest it on the physical plane.

Those who thus experience the Stigmata and other similar miracles are really unconscious magicians who are applying these principles. Their one-pointed visualization of the suffering of Christ accompanied by a desire for approval from God can indeed manifest some interesting phenomenon.

It is not a sign from a God who is out there on a throne, but a sign that we are reflection, or in the image of God, and all the miraculous creative abilities of God are within us.

August 1, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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