Things to Come

Things to Come

I was asked during this period of uncertainty (Jan 2003) to give any insights I have about our future.

First, let me say that I have received no direct revelation on the specific details of the future but will tune in to the best of my ability to lay out the situation we face.

A little preparation is always in order for there are always unknowns in the future. Even the Masters are not able to predict with 100% accuracy unless some type of decision has been made and passed down by the Planetary Logos.

Those who have put forth the notion that a true prophet must know the future with 100% accuracy have done the Brotherhood of Light a disservice. No one who has made more than a half dozen specific predictions has been 100% accurate without dispute. Even some of Jesus’ predictions are questionable and one must use some creative license to claim they are literally true.

For instance, he said “I come quickly,” 2000 years ago and still has not shown up. Thus do believers apply some creative interpretation to make Jesus literally accurate.

But even with the difficulty of accuracy we can tune in to present day points of tension and get a feel of where they are leading us. Then by using the discerning power of the mind in connection with soul we can conclude some accurate probabilities.

That said, what then is my take on the current situation and the dangers we face?

Actually, it is still the same danger talked about written in 1997 from The Immortal:

“There are ebbs and flows in all things,” John replied, “including the flow of spiritual energy both from the Light and Dark Side. At this point in time, the positive energies are such that an approximate 20-year window or weak point is exposed, and the Dark Brothers have taken full advantage of it. Their first step was to send a neutralizing energy through this wormhole. This does not hurt the Workers of Light, but it distracts them, giving the Dark Brothers an opportunity to pick certain areas of the earth to plant their ideas and promises of power to large egos. The problem is, during this window, the Dark Ones are able to keep some of their workings secret by sending a distracting energy so the Brotherhood of Light cannot attend to their full duty. For this reason, my stabilizing help was needed and I was unable to visit you in the physical body. But I did tell you we would meet, so I went out of my way here to fulfill my word.”

John continued. “During one of these windows I mentioned, the Dark Ones found fertile soil in the minds of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, and planted the seeds necessary for their missions. Now, in some ways, we face an even more dangerous time. You would think the fall of communism and the Berlin Wall would make things safer. It is true that opportunities for advancement are open as never before, but the extra freedoms also open the door to the possibility of great evil. During this period of distraction, we believe the Dark Brothers are attempting to initiate a plan to spread the sale and development of nuclear and chemical weapons as far and as wide as they can. They will especially concentrate on North Korea, China and the Middle East. In addition, the third world countries and terrorist groups are also a threat. They will also attempt to give new life to the Nazi party in Germany, but we do not believe this will be successful.”

I was curious about the Neo Nazis in Germany and did a little research and found that their power and threat increased in Germany for a couple years after I wrote this, but can’t find a lot on the subject after 2000. Instead I think Nazism is morphing into other more acceptable thought systems. This is evidenced by the fact that the past couple years that there has been unprecedented (for recent times) attacks on Jewish communities and synagogues in Europe.

The rest of the warning is still our greatest threat:

“They will especially concentrate on North Korea, China and the Middle East. In addition, the third world countries and terrorist groups are also a threat.”

Instead of placing attention on where the danger is, many new age and Christian prophets, as well as patriot groups and others espousing freedom have been diverted in their attention by focusing on illusionary threats that have never materialized such as Y2K, disaster from planetary alignment, planet X, and numerous conspiratorial plots that never materialized.

Evil prevails when good people do nothing is the old maxim. How do you get good people to do nothing? Deceive them to place their attention where the problem is not so the real evil can continue to grow.

Among the prominent world leaders there are no high initiates to combat the problem as was the case with Winston Churchill, and FDR to a lesser extent, during World War II, but there are three second degree initiates in place who are George W., Bush, Tony Blair and Putin in Russia. (Note; Second degree initiates are far from perfect) These three represent an “axis where the line is drawn in the sand,” so to speak – where evil cannot cross.

Most of the other world leaders are not initiates and have no line drawn to “seal the door where evil dwells” but follow the line of least resistance.

Keep in mind that this “evil” spoken of in the great invocation is not the general degenerate evil in the minds of the average public, but, as DK explains, is a Nazi type evil which seeks to take away the freedom of thought and action of humanity.

This door to esoteric evil is still open in North Korea, China and many Islamic countries, especially Iraq. The recent war in Afghanistan has tenuously shut the door to evil in that area and opened the door to human rights if the current progress is sustained.

So, what do I pick up at present?

At the moment we are in far greater danger than we were when faced with Y2K or any of the alarms in the recent past. The largest problem is the good people are diverted in their attention to the following:

(1) Peace movements that put people to sleep from being vigilant and ready to act against world threats. (2) Greater alarm in very minor restrictions of freedom necessary in any war on evil than the real evil which can devastate world freedom. (3) Other worldly disasters which have a low chance of materializing.

The major current threat is from terrorists and their greatest supporter is Saddam Hussein. Even if he has to support those who he does not like he would be deliriously happy to bring destruction to the United States, England and other countries to a lesser degree.

Here is what is supposed to go down.

Saddam Hussein will be removed from power and a democracy established in Iraq while North Korea is contained.

When this happens the other totalitarian middle eastern countries will be shaken to the core and become more tolerant so they do not look like the new Saddam. Their people get a little taste of freedom and start demanding it until other democracies begin to form.

While this is going on North Korea is afraid to make an aggressive move because the possibilities of defeat are overwhelming.

After democracies begin to form in the Middle East the main area of concern will be China and North Korea. Because China’s economy is so intertwined with the United States they will be hesitant to make war or invade Taiwan. Invading Taiwan is heavy on their mind and will continue to be so for some time and will happen if we do not show solid support toward that Island. If the mainland believes they could take Taiwan by force and get away with it because of weak leadership in the west then they will do it. They also wish to test their military to see how it will do in a real war.

There is a good chance that we can maintain reasonable relations with China until the time comes that their people will demand a greater voice. This movement toward democracy began with Tiananmen Square with the student revolt in 1989 and is continuing to foment and will some day bear fruit.

We must deal very carefully with North Korea until there is a change of administration.

So, what do I pick up at the present moment? I pick up a point of tension and Iraq is the epicenter. War is almost irreversible as Bush has decided that the removal of Saddam is essential for world security.

This country is a different situation than North Korea as the current regime there has never invaded another country and is not under UN resolutions because of aggression.

Saddam is under UN resolutions to allow disarmament and initiating war because of a breaking of those resolutions is a continuation of the Gulf War rather than a new war.

France and Germany seem to be against the war for altruistic reasons and are attempting to block Bush from removing Saddam. One of the reasons for this is that both countries have done a lot of under the counter dealings with Iraq including supplying them with weapons of mass destruction technology and materials. France is doing $1.5 billion in trade with Iraq that is publicly known and has a strong financial interest in keeping Saddam in power.

If Saddam is removed many embarrassing details will be revealed for various European countries.

Because North Korea (under its current leadership) has not attacked another country then we should not attack them but seek to contain them with every means possible.

Two wild cards in the near future are North Korea and the International terrorists. North Korea is likely to commit aggression out of of desperation because they cannot feed themselves. 7,000,000 people are in danger of starving to death this year alone. A better example of why totalitarian communism cannot work cannot be found.

The economy will be sluggish until there is some very positive news on the war on terror. If Saddam is removed we would have a big turn around in the stock market.

As far as an end of the world type of scenario goes. This is not in the plan, but because of free will there is always a small chance that a doomsday situation could occur.

There is over a 50% chance that a nuclear bomb will be used aggressively by North Korea, the Middle East or Terrorists within the next ten years. (Fortunately, this did not happen) Then there are other dangers. Pakistan could be taken over by a militant regime. Then too a number of other countries pose a lesser, but still serious nuclear threat.

Let us hope that we can have enough vigilance that we do not need such a drastic wake up call to take preventive action.

There will be ups and downs over the next 30 years both in international tension and economically, but we will survive them all. If all goes according to plan the next couple decades will bring that stability necessary to allow the Christ to teach among us again. The present world situation is not yet stable enough to handle his direct presence.

I’ll end this text by posting an article I write to my local paper about China back in 1989 after the Tiananmen Square incident.

THE NEW REBELS By Joseph Dewey


How great is the price a nation must pay to obtain it.

How easy it is for rising generations (who did not participate in that payment) to take it for granted.

We who have this precious gift look on at the struggles of others and wish them well, but that is all we do.

We have empathy, but we do not really feel their pain.

We weep at our own little problems, but we do not share their tears.

We mourn our own dead who have lived out their lives yet we turn and look the other way so we are not reminded of the blood of youths which flowed at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China.

For a moment in time it seemed as if history had been reborn. I thought I heard an Patrick Henry say “give me liberty or give me death.” I swore I dreamed of one like Ben Franklin who comes forth to enlist the help of other nations and writes great words admired by all the world. It seemed that I saw Thomas Jefferson lifting up the Goddess of Liberty to inspire all who gazed their eyes thereon. Then, lo, out of a blaze of light, more real than the Sun I saw General Washington ride forth on a white horse gathering lovers of freedom by his side striking terror in the heart of the modern king George.

I felt I must have seen this vision alone, but no. Someone else saw it. Someone with the power of the apocalyptic beast straight from Revelations. Someone who demands the power to think for others. Someone who wants all power and honor and glory for himself and cannot allow the “little people” the respect they deserve. Someone who is threatened, rather than proud, of the best blood of a thousand generations and will destroy these lights because they eclipse his own.

Those who represent this power of the beast in Beijing saw the vision and believed it. They knew their seat of power was about to be ripped out from under them. They could not endure the cry of a Chinese Patrick  Henry and they gave him death. They hated the words of Franklin, burned them and cast him into prison. They shook with fear by the inspiration of Jefferson and tore down his ensign for the people and declared him a public enemy.

Most of all they fear General Washington. Was he the one who walked into the path of the crushing iron tanks, made them stop by shear courage alone and held an entire army in abeyance without an ounce of steel upon his person?

Or was he shot as a mere youth of eighteen as he lead others in crying for freedom?

Or is he yet alive in a dark prison with the sentence of death pronounced upon his head?

Yes, those with spirits like these valiant rebels were reborn in China to do their daring work even better than in history past, but the beast of authority feared the deliverers, and, like Herod did with Christ, tried to destroy greatness while it was yet a babe.

The Chinese person said it aptly in the Statesman on July 23rd: “Not even a prairie fire can destroy the grass, it grows again when the spring breeze blows.”

The spring breeze will blow again. If the heroes are yet alive they will see victory as Lech Walesa in Poland is now savoring. If they have been killed then others will come forth with more power than the first and the lies, and atrocities, and murders which have damned up the truth will burst and be as if they have never been. Only the stream of freedom and truth will remain.

Let us at least contemplate how we can be a part of this great event.

Jan 24, 2003,

Copyright By J J Dewey

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