The War Principle

March 26, 1999

The War Principle

There are two basic types of wars that have been waged by the free countries of the world in the last century.

First is a war against an aggressive nation or nations where territory outside of their established borders was forcibly seized with the possibility of unlimited expansion of tyrannical powers. Examples of such wars were World War I and II, the Gulf War and England’s war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands.

Second are wars of intervention dealing with civil war or internal strife within a particular nation. The prime example of this was Vietnam; we also have Bosnia, Haiti and now Kosovo.

Notice that all the wars fought in the first category were decisively won by the free nations. Now notice what happened in Vietnam. At first we just put our big toe in the mix for a lot of good and humanitarian reasons, but the problem was the war just kept escalating.

Clinton put us in Bosnia with a promise to pull all the troops out in a year or less. It has now been three years and 20 billion dollars later and troops are still there. Clinton has not withdrawn the troops because he now realizes that if he does the civil unrest will return with a vengeance.

We intervened in Haiti and years later we still have troops there and problems still persists. There are only so many times we can send in troops to calm civil unrest and then leave them there.

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