To Heal or Not

To Heal or Not

Question: How is it that Jesus healed ordinary people by their own faith? In other words, when he healed them he did not say that he or even God did it, but their faith made them whole. How did they have such faith when they were not particularly enlightened or advanced in the ways of the spirit?

The answer is that not all the credit goes to the person’s faith. As one might guess, Jesus had a lot to do with the healing. His job was to direct energies through the power of thought, using the grand principle that “energy follows thought.”

He directed his thought toward their souls and directed the sick person’s thought toward his words which were directed toward healing. When the person’s thought was successfully directed toward healing, a miracle was able to take place thus fulfilling the words of Jesus that his own faith made him whole. BUT – his faith had a little jump start through the direction of Jesus.

It is significant that when he could not direct people’s thought in the desired direction that he had no power to perform miracles.

This happened when he went to his home town and no one believed on him because he was just the son of Joseph and a known entity.

When word went abroad that Jesus was a man of miracles his work became much easier. Because of his reputation, when he entered a village, he could always find a sick person who had high expectations that he could be healed. Jesus then took advantage of this faith and directed it toward a healing. He always made sure he picked a person of high expectation for his first miracle. Then when one person was healed the faith and expectation of the others in the group was magnified and many miracles became possible.

I read a true story many years ago about one of the early explorers of the America. Something happened that he was left behind and had to fend for himself. He feared he would soon be killed by the native Indians. It wasn’t long before he came across them and was soon escorted to the chief. Because of his white skin they thought he must be a god of some kind and brought people to him to be healed.

The guy knew nothing of healing but knew if he did not perform he would probably be killed so he gave it his best shot and did some hocus pocus moves. He was more surprised than any of them that one person after another that was brought to him was healed. He lived among them for quite some time and was honored as a great healer as he performed miracles time and time again.

When this man returned to civilization, he found that he “lost” this power to heal.

The truth is that he lost nothing. Instead, he was able to heal the natives because their faith directed their thought toward healing and since energy follows thought miracles occurred.

Of course, there are other ingredients, such as karma, lessons to learn, poisons from the environment, etc.

Here is my account where I attempt to heal my Uncle who I dearly loved.

    I had an uncle who also had MS for some time and was slowly getting worse. For some reason I did not feel impressed to try to heal him. I picked up that he did not believe he could be healed unless it was by one who held the office of an elder of the church. Years later when I did become an elder I approached him and asked him if I could give him a blessing. As me and a companion laid our hands on his head and I began to speak I tried with all my power to give the command to my beloved uncle to rise and walk, but the spirit within told me no. It was not to be. I then gave him a general blessing of support, but could not promise him a healing. Then a couple years later I tried again and still the Spirit within said no – the time is not yet.

    Finally, some time later again I was visiting my uncle who was cared for by my grandmother. My friend Wayne from the book was with me. I looked at my uncle lying on the couch. He could no longer raise himself up; he could not speak and could barely eat with my grandmother’s assistance. As I touched him I felt great sadness and wondered to myself why God would heal a casual acquaintance through me, yet would refuse to heal a man who had suffered so much for so many years – a man I loved deeply. He was one of five brothers and the whole family agreed that this man was the most spiritual of the bunch, and was the last person who deserved such a fate.

    As I stood in silent contemplation the inner voice spoke to me and it said these words: “This man has suffered enough.” I stepped back and reflected. What does this mean? If he has suffered enough it would mean it is either time for him to die or to be healed. I hoped it was time to be healed, but prepared myself for the other possibility.

    I turned to my grandmother and said: “Do you think it would be alright to give Bob one more blessing?”

    She looked on at her son with sad eyes and said, “Yes, that would be fine.”

    Wayne and I then laid our hands on his head and I promised him that he would either be healed or be taken, but that he would suffer no more. Wayne and I were in our college years at the time and the next day we departed back to school for it was the end of Christmas vacation.

    Three days after the blessing I felt a powerful presence and I knew it was my uncle who had passed on. The man was absolutely thrilled to be released from that dreadful situation. He was as happy and joyful as it is possible for a man to be, and was extremely appreciative for my assistance in releasing him from his earthly prison.

    A couple hours later my mom called and spoke with sadness in her voice and said: “I have some sad news. Bob died.”

    I told her. “That is not sad news. It’s good news for I assure you that he is very happy to be free from that terrible disease.”

Several years ago Glenys (a founding Keys member) had a friend who had taken ill and was very concerned. She sought my help in assisting with her healing. Now if a person is not destined to be healed I usually just get a neutral feeling as it is usually best not to know about impending death. But this case was an exception and after contemplation I received the definite message she was going to die and this was somehow going to be a means of assistance to Glenys.

I was reluctant to tell her but decided that I should since I did receive the message for some purpose.

After I told her, Glenys was somewhat upset and insisted she received a message that her friend was supposed to be healed. I responded that I would be happy to be wrong in this case but for some reason her soul feels she will be of greater service on the other side.

Then a few months later her friend died and shortly after this Glenys got fatally ill with cancer. She struggled with it for several painful years.

Is it possible that her best friend wanted to go first so she could comfort Glenys though her pain from the other side?

Quite possible I think.

The difficult part of healing is that every case is different. I’m sure there were a number of people that were not permanently healed by Jesus because of their karma and needed lessons, but what true believer wants to talk about them?

I recall at the last gathering that a member approached me about healing his brother who was near death. We performed a blessing by proxy. Because I love and respect him I really wanted to help him but the words of higher authority did not come. Instead, I spoke words of comfort and as much healing as would be permitted through his soul.

Sometimes there is great joy in success and sometimes we have to accept the inevitable. But even in death there can be joy as in the case of my uncle. The moment he passed on I received a more joyous feeling from him than I ever have from a person who was physically healed. He was absolutely thrilled to be out of that situation. I’m sure our friend’s brother was also happy after his release and is planning a new and better life in the future.

DK (Djwahl Khul) said that death is part of a greater healing process and when I reflect on my uncle, I have come to realize this is true.

Imperfect Jesus

Question: Can you supply me with the source of the quote of Joseph Smith saying that if Jesus himself were with them they would find many faults with him.”

Here you go:

    “Although I do wrong, I do not the wrongs that I am charged with doing; the wrong that I do is through the frailty of human nature, like other men. No man lives without fault. Do you think that even Jesus, if he were here, would be without fault in your eyes? his enemies said all manner of evil against Him — they all watched for iniquity in Him. How easy it was for Jesus to call out all the iniquity of the hearts of those whom He was among!” From Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Page 258

June 15, 2007

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