Thoughts on The Coming of Christ

Thoughts on The Coming of Christ

A reader raises some interesting questions about the return of Christ. First she says she thinks that he would come back as a male entity. I don’t recall ever reading any authoritarian source saying this before. Most people do, however, expect him to come back as a male, but there’s no revelation on this fact. He could certainly come back as a female entity, if he so chooses. I believe what I did say in the past is this that it is most likely he would come back as a male, because this would give him a strong sending energy which he will need. But that doesn’t mean that he won’t do the unexpected.

She later makes this statement:

From my understanding about male and female units, the male *sends* and the female *receives*. Therefore if Christ is in female form this time around, then she will be receiving from us and we will be sending to her. This might cause a bit of an upset, because we wont have much to teach her LOL.

JJ: The student cannot be polarized as a sender to the teacher. If Christ comes as a female his polarization would not be female energy in relation to us, but male. Instead, the female emphasis would be in relation to another entity still higher than himself, such as Sanat Kumara.

His situation as a female would be something like Alice A. Bailey or H. P. Blavatsky who send to their students, but receive from others higher than themselves.

Therefore, if Christ comes as a female his/her emphasis would be on the teachings and energy of one higher than him (as DK was to Alice A. Bailey), but if he comes as a male, the emphasis will be on his direct teachings as was the case with the Buddha.

Next she says that we expect Christ to be a prominent person for everyone would know his name. It’s true, of course, that when his mission is completed the whole world will know about him, this may not be the case when he begins his mission. It’s quite possible he could work for years in obscurity before he gets a lot of public attention. That this may be the case lies in the fact that the disciples of the world are currently having difficulty getting recognized, whereas the charlatans gain easy access to public attention

Next she indicates the Christ may have an assumed name. He will not come with the name of Jesus or Christ but could comes as John or Paul or Rick or some other name. Believe me, anyone that introduces himself as Jesus in this age is going to be laughed out of existence. When Christ comes again, he will have to prove himself by his works and by his intelligence, and by the power of this thought.

Next she asks, is he going to settle in a certain area of the world straightaway or will he be a wanderer?

Of course we’re not told many details about his coming mission, but I don’t think he will be wanderer. I believe he will have a base and from that base will operate and travel when necessary, and eventually have a strong influence over the entire world.

Next question. If you are true follower will you need to be right next door to Christ or in the same region as him?

No. Back in ancient times you had to be in his proximity in order to receive instruction from him. But this is not the case today with our improved communication systems, the internet and international media. There are numerous ways that he can communicate with disciples without being in their physical presence.

Then she asks, will he be able to move freely around the world gathering this flock or will parts of that flock be scattered all over the world?

The answer is both are correct. He will be able to move around the world in as he desires, with perhaps a few restrictions because of different laws of the various countries. I believe that when he comes he will apply the principle of the gathering and will have gathered around him quiet a few disciples and believers dedicated to his cause.

She wonders how many disciples he will have around him in this age. DK gives an interesting statement on this. He says that there will be 9000 disciples working around Christ. This will definitely give him more of a power base than he had last time around.

Will Christ work solely on the mental and telepathic levels more than verbal?

When he overshadows disciples, he’lll work more on the mental levels. If and when he decides to appear in a physical body of his own, of course, he will talk and teach just like you or I do.

The last time he talked about love and sacrifice as the central teachings. Will that be the case this time around, or will he teach something entirely different?

The answer is this: He will clarify many of this past teachings when he comes again. But in addition to what was given in the past he will present many new teachings. He will also elaborate on teachings that are not so new, but were not give entirely by him last time. DK tells us that one of these teachings that he will clarify what the reincarnation. He didn’t say much on this the last time around, but he will teach a lot about it the next time.

She ends with this statement – I just hope that when he is here in the physical, history does not repeat itself and humans assassinate him once again.

If any of you went to see the movie The Passion of the Christ I would think that if you put yourself in his place you wouldn’t want to go through something like that again. Instead, you would arrange this coming as an opportunity to concentrate on life, instead of death. I believe this will be the case. Last time he came he showed us how to die with courage. This time he will show us how to live with abundance.

The early bird gets the worm. Some reward! Bazooka Joe

March 26, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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