The Two Hierarchies

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The Two Hierarchies

Esoteric students realize that there is duality in all things manifest and this applies also to hierarchy. The problem with us humans is we tend to focus on only one side of the equation, often as if that is all that exists. But true students do not want to correspond to one hand clapping and desire to see both sides to achieve a full picture.

There is a negative use of hierarchy and a positive one. But the light and the dark brothers need to use this principle because without it creation and order cannot manifest.

There is a big difference though in how the two hierarchies function. The dark hierarchies use great authority and control through fear. Those in higher position glory in their status and have an air of superiority that is not to be challenged. The laws and regulations are many, strict and not to be questioned.

The church during the dark ages, which tortured heretics, was an example of this type of hierarchy and residual effects today of this and other distorted hierarchies cause many sincere students to doubt that hierarchy can be used toward a benevolent end.

But indeed it can for it is necessary in all endeavors, and just like money can be use for good or evil, so can hierarchy.

In a positive hierarchy there occurs a natural surfacing of those who possess certain skills who seek to aid those who want to achieve what they have. DK says this:

“The recognition of hierarchical status, which is, in the last analysis, the relation of the lesser to the greater, of the weaker to the stronger and of the more experienced to the less experienced. Thereby the sense of protection is developed, which is the working out of one form of the love aspect in the universe.” Education in the New Age, Page 129

Thus the motivation of a spiritual hierarchy is not fear, but love. You have those who love their fellow men and women and seek to assist them in achieving their desires. The simplest human hierarchy is the family. Concerning this DK says:

“Parenthood has also a close symbolic relationship to the Hierarchy, for the family unit is the symbol upon earth of the Hierarchy,” Education in the New Age, Page 132

The positive family unit has the mother and father as hierarchical leaders who are motivated through love to give all they can to their children.

Beyond the family unit there are hierarchies everywhere. Every business has a hierarchical leader that must be contacted for most any approval of purchase or change. Every organization and government has hierarchical leaders.

Helena Roerich said this:

“Furthermore, the law of Hierarchy reigns throughout the whole of Cosmos. Precisely, subordination of the lower to the higher exists in the Cosmos. And what can exist without the Leading Principle? On what is evolution based? The multiplicity of forms and manifestations along with the unity of the fiery essence, the struggle for harmony and attainment of perfection, and the leading hierarchic principle – these are the foundations of existence. Nature itself is our sole, and greatest Teacher and Lawgiver.” Letters of Helena Roerich, Vol 2

Indeed, our very makeup is considered hierarchical:

“Each man is, therefore, within himself, a hierarchy, a reflection of a great chain of being.”   Esoteric Psychology, Vol 2, Page 432

Without hierarchies very little would get done and most have no problem giving some authority to leaders. For instance, in my home town we have a mayor and city council. I do not agree with all their decisions, but I would much rather have them there keeping things together than live in anarchy or attempt to handle all the affairs myself. I am also glad to have a sheriff and law enforcement keeping order, even though I may grumble about getting a traffic ticket now and then.

As hierarchies progress from dark to light cooperation changes its motivation from fear to love. There is a great difference from barking out strict orders to merely pointing the way. DK tells us that the spiritual hierarchy obtains cooperation through a principle called, “occult obedience.”

How do you suppose that works?

April 15, 2019

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