The Visible and Invisible

The Visible and Invisible

Question: Is it true that something containing two or more parts cannot be eternal?

What is temporary is the form that is created by the two or more things. All form in the physical universe eventually changes or loses its shape. As old as the earth, sun and universe itself is, their form constantly changes shape and will eventually disappear only to take another form in the future.

All matter which creates form is made of wavelengths and these wavelengths are made of an unknown creative force which I call Purpose. When the three parts of the wavelength are stilled it appears that there is nothing, but there is still a creative something unknown to our science.

Even though all form (which is created by various wavelengths in relation to each other) is temporary, the idea which creates them is not.

The idea of a cube is eternal and without change, but when manifested as a child’s toy block it does change and eventually break down and disintegrate. But because the idea behind the cube is eternal it will incarnate infinite times in the future.

You are also an idea in the mind of God and as such eternally manifest somewhere, even though your form is in a state of change.

Question: Regarding this sentence: “The principle is the great mystery that reveals how things work (female) and the natural law is a description of the principle in action (male).”

What is the mediating principle formed by the interaction of the two?

The principle behind the law is an understanding of how the law works. The law is an observation of the principle at work. One can observe the law, but not understand it.

The two do not interact but are two parts that we observe and understand in creation. The principle is the invisible part that we cannot see. The laws are the effects that we can see.

The understanding of a principle reveals how things work, but the observed action is the observing of a law. Action is male, stillness is female. The seen is male the unseen is female.

From one way of looking at it the principle is more primary, but one must ask, what is more primary, the chicken or the egg?

On this earth the male force dominates, but in other spheres the female dominates.

You have heard the truism that behind every great man there is a woman. Even so, behind every law describing action or effects there is a principle.

Question: Wasn’t it Jesus who revealed the Book of Revelation?

No, it doesn’t say that Jesus sent the revelations. It says the book is an unveiling or unfolding of Jesus Christ and that is the core theme behind the entire book I am writing.

John was undoubtedly in contact with the mind of Jesus and the Christ through the Oneness Principle but the one who laid his hand upon his head was not identified as Jesus but “one like the son of Man.” As I said “like” comes from the Greek HOMOIOS which means “resembling or corresponding to a thing.”

This being symbolized his Master, but at the time the Christ was in a physical body ministering on the earth. Even so, through the oneness principle he was part of the energy that vitalized the vision that John saw.

A similar principle is involved in near death experiences. In them many see the Christ and they are sure they are talking to the real thing. After a fashion they are because of the Oneness Principle, but more precisely they are seeing a projection from their own solar angel to teach them in symbols they can understand.

Question: Who was the angel who John attempted to worship?

DK identifies this angel as the apostle Paul. I believe this is correct. It is definitely not Jesus because the angel talks of Jesus as being another person that is not himself. He says: “I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” (Revelation 19:10)

The angel was a brother with a testimony of Jesus, but was not Jesus.

You are, of course, under no obligation to believe anything just because I say it. You must always check with your own soul and use your heart and mind and then go by the highest you know. I will always respect this.

Fools rush in where fools have been before.


Dec 9, 2006

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