The Truth about Suicide

March 23, 2016

The Truth about Suicide

A reader asks:

What happens, or what could a person expect, to their Spirit/Soul if they commit suicide? Is there a difference if the suicide is done violently, or calmly? Is there a difference depending on the attitude/reason of the person?


Good questions. Let us address them one at a time.

(1) What happens, or what could a person expect, to their Spirit/Soul if they commit suicide?

Any death that interrupts the life plan of the soul is serious whether it be the murdering of another person or yourself. Before we are born we plan out the future life through the eyes and wisdom of the Higher Self in cooperation with other souls. When death occurs through natural causes or circumstance it is usually a happening seen in advance and part of the plan for that life. But when a life is taken through a free will decision then the plan is often thwarted. This has repercussions not only to the soul involved but other associates that were expecting to have future interactions with that soul in that life. One death that interrupts the plan can wind up affecting the life plan of a dozen other people.

Murder of another is worse than suicide because the perpetrator is interfering in a life outside of himself which also winds up affecting himself and others.

Suicide is usually the result of depression or great despair. After a suicide, because of the heavy emotions involved, the person may find himself earthbound for a time in etheric or astral matter. Eventually he comes to his senses and seeks the light and returns home and unites with his soul. After this occurs he then undergoes a life review with the assistance of several highly evolved entities. Here he or she clearly sees the effect of his suicide as well as other acts while in that life. He sees how the suicide affected others as well as his own life plans and he realizes that his act caused a lot of wasted time to himself as well as others. He sees that he will have to plan out another life and go through a similar depressing experience and this time (hopefully) handle it better and work through it.

He sees the situation as a significant mistake, but one that can be corrected. He is usually interested in reincarnating as soon as possible so he can learn the needed lesson that was missed and then get back on track.

Suicide is generally a serious mistake, but it is not an unforgivable sin. The one who commits the deed is the one who kicks himself in the next world for doing something that frustrated his plans for that particular life.

(2) Is there a difference if the suicide is done violently, or calmly?

There is a temporary difference. The greater the despair a person is in the greater may be the delay in returning to his soul and planning for another life to repair the delay in progression.

(3) Is there a difference depending on the attitude/reason of the person?

Yes, there will be a difference in the effect that is determined by the circumstances. The effect is greatest if the person commits suicide when young with a whole life in front of him. If he is older and has a terminal disease then the negative effect will not be so great as he has already accomplished most of what he came here to do. One must consider though that part of his learning experience that was planned may have been seeing life through to the end, even though suffering was involved.

To understand the detriment of suicide consider a soul who planned out a life of about 80 years and planned on learning one important lesson per decade. If he ends his life when he is 20 he is missing out on six planned lessons. If he ends his life when he is 70 he is set back only one lesson.

In addition to missing out on lessons he must learn to correct whatever it is that is causing him to end his life and frustrate the plan of his soul.

Suicide is always wrong unless the person receives an impression from his soul that no harm will result from the act. Someone in a very painful situation may be justified, but even here he must get inner approval before acting.

As Proverbs says, there is a time and a place for everything.

Suicide is particularly tough on loved ones left behind. It is extremely tough if they fear the victim’s soul will wind up in hell or suffer eternal doom.

All souls at death are placed in the hands of a loving God whose helping hands are a numerous company of other loving souls who will do all they can to assist and help those who have erred to set them on the right course.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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