Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

Our latest friend who is into the nothingness philosophy is still trying to convert us. He says:

But what if a saint boarded your bus and was offering out tickets to a different heavenly chariot-ride?

JJ: Then he’s not a saint but a man with a screw loose. We do not offer heavenly chariot rides here. If someone like yourself comes offering a different view all are free to follow.

Reader: What if the Christ boarded the bus and indicated the correct train station where the express train leaving for a one-way trip to paradise was about to disembark?

JJ: Then he is barging in on other peoples’ space and should be thrown off.

Christ said “behold, I stand at the door and knock.” He didn’t say he was going to burst through the door and force his views on us.

Reader: Would you judge him also in favour of your idea of sovereignty?

JJ: Yes. To go by any outward authority over the spirit within is to receive the mark of the beast.

Reader: Would you discard all man made rules and regulations for a higher cause, or would you cleave to them because they were familiar and safe and even effective in the past in riding the bus from A to B and back again?

JJ: Of course, I would stay with man made rules while riding a bus. Do you think God is going to come create them for us? There is nothing wrong with man made rules as long as they are fair.

You point out the main problem we have with the Nothingness People. They feel that their one-way trip to paradise message is so much more important than the mental drivel we have here that it justifies infringing on free will, rules and majority will.

Next our friend responded in a poem and I then responded back with more poetry as follows:

Reader – beginning of poem: God has no gifts to send for my play.

He will not ever show me the way.

JJ: But I have entered the Lord’s playground;

I look and hear and feel the Sound.

Reader: God will not bless me since He cannot see me.

For there’s nobody here to see.

JJ: That nobody cries for help, not seen by the blind

But is helped by Love so real, so kind.

Reader: God sees only what’s Real and True.

He helps only the divine Self in you.

JJ: God reaches forth through the divine

To touch all souls with many signs.

Reader: Do not expect the other self to be freed,

For there’s nobody here to see.

JJ: Do not be afraid, it is I, grab my hand

The nobody responds, Love takes a stand.

Reader: This ego, the self, is a fiction abused.

A chimera born of a mind that’s confused.

JJ: I see no beast, but the divine in the light

And call it forth seen clearly, burning bright.

Reader: God cannot bless what does not exist.

For there’s nobody here to see.

JJ: “I am here, please see, please help!”

A Son of God hears and shares of self.

Reader: To pray to our God for blessings and health,

Is to request chains of bondage for self.

JJ: I neither request nor receive bondage of self

But God sends me blessings of joy and health.

Reader: Which tie us fast from all that is True.

For there’s nobody here to see.

JJ: The souls divine, not seen by the blind

Are found by love, leaving no one behind.

Reader: Success and happiness is the worldly lot;

To escape from this dream, we want them not,

JJ: All blessings are pure to the pure of heart

And are willing to share in whole or in part.

Reader:  And seek only Truth and God’s divine Will.

For there’s nobody here to see.

JJ: The Will of God extends forever

And reaches to all and never says never.

Reader: The inner heart-Spark is our Truth and our Might.

Sacrifice the self and the Spark flames alight.

JJ: In true sacrifice of self, below or above,

Other selves are served, loved, and feel love.

Reader: Let the dream die and we find eternal Life.

For there was never a self to be.

JJ: That which we are will always be;

God and I are One; this I see.

Reader: God will not give His gifts to me.

Won’t e’en acknowledge my self-fantasy.

JJ: God’s gifts are always here for me

He knows, I know, and I see.

Reader: God will not bless me, help or guide.

For there’s nobody here, you see.

JJ: I am here, hand extended, but cannot help when you cry.

You cannot see my hand, my heart, or means to reply.

Oct 16, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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